Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Of flowers and photo uploading issues

I've taken longer to post this picture than planned, but here's a photo of the flowers Kelly got me for our anniversary back at the end of May:

They smelled really pretty, since Kelly spacifically asked them to make sure the flowers had strong and pleasant scents so I could enjoy them even though I can't see them.

There is another photo of the flowers, but Blogger is absolutely refusing to upload it, and after trying for two hours I've had enough!

Blogger is also completely refusing to post the photos I wanted to share of the cards I've made in the past couple of months. They were the birthday cards I've made for family members, as well as the Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day cards for both my parents and Kelly's parents. I have absolutely no idea why it won't let me upload them, since they uploaded on Facebook with no problems at all, but there you go.


Intense Guy said...

Such pretty flowers!!! They are a lovely bunch!

I am not too thrilled with Blogger's latest interface - the photo uploading is a nuisance and a half. The old way - with the photos appearing in reverse order was better - as awful as that was!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks about the flowers!

Reverse order might have been a pain, but better they appear in reverse order than not at all!

Rita said...

They are very pretty and I am glad they had strong scents for you. :)

Blogger has been glitchy off and on. For a while I couldn't comment on people's blogs half the time and it keeps popping up this error when saving box all the time as I am writing blogs...just has been a stinker lately. You are not alone.

Rita said...
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Rita said...

See! Now it posts twice! *sigh*

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks (about the flowers).

And, I'm glad I'm not alone with Blogger issues.