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Cinderella's Escape by Gita V. Reddy; free this weekend on Amazon!

Cinderella's Escape by Gita V. Reddy

Free on all amazon stores on 6th and 7th September, 2014

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Cinderella's Escape is about Anna Maria who gets caught in a very difficult situation when Priscilla becomes her stepmom. Her stepsisters also cause her a lot of grief.

Anna Maria is a modern day Cinderella but she does not have a fairy godmother. She wishes she had one, naturally, but when things get really bad and her life is in danger, Anna Maria finds a way out.

This is what reviewers have to say about Cinderella's Escape...

DD Gott rated the book with five stars on
She says, "I really liked the way it kept a positive attitude even when things looked so bad."

"the story brings you to the conclusion. a twist that you will NEVER see coming."

Ruma Chatterjee rated the book with five stars on
She says, " basic human emotions that tug at the heartstrings of not only children but adults as well."

June Finch rated the book with five stars on
She said, "the story was so well written that it was like one of the true story tales."

From the blurb:

Anna Maria lived with her stepmother Priscilla, and her stepsisters, Stella and Marcella.
Cinderella's stepmother was no way as evil as Priscilla. Her stepsisters were a little less mean than Stella and Marcella.
Anna Maria did not live among cinders because there were no cinders. There were no mice and rabbits to play with either.
But there was a mystery to be solved and an escape to be made!

From Cinderella’s Escape:

“I’m sure when Cinderella went to that ball, she took greater pleasure in outsmarting her stepmother than in the carriage and the ball dress and the glass slippers.”

“Even if the fairy had not appeared, Cinderella would have found a way out. She would have had to. It’s called survival.”

“Was I not lucky to be a modern day Cinderella? At least I did not have to sleep among the cinders.”


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like an enjoyable read!!

I wonder what that twist was that I will never see coming? Smiles.

Victoria Zigler said...

That would be telling! ;)