Monday, June 20, 2016

June 2016 #Roleplaying Ramblings: #Cthulhu And #Pathfinder

The Thursday Call Of Cthulhu sessions I was playing ended with a bang. Or, more to the point, with almost every single character either insane or dead (or, as in the case of one of mine, going insane and then dying). In other words, they ended in typical Cthulhu fashion. *wink*

Around the time that game ended, things changed so that we switched the game day from Thursday to Tuesday. Also, Gareth (a family friend who had been playing the Cthulhu game with us) got a job that meant he wasn't able to play for a while. Since he wasn't going to be around. So, instead of the World Of Darkness game we had been planning to play with him (he was going to be the GM for it) Kelly, Dad, Carl (my brother) and I arranged to start up a Pathfinder game. Dad is the GM (games master), and Carl, Kelly and I are all playing two characters each, because a larger party is generally better. My characters are a pair of halflings. One is a rogue named Iby, the other is a ranger named Clover. Carl's playing a pair of gnomes (a female bard named Lorna, and a male sorcerer named Taln). Kelly is playing a female human paladin named Adrianna, and a female elf druid named Zarlera. We've also just aquired the services of a female kobold ranger named Sesserak, who is a party member now, but being played as an NPC (non-player character). Other than Sesserak, who is a third level character, we're all now level two characters, having gone up a level during this past Tuesday's gaming session.

Yeah, I know. As a general rule, you'd normally kill kobolds, not work with them. In fact, we had been doing just that with the few we ran in to previously. But after her comrades were slaughtered, Sesserak offered her services and some answers to questions we had in exchange for her life, and we decided to accept her offer. Of course, we're watching her closely right now, but the offer sounded good to us, and our sense motive checks showed she seems to genuinely want to be on our side. So... *shrugs* If she double-crosses us, we can always kill her later. I feel kind of bad saying that after we lost Jasper over the weekend. But it's the case. Plus, in my defence, I originally wrote this last Wednesday.

Anyway, in other gaming news...

For the game we started up on Saturday evenings, we decided to play Cthulhu By Gaslight, which is basically Cthulhu set in Victorian times. For that one, it's me, Carl, Tory (Carl's girlfriend), Dad, and a couple of friends called Johnny and Ollie. We only have one character each for this one, since there are enough people playing to make up a decent sized party. Carl is GM at the moment, but he's planning to do a rotation thing with Dad and Johnny, so one of them will take over soon. All three have actual characters of their own in the party, so whoever is GM just plays their character as if it was a NPC when they're the GM. Anyway, my character for this game is a Victorian taxi driver named Joseph Beechworth; he drives a growler pulled by a pair of horses named Blackjack and Ebony, and generally acts as the main mode of transportation for the party. I planned this type of character on purpose. Partially so the party was guaranteed to have transportation in a time when a large number of people had none but their own feet. Secondly, because then I could have horses. Haha! Anyway, I don't have a detailed party list like I do for the Tuesday game, but I can tell you that everyone except Carl's Tory is playing male characters, and the characters the rest are playing are: Chester Maynard (Dad), Rhys (Carl), Francesca Cattermole (Tory), Octavius (Johnny) and Samuel (Ollie).

Anyway, The Cthulhu By Gaslight game started in April, and we've already finished one adventure. Everyone survived intact and mostly sane too, so... YAY! We've just started a new adventure, so we'll see who survives this time. *wink*

The Pathfinder game started around mid May, and everybody's still alive in that one as well. So, again... YAY! Like I said, we even managed to recently level up in that one, as wel as earn enough money for some gear improvements, which is awesome!

Although, with both games there have been a few close calls when it comes to deaths, and at least one character in each has been either unconcious or close to it, with hardly any characters escaping injury completely. But, hey, that's the risk you take when you go out chasing monsters... Especially if you're doing it on a regular basis. *wink*


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you have all that company that enjoys doing something you enjoy doing!

Victoria Zigler said...

We wouldn't be able to get together to game if it wasn't for the internet, since Johnny is in America after having moved out to Washington a few years back, Dad and Gareth are in Wales, and the rest of us are in two different parts of England. So we game using headsets and TeamSpeak (which, in case you aren't familiar with it, is something like Skype).