Monday, September 29, 2014

Character interview: Arael

Here's another character interview!

This time it's with Arael the elf, from the "Quest For The Purple Pumpkin" story (published in the "Wyrd Worlds II" anthology).

So, if you want to learn more about Arael and her world, go to


Intense Guy said...

Wow. This elf was so mature, I thought they were much older!!

Victoria Zigler said...

You were meant to think that. The only clue to the twins' age was a brief mention when Polly first meets them that they look like they're not much older than her. Though, of course, knowing how elves can look a lot younger than they actually are, that doesn't make it perfectly clear as to whether they actually are around Polly's age or older. But the twins are just very mature for their age, and better educated than human children of their age. They're modelled after my brother, who sounded more grown up at 4 than I did at 8, if you know what I mean.