Sunday, January 31, 2016

Braille Kindle style eReader in production (R/WP)

My friend, Louise, made me aware recently via Facebook that there's a braille Kindle style eReader in production.

I think it's a great idea, but a shame about the high price tag it will have.

That's right! Once again, technology that would be useful is out of my reach, because of a ridiculously high price tag. *frowns*

I mean, it took a lot of help from my brother, Carl, for me to get JAWS (my screen reader) the first time, and takes some saving to be able to afford the updates (which I don't think we should have to pay for, given that we pay so much for JAWS in the first place, to be honest).

I wish they'd learn that not all blind people can get funding for things like this, and most can't afford the things without help to do so.

When funding is actually given, you only get a certain amount of help to afford equipment, and it's based on what they actually feel you "need" to have (which is rarely everything you do need to do what you want/need to do on a daily basis). After that, you have to pay for it yourself, unless you can get family and friends to help you out.

In fact, I personally get no funding for equipment. Why? Because I'm not in full time education, so they don't have a school to send funding for essential educational equipment to, and being self employed means I don't have an employer for them to send funding to for essential equipment required for me to do my job. Officially with that last one they should consider me the employer, but they decided my disability money should be enough to cover everything.

Guess what? It isn't!

Not when they put such stupidly high price tags on the stuff!

I understand that it costs a lot to produce the technology... I really do! But I wish they'd learn that they'd make their money back easier - and possibly also quicker - if they were to sell the stuff at a price the average blind person can actually afford to pay, rather than a ridiculously high price most can't afford.

So... Like I said... Great idea, but shame about the price tag!


Rita said...

Really not fair! All you can do is hope that the price comes down later on. Sometimes with techie stuff it least some. One can hope, anyways. :(

Intense Guy said...

A lot of this stuff is in the prototype stage - I suspect the price will drop as soon as someone figures out how to make things work well.

Hugs. Hopefully in a couple years they might even be cheap. Or you will have written the novel that surpasses Harry Potter and be rolling in the money! Either way works for me!

Victoria Zigler said...

That's how it works to a certain degree. But they still tend to keep specialist equipment in the high price range. It still costs over £1000 for a braille printer, for example, and those things have been around for a couple of decades now.

Either way works for me too. *Smiles*

Deanna said...

I do hope the price comes down but you're right...there ought to be a way for you to get funding for things like this. My dad was the director of Student Support Services at our local university for many years. His department served students with various disabilities, including the blind, so I'm a little bit aware of some of the challenges.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it's difficult to get funding... Especially when you don't fit in to a pre-determined mould for the situations under which they offer funding.