Wednesday, February 03, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - February 3rd 2016

January is over, and many people who set themselves writing goals at the start of the year are already struggling to keep them. So, to stop everyone from giving up, Teaching Authors is holding a 30 day productivity challenge. They're only a couple of days in, so there's still time to participate, if you want to.


Grammar tip: sometimes it's OK to use "me" instead of "I".

Want some more tips on grammar and punctuation? Then check out these editing tips (for people who aren't editors) and these six easy grammar and format tips.


What's your opinion of how much guest posting can help an author? Personally, I think there's no right or wrong answer to how much it can help... Just with every other form of marketing. However, there are often real benifits to guest blogging. So, my advice would be to always take advantage of opertunities to guest post, and market in any other way, whenever possible.

Author interviews are good marketing too, so here are 10 tips for doing your author interviews.

The key to any kind of successful marketing is relevance; whether it's guest posts, author interviews, posts on your own blog, tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook, or some other type of marketing strategy you're using.


Is it picture books you write? If so, you should know your layout.

Whether you write picture books, full length novels, or something in between, are you writing a series? If so, check out these 9 tips for keeping your series fresh.

Whether you're writing a series, or a stand-alone story, when writing your book, a little detail can make a big impression. So, remember to add those little details in; your readers will thank you for it.

On the subject of adding all those little details in... Here are 8 things writers forget when writing fight scenes. Also, here's a writer's guide to adrenaline, in case you have a character in a situation where your story could be improved by you adding details about an adrenaline rush, or anxiety attack.

Speaking of your characters... This article gives you some idea of how to create life-like characters in 6 steps. WARNING: spoiler for the movie "Frozen" inside, so don't read this one if you haven't seen that movie, and intend to watch it.

When dealing with your characters, never forget: villains are people too. WARNING: that last link contains spoilers for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Treasure Island, and Frankenstein, so you may not want to read the post if you haven't read those books, but plan to do so in the future.


Do you find that you suffer from manuscript mental fatigue? If so, here are some tips on how to avoid it.

If you do find that you're struggling - either with manuscript mental fatigue, or just in general - try not to give up too easily; sometimes the road a writer travels is a hard one, but the reward of seeing the end result usually makes it worthwhile. Also, if you find your friends are struggling, try and be there for them. If, however, you find that a writer friend is struggling so much they stop writing, here's how you can stay positive, and continue writing, when your writer friends quit.


Intense Guy said...

I am suffering from mental and physical fatigue!

The snow has by and large melted - 30 inches of it melted in about 3 days (a warm rain blew in).

Victoria Zigler said...

At least you won't have to shovel any more of it now. Be careful if you have to go out with all that melting snow though.