Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - September 14th 2015 (LBE & FD)

September 2nd 2015 was my appointment to get my second wisdom tooth removed.

As you'll know if you're a regular reader of my blog, I've been trying to get this one tooth removed since April, after spending several months waiting for the first wisdom tooth, and another tooth that I was in pain with, to be removed; I first went to the dentist shortly before Christmas 2014, in pain, and had to wait for several months to get an outpatient appointment at the hospital, since my anemia made the regular dentist reluctant to risk pulling any of my teeth without a doctor being on hand to authorize a blood transfusion if things didn't go smoothly. There isn't a huge risk of it happening, but it is a possibility, and if that happened, there was a risk of me staying in hospital for a couple of days, so I set up a bunch of blog posts to keep you entertained... Just in case.

As it happened, I needn't have bothered, since I did get to come home. But I left the posts I'd scheduled up anyway. Although, I admitI added a couple more links to Wednesday's post.

But... About the appointment...

Things didn't go too badly, though they didn't go smoothly either.

I lost a bit more blood than I should have... My mouth was pouring with blood from the moment the first needle was jabbed in to me to start trying to numb the area. Speaking of which... It took four of those little capsules of anasthetic stuff to numb the area, by which time everywhere on that side of the face was numb... Including that side of my tongue. Plus, the tooth broke, so the dentist had to pull me about while trying to grab all the little bits of tooth. That last didn't surprise me, since I knew it was close to breaking like the other wisdom tooth had done. Not that I was all that surprised about the difficulty in numbing the area either, if I'm honest, since we had that trouble last time too.

I wonder if all the times I've had anasthetic for surgeries is making my body build up some resistance to the anasthetic stuff? I know that's the reason they give for my quick recovery from the anasthetic after surgery... *Shrugs*


They asked me afterwards if I was OK, and I said yes. I was too... Until I stood up. At that point I didn't feel so great any more, but I was able to walk without feeling like I was attempting to get used to being on board a ship at sea, so I figured I'd be fine to go home, and said nothing.

I felt so bad by the time I got home though, that I wondered briefly if I should have said something, but then I just curled up on my bed for a while, figuring I'd go back to the hospital later if I didn't start to feel better.

Honestly, if it had been up to Kelly, I wouldn't have even left the hospital that day. But the rule is that if I can stay on my feet long enough to walk out of there without the floor trying to rush up and meet me, I can leave... Even if doing so probably wasn't a smart decision on my part. So, I got to go home.

In my defence, I wasn't too bad... Until I had to do the stairs. Walking up three flights of stairs when you're feeling a bit light headed from anasthetic injections and blood loss - not to mention, a bit sick from being bumped about in a taxi while feeling that way - is not a good idea... I hadn't thought about that when I was insisting I was fine to go home, and by the time I did think about it I was a few stairs up, so figured I might as well keep going.


When the anasthetic stuff wore off, I started to notice the pain from having my mouth pulled about. So, I grabbed a painkiller, and curled up again; grateful I'd had the sense to make sure we had some before the pharmacy closed.

I woke up six hours later, feeling a lot better. I mean, I still wasn't feeling too great, but I felt a lot better than I did when I first curled up there, if that makes sense, so that was good enough for me. Although, by that time the painkiller had worn off, so the first thing I did when I got up was grab another.

Then I noticed I was hungry, so I went looking for food. I had something soft, but it was still kind of painful eating. I was hungry enough not to care too much about it at the time though.

Yeah... That day was not fun.

Still, at least things didn't go bad enough for me to end up needing a hospital stay... Though, I admit, it was a close call, and if I wasn't so stubbourn I probably would have at least spent the night in hospital.

I just really didn't want yet another hospital stay... I hate hospitals, and am sick of spending my time in them!

Besides, it all worked out, and I was prepared to go back there if I wasn't feeling any better by the time I woke up from my nap. Not that I'd have had much of a choice at that point, since I think Kelly would have made me go back... Even if he had to drag me down the stairs to a waiting ambulance.

It took nearly a week for me to stop feeling yucky, and longer for my mouth to stop feeling sore. In fact, even now it's not fully healed, though it's more a feeling of discomfort than actual pain now.


There should have been roleplaying the day after my appointment, but my Dad had to cancel short notice, so I just had a long chat over Teamspeak with Carl instead; despite being in pain.

But, despite the pain, we had a nice chat, and laughed about my ability to spell Cthulhu, when so many of the shorter - and more frequently used - words are difficult for me to spell.

My Dad found it amusing when I mentioned it to him the following day too.

Anyway... There should be roleplaying again this coming Thursday; as long as nobody has to cancel short notice, which doesn't happen often, so we should be good to go.


Our new fridge-freezer arrived a week before my appointment, and is working well.

We had them take the old fridge away with them, since it wasn't working properly anyway, and we were offered a "recycling of old appliance" service for a small extra fee when we brought the new fridge-freezer. We figured we might as well take advantage of it, since it was cheaper than it would have been to get someone out especially to do it, as well as meaning we didn't have to have a fridge in some random spot - most likely getting in the way - while waiting for someone to pick it up.

Of course, this meant we had to have the fridge unplugged and emptied, and the ice-box part of it defrosted and cleared of water from the melted ice, before they came to fetch the fridge and drop off the fridge-freezer. We tried to make sure there wasn't going to be much in the fridge to leave out, but there were some things left, which we had to leave out on the counter for most of that day. Luckily, the weather co-operated, and it turned out to be one of the cooler days. Something we were glad of with the need to have things like milk and cheese out on the counter, and the delivery guys were glad of with the need to carry a fridge-freezer up three flights of stairs.

We also have a new tumble dryer.

Well, I say "new" but we haven't had one in years, so I suppose I should just say that we also now have a tumble dryer.

Either way...

Not having a dryer was fine when we had a washing line to use on dry days, so only had to use the airer if we needed to get things washed and dried when the weather was too wet. But we don't have a washing line here, which means using the airer all the time; not a big deal for smaller items, but larger items take absolutely ages to dry on the airer, because you can't spread them out properly like you can on a washing line. Not to mention, always having the airer set up with a constant rotation of laundry isn't practical with a blind person in the house... Airers hurt when you walk in to them... In case you didn't know.

So, we decided we needed a tumble dryer, and now we have one.

It came last week, and is so far working well. Plus, we're all caught up properly on laundry again, which is nice, and the airer's put away so I won't walk in to it, which is even nicer.


You may remember me mentioning that we had a bit of a leaky roof?

Well, apparently, the reason the roof was leaking was something to do with the fact there's a skylight in the attic, and water is coming through near it. I'm not 100% certain on details, but it's something to do with damage to the area around the window allowing water to get in.

We didn't know about it, because we didn't even know there was a window up there. Heck, I didn't even know there was an attic (nor that it's full of boxes someone left up there at some point in the past).

Anyway, they needed a dry day to sort it out, which they got a couple of weeks ago (on the last Friday of August).

Hopefully, that will be the end of the leaky roof... At least for the foreseeable future.

We've not noticed any more leaking from it so far, and it's rained several times since they sorted it, which is a good sign. So... Fingers crossed!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd knitted a couple of cushion covers. Well, here they are:

I also mentioned having finnished the first of the two blankets I was making. So, here's a photo of that too:

The photo is of the top half of the blanket. The colourful stripes continue to the bottom of the blanket, but we didn't see the point of taking another photo just to show you that this is the case.

I've now got the wool for the other blanket, so I've made a start on knitting that. It's coming along nicely, despite having been started twice, since I dropped my knitting and dropped so many stitches in the process of picking it up that I could tell at once it would be easier to start over than it would to try and pick up all the dropped stitches.

I also got some more toy stuffing, since I ran out. I like making knitted toys, so I thought I'd make some more after I finnish the blanket. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I like making them, and it gives me something to do with my hands. I'll probably give them as gifts; that's what I usually end up doing with them.


The purple thermal cup I got a couple of months ago turned out not to be very good, and quickly started leaking. So, I started looking for a new one.

I had this one recommended to me by Rita, after I asked her about the one that's a regular feature on her blog. So I ordered one.

It's not purple, but red is the next best thing in my opinion.

It arrived a little over a week ago...

I've tried it out a couple of times, but not used it much yet. It so far seems to be a really good cup though.


Rita said...

These are my favorite posts. Like sitting over coffee catching up. And I hope you love your red cup as much as I love mine, BTW. Sounds like you are getting all kinds of things sorted out--laundry and leaks and such. Be good to get all that taken care of before winter. Let me know how you like that cup after you've had it for a while. I sure love mine! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I sure like the cup so far. And, yes, it will be good to have things sorted in time for winter.

Victoria Zigler said...

Excuse typing mistakes or extra letters. I am using my kindle.

Jeanie said...

Good grief, Tori, you've had a terrible time! I had no idea that the dental thing was that bad or your recovery so long and difficult. It sounds just wretched and while I'm glad you didn't have to be in the hospital I'm so sorry it wasn't easier (and glad it is over). Then to add the insult to injury with the skylight leaking. At least you have a wonderful new fridge and dryer! You will love your dryer, trust me! Hopefully all is much better today.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah... I try not to make a fuss, but anything where it's normal to bleed - even a little - becomes a risky procedure for me, because of my anemia.

Intense Guy said...

Goodness - you have had a busy spot lately! I'm glad you are feeling better and that the new "upgrades" like the sealed roof, fridge and dryer are all in place now!! Now you can knit and write with fewer things nagging at you!

Victoria Zigler said...

Absolutely! Especially since it's way too wet at the moment to go anywhere.