Monday, October 19, 2015

A-Z with me, part 3: O-U (LBE)

If you missed the first to, go here for A-G, and go here for H-N.


O is for outings.

I don't go on many outings, really, but I enjoy the ones I do go on. Perhaps I even enjoy them more for the fact they don't happen constantly?

When I say "outings" here, I'm not including trips to the local store.

We go out for breakfast when we can, and about once a month we go in to town to some of the places that sell things we can't get locally. But, other than that, we don't go out much.

I had a full day out at the end of September though.

Actually, I had a busy weekend in general, since my brother, Carl, Carl's girlfriend, Tory, my Dad, Dad's girlfriend, Cath, and my Nan (Dad's Mother) all came for a visit that weekend.

We got lucky with the weather. It had been really bad, but was quite nice that weekend; a little chillier than some would have liked, perhaps, but dry; perfect Autumn/Fall weather, I thought.


On the Friday evening, Carl and Tory helped us to start getting my iPhone all set up while we waited for the others to arrive, and then we all went and ate take-out down on the beach by moonlight. After that, they all went to the caravan they were staying at - since our second bedroom is a computer room, and couldn't sleep five adults even if it was set up as a guest room - and we came home.

On the Saturday we met up for breakfast at the cafe we took them to for breakfast when they visited last year, which they seem to like as much as we do. Then we all went to the aquarium - where we found Nemo - and had a bit of a walk around town (I have some photos, but I'll share those in another post, in a couple of weeks time, since this post will be long enough without them). I was getting really tired before they were done looking around town, and my leg was hurting, so - since Kelly and I go there regularly, which meant exploring town was more interesting to them - Kelly and I went home, ordered and ate dinner, and then took a nap.

On the Sunday we were all meant to go to Battle, but where the weather had been so wet, Kelly and I weren't eager to go. We can go quite easily any time, to be honest, which is why we were willing to let the poor conditions stop us from going. The others can't visit it so easily though, so decided to go anyway. They went there in the daytime, then most of them came to see us in the evening; Nan and Cath didn't, because they were exhausted from their day out. This is also when we said "goodbye" to Carl and Tory, since they had planned to go straight to the station on the Monday morning, since it was easier than them coming to us for just the few moments needed to say our goodbyes.

On the Monday we didn't see much of the three still in the area. They just came to say "goodbye" and for Dad to grab some stuff we were giving him; nothing special, really... Just some stuff we thought he'd like that we no longer wanted.

It was an exhausting weekend for me, but a good one!

I also had lunch out at a cafe near where we live this past Saturday (October 17th). It was with Kelly and Kevin. Kevin is a fellow blind author, who came for a visit for the afternoon, bringing his guide dog, Trigger, with him, of course.


P is for people.

The people in my life are all important to me; whether they're a small part of my life, or a large part of it. I don't always do a good job of keeping up with how everyone is doing, but my family and friends are always in my thoughts.

It was my brother's birthday on Friday (October 16th) and will be our niece's birthday in a little over a week (October 28th). So, belated happy birthday wishes to you, Carl, and happy early birthday wishes to you, Tamara!

Anyway... I appreciate every one of you; from my hubby, right down to those who only show up to read my posts from time to time, but never comment. Whether you be someone who once left me a review but never bothered with me afterwards, a follower I don't really know, someone I consider a good friend, or a family member, thank you for being you, and please remember that you matter.


Q is for quizzes.

As in, online quizzes.

I've eased off on this a bit recently, but I still love taking those online quizzes. I used to be addicted to them, and you can see many of the results of ones I took in the past on this very blog. These days I manage to control my addiction, and only take the odd online quiz. I don't know what it is about them... Most of them are for silly things... But they're very addictive, and I can't help myself sometimes.

My brother found an accessable quiz game for the iPhone, and I had him download it on to my iPhone while he was here. I haven't gotten as addicted to it as I was to the online quizzes though... At least, not yet!


R is for rats.

Spacifically my ratty girls, Skye and Star.

I'd wanted a pet rat for years and years, but Kelly always said "no" when I asked. Finally, almost a year ago, he gave in. Actually, he just came home one day announcing I could have rats. I didn't argue, or question his reasons at the time, though I found out later it was an attempt to cheer me up after we lost Kero a few months before.

Anyway, even Kelly admits that our girls are sweet little things, and very affectionate.


S is for scrabble.

I'm addicted to Scrabble!

It started because I wanted to get better at Scrabble so I could beat my brother, Carl, and grew in to an addiction. I have a Scrabble game on the computer, you see, and I have a nasty habit of playing it when I'm meant to be doing other things. Still, it has helped me with my spelling, and I did achieve my goal of managing to beat my brother at Scrabble, so it's not entirely a bad thing.


T is for TV shows.

My favourites being "The Big Bang Theory" and "CSI" among others. I'm also quite partial to cartoons... Call me a big kid for that one if you like. The other kinds of TV shows I really enjoy watching are nature shows, like the kinds you get on Discovery channel, or ones about animals, like the kind you get on Animal Planet.

I haven't been able to watch TV recently though, since there's a problem with the arial, and we haven't had a chance to do anything about getting it fixed. Besides, since we're in a place that allows it now, we're considering having more than just freeview again, so we can have more channels. We haven't decided for sure yet though.


U is for unanswered questions.

I'm always asking questions - sometimes just in my head, other times out loud - and seeking answers to them. I also enjoy solving riddles and brainteaser puzzles. Mostly though it's just finding the answers to random questions that happen to pop in to my head at any given time; which isn't as rare an occurance as you might think.

Anyway, this is a process made a lot easier with the internet being so easy to access... All the answers are out there somewhere; it just might take a bit to find them. It's fun looking though, and I love confusing the internet Gods with my random searches, so that they don't know what to recommend to me based on my browsing history.

Some of my random questions, and some of the random things I decided to look up, can be found among my old blog posts.


Come back next week for part 4, where I tell you about V-Z.


Intense Guy said...

Your weekend with all your guest sounds like it was nearly hectic busy! And a lot of fun too!


And yes, R just has to be for Rats!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, the weekend was both fun and hectic... Exhausting too!

Rita said...

Sounds like a busy weekend with family but a good one. Scrabble would probably help my spelling. I've gotten pretty lazy with spellcheck. Rats are my favorite rodent I ever had. TV--whoohoo!! CSI is all over with now, right? The original one is the only one I watched. Did you see the final show?

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes it was. And, yes, Scrabble probably would help your spelling... It did mine, anyway. Although, my spelling still isn't fantastic... Better than it was though, LOL!

I agree that the original CSI is the best one, though I did watch the others. I haven't seen the last season, since I've not been watching TV properly lately.

Jeanie said...

I'm really enjoying learning more about you with your answers! I am very hooked on Scrabble and work hard to beat Rick who is by far the more strategic player. But I've improved so much! Your outing with family sounded like a lot of fun. And I know what you mean about those mostly dumb online quizzes. They ARE addictive!

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed learning more about me via these posts. I enjoyed learning about you when you did your version of the post too.