Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - May 25th 2016

Congratulations... It's a first draft! Now it's time to start the revisions. You don't always need to cut as much of what you've written as the author did in the post I just linked to, but there will almost certainly be some cutting and changing required... Maybe even a change of name for one of your characters... Hey, it happens! That's why the revision (or re-write) stages exist. I'm in those stages right now with one of the three stories I'm currently working on (one is just getting the first re-write, one is now ready to start going through the editing phases, and I'm still working on the first draft of the third). Some people say the writing of the first draft is the hardest part. For me though it's revisions... A part of me always wants to just move on to the next story. But, they have to be done. That's why I usually have at least two stories on the go at once; I reward myself with some time working on the first draft of one story after I've spent some time on the revisions of another. That way of doing things may not work for everyone, but it works great for me. Plus, it means I don't have to keep my readers waiting for ages for a new story. Not that there's anything wrong with it taking ages for a book to be written... Every writer is different, and works at different speeds... But I think you get the point. At least, I hope you do.

So, what about you? If you're a writer too, how's your latest work in progress coming along? If it's going well, great! If not, what's up? Is it a problem of can't Vs don't? I hope not, but if it is, I hope you can find a way to change your mindset, and realize that you actually can do those things.

If, on the other hand, you just need some inspiration, you may be interested in taking a look at this writing prompts Twitter feed (I think you should be able to still view it if you don't have Twitter). Unlike the other one I posted about recently, the prompts on this one are designed to be able to be used as inspiration for poetry too.

That's all I've got for you this week; it's been a quiet week for writing related links, but a busy one for other things. So, I'm going to let this do for today's post.


Jeanie said...

I love editing. More than writing, I think -- it's the craft of it, trying to make it better, tighter. Thanks for the links!

Victoria Zigler said...

I have to admit, turning something you've spent ages - be it hours, weeks, years, or whatever - writing, from a pretty good piece in to something even better, is a wonderful thing to do, and very satisfying too.

Intense Guy said...

I agree with Jeanie. Writing is hard work - refining it is easy in comparison!

Victoria Zigler said...

Easy in comparison, yes. But more difficult to get the motivation to do, I think.