Sunday, July 05, 2015

Smashwords Summer/Winter sale 2015

I've enrolled the eBook versions of some of my books in the 2015 Smashwords Summer/Winter sale.

75% off – with coupon code SSW75:
Asha's Big Adventure (sale price: $1)
Cubby And The Beanstalk (sale price: $1)
Jinx And The Faerie Dragons (sale price: $1.25)
Mr. Pumpkin-Head And Other Poems (sale price: $1)
Yua And The Great Wizard Hunt (sale price: $1.25)
Zeena And The Dryad (sale price: $1.265)

50% off – with coupon code SSW50:
Filicity The Musical Platypus (sale price: $1.50)
Goodies For Grandmother (sale price: $1.50)
Home Squeak Home (sale price: $1.50)
Isabelle's Runaway Racehorse (sale price: $1.50)
Snowball The Oddball Kobold (sale price: $1.50)
Vinnie The Vegetarian Zombie (sale price: $0.99)

All coupons are valid until July 31st 2015, are exclusively for use on Smashwords, and give you access to all the eBook formats Smashwords offers (which means they can be read on the computer, on a Kindle or Nook, on an iPad or iPhone, or on just about any other device).

Click on the book title from the list above to go to the Smashwords page for the book in question, where you can purchase your copy.

Feel free to share these coupons with your family, friends, book loving pets, neighbours, random people you meet on the street... Anyone, really.


Intense Guy said...

I hope you have plenty of customers!

Victoria Zigler said...

Me too! But, if not, at least I can say I did something to try and get some.