Saturday, February 06, 2016

Zeena the faerie dragon answers your questions

While I work on writing the fourth and final book in my "Zeena Dragon Fae" series, Zeena the faerie dragon is answering your questions all this month on the Smashwords Authors group over on Goodreads.

Click here to follow the discussion.

Have a question for Zeena, but aren't a member of the group, or aren't on Goodreads at all? No problem! Just post your question on this post... Zeena will answer you anyway, since she's a nice faerie dragon.

So, ask away.

Go on... You know you want to!


Intense Guy said...

Interesting Questions and Answers! Really fills in the backstory!

Who's Zeena's favorite gryphon? I bet I know!

Victoria Zigler said...

Of course, Aquillo and his family are my favourite gryphons. I probably should not pick favourites among the members of his family though.