Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings: #eBook #sale on #Smashwords ends soon!

There are just a few more days to take advantage of the Smashwords 2015 Summer/Winter sale!

As I mentioned before, you can see which of my books are enrolled in it by reading this post.

Don’t forget that plenty of other authors have their books enrolled too, which you can see here. Authors like Jackie Small, for example, who has her children's books at half price as part of the sale; children's books that are excellent reads, I might add.

And, remember: Smashwords provides books in multiple eBook formats, so you can get your eBooks from them whether you use a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad, or some other sort of eReader to read your books. They even have formats that work on your average PC (either with a word processor, or by using your internet browser to read them).

Like I said, there’s just a few more days left... The Sale ends on July 31st... So hurry!


Intense Guy said...

I like Smashwords - they have your books in any format one could want (except printed!)

Victoria Zigler said...

True. That's why I'm using CreateSpace to do the printed versions.

There's a direct link on the Smashwords pages for the books to the book page on CreateSpace for all my books that are available in print now though.