Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Of reading challenges and itchy dogs

Here's how many books I've read for each of the reading challenges I'm doing right now:

2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 40/300
2014 A-Z character challenge: 20/26
2014 A-Z title challenge: 20/26
2014 1st quarterly challenge: 30/12
February 2014 Love Themed Reading Challenge: 6/15

I'll post what the books are for the last two at the end of the time frame (end of March and end of February respectively) along with a short description of what the challenge was, and will do the same for the others when I've completed them.


Kero's still scratching, though not as much. We're pretty sure he's flea free, but not entirely certain so we'll give him another flea treatment next week and see how he goes.

We want to do one more flea treatment first because of how he's calmed down some on the scratching.

I really do want to avoid the vet if I can!


OK, I'm supposed to be working on some writing projects right now, so I better get back to them... Especially since some of them have deadlines to be finished by!


Intense Guy said...

You've been busy! Reading, writing, and killing the itch!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, I have. Although, the reading and writing is working better than the killing of the itch; every time I think we've got him sorted out he starts sscratching a lot again. *Frowns*