Friday, May 08, 2015

Furkid Friday - May 8th 2015

Hi humans, rodents, and anyone else who happens to be reading this. This is Joshua the degu.

We saw the humans come home with a new wheel a couple of weeks ago, which we thought was strange. We degus already have a wheel, after all. Although, we'll probably need a new one soon, since our attempts at all running on it together have weakened the support bar.

But, anyway, as it turned out, the new wheel was meant for our ratty sisters, Skye and Star.

The humans have been meaning to get them a wheel since they moved in to their bigger cage, but with the moving thing happening it never ended up happening... Until about two weeks ago, as I already said.

This is my ratty sister, Star, using it as a seat just after the humans put it in their cage:

Our ratty sisters didn't seem sure what to do with the wheel at first. My brothers and I offerred to go and show them, but for some reason the humans don't like the idea of us getting in each other's cages, so they said we couldn't do that.

Typical humans; tell us to be nice to each other, and when we offer to do something nice, you won't let us do it! How are we supposed to keep up with what you humans want, when you keep sending us mixed messages like that?

Anyway, my ratty sisters had to figure out how to work the wheel by themselves. I think they're figuring it out, though I still think they'd have had it all worked out quicker with our help. The humans wouldn't listen when I pointed this out though.

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

Oh those crazy humans!!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Tell me about it! I can never understand humans!

Squeak soon,