Friday, October 11, 2013

Adopted Cara

So, we adopted a kitten yesterday.

She was my Mam's kitten, but she was too much for her, so now she's our kitten. Well, my kitten actually.

Mam had called her Kiera, pronounced "Key-rah" which is a pretty name, but because it was so close to Kero, which is pronounced "Key-row" if you don't know, we've changed it to Cara. It seems to fit her, if nothing else because it means "friend" and she's very friendly.

She's also very tiny; she only weighs 1lb 15.5oz.

Kero seems to absolutely love her; they sleep together already.

Luna is trying to make friends with her; Luna talks to her through the cage bars.

Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua aren't as impressed though. One of them especially got angry and squeaked and hissed at Cara.


Intense Guy said...

Welcome to the ToriZ House of Loved Pets, Cara!

Toriz said...

Cara says thanks... She especially loves all the fun wires she can play with!