Wednesday, March 09, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - March 9th 2016

In case you missed the post... Or need a reminder...

The eBook versions of some of my books are on sale until March 12th 2016 as part of Smashwords Read An eBook Week 2016.

To see which ones, and grab the links and coupon codes, go to this post. As I say in the post I just linked to... Smashwords offers such a variety of formats that if you can read this post, you can read the eBooks. Alternatively, you can grab the format that works best for your eReader of choice.

Thanks to Kevin and Chris - as well as some of their blog followers - for helping me to spread the word! :)


Don't forget: plenty of other authors have their books enrolled too, so it might be worth checking out the Read An eBook Week specials. You never know... You might just find your new favourite author!


As a writer, will I ever become famous? That's the big question, isn't it? Well, unfortunately, the answer is probably not. This is why I always say you should write because you love to write, and not for the hope of fame and fortune. I mean, if you get those things... Great! But don't count on them. You have to accept that you are 100% responsible for making your writing dreams come true, but also be aware that there are a lot of others trying to do the same, so you can't count on being a best-seller.

However, if you want to increase your chances of getting noticed and becoming famous, here are the 7 things writers need to create great content, 7 ways to nail your author SEO, and some tips on how to make an eBook marketing campaign. They aren't guaranteed to result in enough sales to make you rich and famous - unfortunately. But it doesn't hurt to try, right?

Author interviews can help too, so here's a post on the art and craft of author interviews to help you make the most of your interview experience... Whether you're the one being interviewed, or the one doing the interview.

Famous or not, this is the journey of a writer.

Also, here are some guidelines as to the average wordcounts you need for your genre, and you may want to be aware of these 10 publishing trends.

For the record, I happen to agree with these 4 reasons why you should never base your characters off of real people as a general rule. Although, I can understand why it would be tempting to do so... Especially with people you hate and want to put in situations where you can get revenge. I also would like to point out that there are acceptions to this rule... Just as there are acceptions to most rules when it comes to writing.

Finally... While positive reviews are always what you want to get for your books, you need to accept that mean reviews are a fact of life, and that no book is going to be loved by everyone. So, if you get some bad reviews, here's how to get over them.


Jeanie said...

Good one on the real people. I can see being inspired by one -- an occupation or characteristics. But as soon as you get too specific you're opening yourself up to a boatload of trouble!

Thanks for the links!

Victoria Zigler said...

Exactly! Inspiration is a good thing though.

Intense Guy said...

I think some reviewers are only happy when they can pan someone's work. I suspect it's mostly a case of jealousy.

Victoria Zigler said...

I think so too. In some cases, at least.