Friday, January 09, 2015

2014 holiday photos, part 3: a rodent christmas (FD)

It's time for the rodent gang's Christmas photos!

All the rodent gang got peanuts (in shells for the rats and degus, but not for the gerbils as they were struggling with them; too big for the little guys). Now this degu is ready to find out what's in the packages with the rodent gang's names on them:
I think it was Jasper, but I'm not 100% certain. Regardless of which of the degus it was though, he came to wait patiently there as soon as we mentioned sorting the gifts, and stayed put while we unwrapped the degu package and showed him what Santa Paws had left them.

So... This is what the degus had for Christmas:

Here are the degus checking out their new toy:

The degus love the treats; we were able to get shots of all four of them enjoying them:

This is what the gerbils had for Christmas:

Here's Bilbo enjoying one of the treats:

That's the only gerbil photo we have, because neither of them would stay still long enough for a shot of one of them checking out the wooden carrots they got, and Baggins was so excited that taking a photo of him at all was impossible; he was bouncing about all over the place, and we could hardly keep track of where he was!

So... Here's what the ratty girls had for Christmas:

The girls love their new toy:
(I think the first two are Star, and the third is Skye, but they were moving about and climbing all over it so much we couldn't get decent shots, nor keep track of who was where).

They really love that toy; they play with it a lot!

We couldn't get shots of them with their treats, because they decided the treats were special enough that they had to hide in their house to eat them; we could hear them nibbling, but they were completely out of sight.

We did get these two photos of Skye earlier in the month though:

And this one of the girls sleeping together in their hammock:

"Don't take my photo; I've had enough!"

Fair enough.... I guess we're done then, LOL!


Rita said...

They all had a most wonderful Christmas with great presents! Sweet! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah... I know... My furbabies always get spoiled!

Intense Guy said...

They will be looking for Santa Paws next year - perhaps keeping watch for him - and with all of them - if they take turns keeping watch, maybe, just maybe, they will spot him this time!!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, you never know... With how many of them there are, they might get lucky. Although, that Santa Paws is quite sneaky...

AliceKay said...

They are very lucky critters. Looks like they all had a nice Christmas.

Victoria Zigler said...

They certainly seem to have enjoyed Christmas... Well, the treats and toys part of it, anyway. I don't think they care about anything more than that, LOL!