Sunday, January 08, 2012

Celebrating Yule 2011 - Part 3 (FD)

And then it was Christmas Eve.

My presents were an audio CD I'd been dying to get, which Kelly brought for me (review and more information to come soon) and even more glitter stuff from Kero.

And we spent the day watching holiday movies while I worked on getting this hat finished:

It's one Kelly asked me to make; says he needs one now he's had his hair cut shorter. And, yes, the colours were his choice.

Anyway, we watched all my favourite holiday movies:

Terry Pratchett's Hogfather
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Miracle On 34th Street
The Littlest Light On The Christmas Tree
One Magic Christmas
The Polar Express
Santa Claus - The Movie

(That last one is my all time favourite Christmas movie).

I was going to also watch "The Grinch" and "Elf" but I got too tired.

When I was taking Kero out before bed that night I heard the bells from the nearby church ringing (for the start of midnight mass, if I'm not mistaken) so I stood and listened while I drank my mug of hot cocoa and gave Kero time to find the perfect spot to do whatever he might need to do before bed.

Then I went to bed and read "The Bear Father Christmas Forgot" before I settled to sleep. That's another favourite of mine; Carl gave it to me, and I've read it every year since; it's a cute little story. I was going to also read "A Candle In The Forest" but I was too tired; I fell asleep almost as soon as I laid my head on the pillow and snuggled in under my blankets.

Of course, I left the holiday lights on though...

...They always stay on on Christmas Eve!

So... Christmas Day arrived.

We got up and had our stockings, which "Santa" had very kindly filled with treats for us; chocolate coins, nuts, chocolate Santas, then some of our favourite treats, which in my case meant some fudge, some coconut ice, and a selection of dairy free chocolates.

Then we opened the last of the presents under the tree.

My present from "Santa" was some craft stuff; some stickers, more glitter, and some wooden shapes I can stick on things. From Kelly I had three more audiobooks (review and information to come in a later post) and the final Harry Potter movie, and from Kero I had a book about candle making, a book with meditation ideas in it, and another book (again, review and information to come in a later post).

Most of the family gave me money, but my Mam also gave me some presents, and my brother, Carl, wanted to give me presents rather than money, so I let him.

These are what I had from Carl.

Soaps in the shapes of animals:

(A hippo, a turtle, a fish, a bear and a dolphin).

And some moulds for making jelly (jell-o) or chocolate, or whatever:

(A normal jelly mould, a rabbit one, and a car one).

My Mam gave me some scented pillows (sort of like the lavender ones I made at Litha) and some pot puree (will have to get a pot to put it in). Also, I know I have a couple of other things from her that she forgot to send because they were in a different box (the first box wasn't big enough for them too).

Anyway, most of the 25th was spent phoning and texting people to say, "Merry Christmas," and swap details of who had what and from whom.

Then I spent most of the evening doing the prepwork for the holiday feast we planned on making the following day to finish off our celebrations.


AliceKay said...

Some of the movies in your list are favorites of mine, too. :)

The picture of your tree standing in your window with the lights on looks very nice.

You received a lot of nice gifts. I'm looking forward to your "later post". :)

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Deanna said...

I'm with you on some of your favorite movies.

That hat you knit for Kelly is awesome and I love the colors!

Intense Guy said...

We need to see a photo of Kelly wearing his new hat!!


I like your list of movies - too bad you got tired before watching "Grinch"!

Those jello molds look cool-- I bet the car one will look neat (in Jello)!

Toriz said...

Thanks all! :)

Will see what I can do about the photo... No promises though!

Rita said...

Nice hat! I hope he likes it a lot. :)

Love the tree and window lights in the dark! I just love colored Christmas lights!!

Nice presents. Have you bought anything yet with your Christmas money?

Toriz said...

He seems to really like the hat. :)

I always loved the lights too; used to love just sitting in the dark looking at them, and on Christmas Eve I'd fall asleep staring at the lit Christmas lights that were in my bedroom window!

Yes, I have. I wasn't going to (was going to put it towards my laptop) but since I was on the fence about it (part of me wanted more presents, the other part wanted the money to be put aside) Kelly decided to make the decision for me and got me stuff... Will post about them soon! :)