Monday, October 05, 2015

A-Z with me, part 1: A-G (FD)

Jeanie did a post on her blog a couple of weeks ago that listed the A-Z of things she likes, are important to her for some reason, or are happening in her life right now. It looked like fun, so I thought I'd do it too. Only, I'm going to do it as a series of four shorter posts instead of one really long one, since the posts will be long enough as it is.


A is for audiobooks.

A decent chunk of the books I own are on audio, and I listen to part of an audiobook before I go to sleep every night (or day, if I'm on day sleeps). At one point almost all my books were audiobooks... Before I got my Kindle. Now it's just a lot of them, since audiobooks are, unfortunately, often expensive.

I don't always have an audiobook I haven't yet listened to for my sleep time listening, so I end up re-listening to my favourites over and over again. I don't mind too much though. Oh, and, no... I don't count the audiobooks I've already listened to in the past when figuring out how many books I've read in a year; I never count re-reads of any format.

My most recent audiobook purchase was the final Discworld novel, which was released in August, and which I brought at the end of last month. I have all the other books in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series on audiobook, so wanted this one on audio too.


B is for braille.

I learned braille while still at school, and used it exclusively in school at one point. I don't use it all that often these days, but I do still have my old red brailler on my desk beside my computer. I also do have a few braille books, but braille books are bulky, so they aren't my favourite book format. On the other hand, braille books are handy to read when there's no electric to run the stereo or computer, and the Kindle has a dead battery.

Braille is also useful for putting labels on things, which helps me to know what they are. Many of my audiobooks have labels on their cases, for example. It should be all of them that do, but I got behind on my label-making... I plan to label the others at some point though.


C is for clay.

I love working with clay, though I haven't done so in a while.

I have little interest in pottery, but I like to make clay models of things; animals especially. These days I use proper modeling clay, but I was perfectly content to use anything you can easily make in to shapes in the past. Even gluetack... Which is a favourite clay substitute of my brother, Carl, as it happens.

Now I've made myself want to play with my clay again... I'll have to make some time for that some time soon, I think.


D is for degus.

As in, our four J boys, Jacob, Jasper, Jenks, and Joshua.

Degus are the kinds of animals that are a lot of work to keep happy, but I love our boys... Even though they fight a lot, seem to delight in throwing things out of their cage for us to pick up, and delight in confusing me so as to get extra nibbles. Mostly they're sweet little guys though, as long as we remember to keep something on for them to listen to constantly, and make sure we're aware of sunrise and sunset times to be sure they don't find themselves in the dark. Unless a storm comes, then they get upset no matter what we do; especially Jasper.


E is for eBooks.

Since I got my first Kindle, most of my book collection has been made up of eBooks. In some ways I prefer audiobooks, but eBooks are much cheaper, and many books are available as eBooks but not as audiobooks or braille books, which gives me more chance of getting copies of the books I'm desperate to read. Also, as I mentioned, they're a lot cheaper, which helps when feeding my couple of hundred books a year reading habit.

Judging by this post about the 10 reasons why people who read books are more successful, that expensive reading habit of mine is a good thing to have. Not that it would stop me from wanting to keep reading a lot if it wasn't, if I'm honest.

I usually get at least a couple of new eBooks each month. Some I get for free (either during promotions, or in exchange for writing reviews) and others I buy. Some come from Amazon, others come from Smashwords, and others - usually the ones I get in exchange for reviews - are sent to me directly by the author.

My most recently aquired eBook is the second in Katrina Cope's Afterlife series, which she gave me in exchange for a review.


F is for fruit.

My favourite fruits - in no particular order - are berries of any type, cherries, rhubarb, and grapes, though those aren't the only fruits I enjoy. For example, I'm quite fond of kiwis and plums, can often be found eating apples and oranges, and also like other fruits such as grapefruit and bananas.

Mostly I eat my fruit as is, though sometimes I'll put it in a crumble, or some other kind of desert. Rhubarb crumble is my absolute favourite fruity desert; served on its own, or with custard or ice-cream.


G is for gerbils.

As in, our little gerbil boys, Bilbo and Baggins.

The gerbils are actually supposed to be Kelly's gerbils, but we share them.

Anyway... They can be quick with their teeth, but our gerbils are cute little guys, and I love them... Especially when they do something cute or amusing. Like when Bilbo hangs from the cage bars like a gerbil acrobat, or when Baggins sits there carefully nibbling the edge of a Cheerio - turning it when required - like doing this slowly and carefully is the most important task of his day.

They're a lot more low maintenance than the degus, let me tell you!


Come back next week for part 2, where I tell you about H-N.


Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you decided to do the A-Z and I'll look forward to continuing episodes!

The Braille fascinates me. I can see now with more audio and electronic options you would use it less but the labeling makes a lot of sense.

It will be fun discovering more about you! Thanks for joining in!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed reading the first installment; hope you enjoy the rest too.

Yes, braille labels on things is quite useful. Though it can take a while to sort out... Especially when you get behind, like I've ended up doing.

Deanna said...

That was fun to read. I look forward to the rest.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... Glad you enjoyed reading the post.

Rita said...

Seemed like this would be a difficult thing to figure out using the alphabet but all your choices make perfect sense so far. Great list! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you're enjoying my list so far.

I'll be honest... I spent a few days puzzling over some of the letters before I decided what to go with for each.

Intense Guy said...

Neat list so far!! I got to read the next part next!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy! :)