Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - June 3rd 2015

I'm still not able to give you details of exactly when my books will be available to buy in print. Hopefully I'll have some news for you about this soon.

In the meantime, the eBook version of the first "Zeena Dragon Fae" book will be officially released this coming Saturday, and I'm working on writing the second book in the series.

That's all the news I have about my own writing this week though.

So, on to those writing links...

This is a new twist on giving you tips on how to get noticed as an author... Read these tips on how not to get noticed, and then do the opposite. Of course, as the article says, doing the opposite may not guarantee you get noticed. But, you never know.

As you no doubt know, editing is a very important part of the book creation process, and there are all sorts of options available to help with editing; various types of editing software included. The writer should take what editors and editing software have to say in to consideration, but - in most cases - make up their own mind in the end. This article, entitled "Aliens and guillotines- 6 reasons to break the editing rules," explains why.

Speaking of rules... There are certain rules you need to stick to in order to write in a certain genre, but sometimes the rules people say you need to follow are based on what someone wants in order to make your book just like another book they loved - these are not rules of fantasy, for example. Like with all writing rules, you need to figure out for yourself which ones must be followed, and which ones are more flexible - or are fine to ignore completely.

Still sticking with the topic of writing rules... Here are the rules on how not to start your children's book according to one author and reader. Personally, I don't see any problem with setting the scene a little first; as long as something will be happening soon. But everyone's entitled to their opinions, and - if nothing else - it's worth knowing what rules are out there. I mean, if you're going to break writing rules, you should at least know what rules your breaking, right?

OK, moving on...

Need some help with promoting your book? Here are 10 ways to raise the bar on book promotion to help you out. Number nine on the list mentions promotion on other sites/blogs, which is something a couple of people I know try to encourage. If you're wondering why this is such a good idea - and why you usually get asked about yourself more than just your books when you participate - then here's why.

Do you find yourself asking the question "what's an independant author?" Or, perhaps, you're unsure whether or not to take a chance on a book you've spotted by one? Hesitate no longer... Read the post, then read the book you were hesitating about picking up just because of the method in which it was published. There's no more risk in trying a new independant author than there is in trying a new traditionally published author.


Intense Guy said...

I think the "How not to start your book" person went a little overboard. Perhaps she and her children all have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder...

A lot of people need to slooooooooooow dooooooooown.....

Victoria Zigler said...

I agree, hence my comment about not thinking there's anything wrong with setting the scene first. Personally, I love a bit of scene setting at the start of a story; both stories I write myself, and those I read by other authors.