Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kero's November 2013 medical update

We gave Kero a bath on Saturday to properly clean those sores he has and it seems to have helped... They're finally showing signs of healing!

Well, we put anticeptic cream on the sores too, but we were doing that before and the cream didn't seem to be doing much until after we gave him the bath.

Hopefully we can avoid a return trip to the vet for now?

Fingers crossed!

He's still showing his age with lack of interest in physical activity and obvious achy joints and muscles, but there's not much that can be done about that. After all, he is almost nine and a half years old!

His groomer comes in just over a week, so he'll get another bath then.


Intense Guy said...

Mysterious. I wonder what the sores were (hopefully they are gone now?)

Toriz said...

We think it's the skin issues Westies get as they get older. They aren't going away, but all we can really do is put anticeptic cream on them and hope for the best right now.