Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book sales in to triple figures

My book sales are well in to the triple figures now!

As of today,I've sold 105 books on Smashwords, not counting the 22 copies of "Frank The Friendly Ogre" people have in their libraries, since that one is free so sales of it don't count. Plus I've sold about a dozen via Barnes And Noble (mostly due to Iggy).

Those aren't huge sales figures, especially when compared to the big name authors like Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks, Kim Harrison, J K Rowling, etc, but it's a great start; my books are starting to get noticed! :)

All I can say is... Thank you to the readers who have made this possible!


Intense Guy said...

I hope someday you can write a blockbuster and they make a movie out of it!!

Toriz said...

So do I! That would be fantastic!