Friday, February 06, 2015

Furkid Friday - February 6th 2015

Hello humans, rats, and other furry and feathered readers!

This is Star the rat. If you're wondering, this is what I look like:

I was going to do this post last week, but that degu brother of mine, Jacob, insisted on going first, even though the Mummy human was originally going to let me go first to tell you about the amazing rat cage Skye and I got last month. She let him go first in the end - as you probably noticed, if you were reading this bloggy thing around this time last week - so I had to wait a whole extra week for my turn.

But now it's my turn, and I have some photos of me and my sister, Skye, in our new cage.

The cage was supposed to come about when that Santa Paws guy brought those toys and nibbles. At least, I'm told it was him who brought them, but we never saw him. Anyway, like I said, it was supposed to come around that time, but the one that came just after Santa Paws day was broken, and for some reason that I don't know, it took forever and ever for a replacement to come. That's why it was last month we got our new cage.

Look at all that space:

Us by our house in the new cage:

"Morning... Is it time to get up?"

"Is this my good side?"

We rats are good climbers:

Of course, I'm the best climber out of me and my sister, because I'm bigger and tougher, and she's scared of everything. The humans say I should be a bit more gentle with her, but I'm just trying to toughen her up a bit.

But, anyway, here's another photo of me. This time looking all cute sleeping in the hammock:

Usually I'm jumping and climbing about as much as possible, and when I'm sleeping I'm on the alert for sounds and smells that could mean I'm getting a nibble or some out of cage time, so I don't know how the humans managed to catch me so still like that; nor how they did it those other times they got photos of me all sleepy. Sneaky humans!

Anyway... I have things to explore, so I'll let this do. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Though how could you not? I mean, I'm in them, after all!

Squeak soon,


Jeanie said...

That last photo is just adorable -- good think Mlle. Lizzie didn't see it!

Intense Guy said...

I agree with Jeanie - that last photo is a good one of you Star!!

Umm.. don't toughen up your sister too much... you don't wanna hurt her!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thank you! Yes, I hope if your kitty reads this, she doesn't find her way to our house; I know I for one would prefer not to be kitty lunch, and I'm quite sure my sister and the boys feel the same.

Thank you about the photo! I do try not to hurt my sister, but I can't help it if the least little thing makes her squeal, can I?

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

Ah!! Makes me miss my white rat Missy. I have to say you brown rats are even prettier. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thank you, Rita!

Squeak soon,