Monday, February 29, 2016

TV talk and movie mutterings - February 2016

Time for another post full of new to me movies and TV shows!

As with the similar posts from the past couple of months, I've not written very detailed reviews, but instead just given my opinion of the movie or TV show in question, so I've included links to where you can find out more about the movie or TV show, if you want to... Just click on the title of it, and you'll go right there.


Sharkzilla (movie):
This was a pretty good movie, though could have been even better with a little work. I mean, I was more worried about whether the special diving suits would keep working than about the monster... If you're going to make a scary monster movie, at least try to make me afraid of the creature. Just saying!

That Darn Cat (movie):
This is a sort of old movie by movie standards... It's almost 20 years old. But I don't remember ever having seen it before. Anyway, it was an "OK" sort of movie, with a few entertaining scenes, but I didn't think it was that great, even though it's basically a mystery centered around a cat, so you'd think I'd have enjoyed it.

Big Hero 6 (movie):
This was by far my favourite movie from this month. It wasn't blow my mind amazing, but it was entertaining, I became interested in both the storyline and the characters quickly, and stayed interested until the movie was over; the sign of a good movie. I'd been looking forward to seeing this one for a while, so I'm glad it was worth the wait.

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (movie):
This one was a bit disappointing. From what I'd heard about it, it sounded amazing, but it wasn't. I loved the message behind the movie, and the ending was fantastic, but the first half of the movie wasn't much good; the plot in the first half moved way too slowly, and was a little confusing. I think I was about 45 minutes in to the movie when it started to pick up enough that I was beginning to enjoy it, and it was only about the last half an hour of the movie that I thought was really good. So, yeah... I liked it. But I certainly didn't love it.

Agent Carter (TV show):
In case you can't tell from the details linked to above, this show is more or less "Marvel's Agents Of Shield" set just after WWII instead of in the present day; one of the main characters is even Iron Man's father. Anyway, it's pretty good, though not as good as the original version.

I also watched a couple of nature documentaries that I'm not sure on the names of. One was about giant squids, one was about sharks, and the other one was about elephants.


Jeanie said...

I loved "That Darn Cat" when I was a kid but I have a feeling that like most of those movies they'd probably seem a little flat or hollow as an older person.

Did you see any of the Oscar movies? I thought the show went on WAY too long!

Victoria Zigler said...

That can sometimes be the case with older movies. But I've found plenty of older movies that didn't seem flat when I watched them as an older person. I think that could be the case with "That Darn Cat" though.

I didn't watch the Oscars.

Rita said...

I love George Clooney but I thought Tomorrowland didn't live up to the hype, either.
I thought I had seen That Darn Cat--but I saw the original with Haley Mills in 1965--LOL! Which was quite good as I recall as a 14 year old. Haven't seen any of the other ones. :)

Intense Guy said...

I've not seen any of these. Goodness. I think I've only seen reruns of shows like TV's Batman lately!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who felt that way about Tomorrowland. You never know... The older version of That Darn Cat might be better than the version I saw... It does sometimes happen. Either that, or that one is really one of those you need to see when you're young.

Nothing wrong with Batman reruns!