Wednesday, October 29, 2014

R.I.P. Lucy

Almost nine years ago, we took in a Yorkshire Terrier puppy named Lucy. We already had her sister, Jayde. Shortly afterwards, we were forced to rehome both the Yorkie pups. Jayde went to live with my Grandma, and Lucy went to live with Helen and Tom (good friends of my friend, Corinne). Kelly and I were both sad to see the girls go, but we know they both went to good homes, where they could be loved and pampered, like all good pets should be!

It seems like only yesterday we were saying Goodbye to them, but the girls celebrated their ninth birthday on September 3rd 2014.

On Monday we got some sad news: Lucy had died during the night.

I know she was loved, and will be missed very much. Helen and Tom gave her a wonderful life, which any dog would be pleased with; Lucy meant the world to them and was very happy.

Rest in peace dear Lucy!


Intense Guy said...

Such sad news. Sounds like she died peacefully and knowing she was loved.


Victoria Zigler said...

Yes; best way for anyone to go!

AliceKay said...

So sorry to hear about Lucy. I bet she's with Kero, running and playing and free from pain. Hugs to you and Lucy's family.

Victoria Zigler said...


I'm sure she is... They loved to play together as puppies (well, Kero was over a year older than the girls, but still young enough to be very playful when we had them).

Fairytale said...

I really was so sad and sorry to read about Lucy's going to Doggie heaven , R.I.P Lucy , xx

Rita said...

Sorry to hear that. But nice that you knew she went to a good home and where she went, too. It is always hard to lose our dear pets.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita!