Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kero health update

We took Kero to the vet again Tuesday because there wasn't much change. His temperature was up again and everything.

The vet gave us some anti-inflamitary stuff and some powder to put in his water to make sure he stays hydrated. We also got a couple more days of antibiotics for him.

They're sure it's just a nasty viral infection, but if he doesn't improve soon then he has to have blood tests to check for anything worse. When we called to change his grooming date his groomer said there seems to be a nasty doggy virus going around though, so maybe it's that?

I mean, Kero's a lot better; eating and drinking now and not shaking unless he gets himself worked up about something.

His back legs still seem weak though, but that could be his age, right? I mean, he's almost nine and a half...

The vet said to take him back tomorrow if he's no better, but since he's so much better we aren't taking him. We'll take him if his health slips though.

A couple of family friends said I should take him to a different vet since our vet wasn't rushing to do blood tests and said he weighs enough that not eating for a few days wouldn't hurt him (he's not terribly over-weight, but he could stand to lose a pound or two). But I've ignored them. For one thing we did actually talk to two different vets, and for another thing our finances are part of why the vet is delaying the blood tests... In hopes we can avoid the expense. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge Kero a penny, but funds only stretch so far, you know? Anyway, it looks as though he's getting better, so maybe we can avoid the blood tests completely? This time at least!


Intense Guy said...

The "tight funds" are a large part of why I never got another dog - no matter how much I might want one - if I can't provide for him/her, I can't bring myself to getting one.

Hugs. It's a bad place to be.

Toriz said...

I don't blame you there. It wasn't so bad at our old vet where they let you do a payment plan, but the one here doesn't. We have said no more animals after the ones we have now go though. Partly because of funds, but not just because of that.