Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - June 29th 2015

When my Mam came to visit a couple of weeks back, she brought two pairs of red curtains with her for me to put in my living room.

The living room has two windows, almost side by side, so I wanted curtains that matched. Plus, we only had one pair of curtains that fits the windows in this place, and another pair that's too small for any of our windows.

So, I have my Mam's red curtains, and she took the blue pair I had that's too small for any of our windows, since her windows are smaller (the red curtains are from her old place, and a bit too big for the windows of her new place).

Anyway, we finally got the curtains put up at the start of last week, and they fit the living room windows perfectly. I'm told they also go pretty well with the blue theme of the room, which is good.

The other pair I have - which are a sort of peach colour with flowers all over them - will go up in our computer room... Just as soon as we get a curtain rail for in here, since there isn't one for some reason. The couple who were going to buy the place we just moved out of gave the curtains to us. They don't match the room perfectly, but I think they should look OK. There's Disney Princess wallpaper on one of the walls, and the other three walls are white.

Our bedroom already has both the rail and a pair of curtains, so we'll leave that one alone... Even though the bedroom is decorated in pink, which isn't really what we'd have chosen, since neither of us are huge fans of pink.

Mind you, we wouldn't have chosen the shade of blue used in the living room either, nor the Disney Princess theme of the computer room (it's not the nicest shade of blue, and I prefer fairies to princesses). But we aren't going to worry about redecorating. We're just doing what "needs" doing, and leaving it at that.


Our microwave stopped working about a week ago.

It would turn on, and count the time down until it was time for it to ding to say it was done, but would no longer heat things up; no matter how long you set the timer for, or what temperature setting was used.

We've had it for about six years now, and it's not been working too great for a couple of months, so it no longer working wasn't a huge shock. But it was a pain, since we'd hoped it would last a little while longer.

Anyway, we got a new microwave on Friday.

It's almost exactly the same as the old one. Hopefully it will work for several years like the old one did.

It's working well so far, anyway.


The weather's been beautiful, and the neighbours and their dogs have been enjoying themselves on the beach.

We've not really been out there with them, since we had grocery shopping to do Tuesday, the repair guys were working in the hallway on Wednesday and getting past them would have been tricky to say the least, we had a friend visit on Thursday as you'll know if you read Baggins' post from last Friday, the microwave was being delivered on Friday, and we had an eventful weekend that you'll learn about in Jenks' post this coming Friday.

Perhaps, if we're lucky, we'll get some time to enjoy a trip down to sit by the ocean this coming week? We'll see!

I know... You'd think with the beach being right there we'd be down there just about every day, wouldn't you?

I'd like to be. But between things happening and my irregular sleep schedule, the only way I'd get a daily trip down to the beach is to go in the middle of the night most of the time. Something I don't plan to make a habit of.

If I could only sleep regular hours, I could make sure to free up some beach time every day. But I don't, so I can't, which means I'll just have to settle for being able to smell and hear the ocean through my open windows, and enjoy listening to laughing children and yapping dogs while I'm up here working.


There were some fantastic fireworks a little over a week ago. Kelly went all the way down the three flights of stairs to go and stand somewhere where he could try and get me some good photos to post, since we could hear them really well from our apartement, but couldn't see them very well because of being at just the wrong angle to do so.

I'd hoped to post the photos today, but we haven't had time to sort them, and with how the internet's been playing up lately, I'm not sure if I could get them posted right now anyway.

I'll try and get them sorted and posted soon.


Jeanie said...

Your curtains sound nice. I don't have curtains anywhere except my bedroom. Sometimes OK, sometimes I wish I did.

Great weather this weekend. I'm looking forward to next week's July 4 fireworks!

Happy week. Offline much of the next week or so, though I'll try to prepost and check in if I can!

Victoria Zigler said...

We don't always bother to close the curtains, but we have them for those times when closing them would be a good plan. I always made sure to close the curtains in our old place, because our windows were partially just below street level, and partially at street level, but being up on the third floor it's not so important to close them all the time.

Our big night for fireworks is November 5th over here... We don't do the July 4th celebrations. The ones happening this time of year are usually the finale of some sort of Summer fair, carnival, or similar event.

Have fun with whatever will be keeping you offline.

Rita said...

Glad you got some curtains that fit-and red, eh? :)
Figures that the microwave would decide to die when it's not that convenient, but glad you got a new one.
I hope you hours switch around so that you can get in some beach time this summer. :):)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep... Red ones; they'd go great in your place, with all your red furniture and furnishings (which I'm still jealous of, by the way).

I hope my hours switch around too. I expect they will soon. Maybe having to get up this afternoon for the repair guy arriving to do some work will help give them a nudge?

Intense Guy said...

I hope you get to the beach this week!!

Durn microwave!! I hope the new one lasts even longer than the old one!!


Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... Me too; on both counts! *Hugs*