Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - May 11th 2016

Struggling with writers' block? Read this inspirational post. If you still need some help getting over your writers' block, check out these top 5 tips for getting words written.

Feel better? Feel like you can keep going now? Great!

So, are you writing a fantasy story? If so, check out these useful resources for fantasy authors. The sites cover everything from naming your characters, to creating your fantasy world.

Regardless of what you write, bear in mind, reduce, reuse, recycle, can also apply to your writing.

Above all... Always remember... Editors are useful. But, at the end of the day, the work is your own. Bear this in mind when you get the response from your editor. Although, obviously, there are some things you absolutely should fix if they're pointed out (typos and spelling mistakes, for example).


Did you know that May 12th is National Limerick Day? Well, if you didn't know before, you do now!


Jeanie said...

Good words, especially about remembering the work is your own. An author I know had a wonderful title for her book which really captured the essence of it and made it (to me) more something I'd pick up. The editor forced a title change and now it sounds more like a romance novel than a fiction piece.

Victoria Zigler said...

That's a shame about your friend's book's title.

Intense Guy said...

Editing is hard work - I've been editing technical documents (as well as writing them) and it's not a walk in the park - but I will say it is easier than writing!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes. Editing is easier than writing. But writing is more fun, which means I tend to be more enthusiastic about doing that part.