Sunday, August 21, 2016

#Roleplaying Ramblings - August 2016 Edition

Time for a roleplaying update!

I no longer have my Saturday Cthulhu By Gaslight game going on with Dad, Carl, Tory, Ollie, and Johnny. This is partially because I died, and partially because I decided to stop playing.

I admit it: it was my own fault I died. I could have tried to get away instead of trying to fight, and I could have used my luck to save myself in the final attack on me. I chose not to, because, in the interests of being realistic, and staying in character, I didn't think it was the right thing to do. We were in a confined space, where getting away would have been difficult, and meant attempting to pass either the guys we were fighting, or members of my own party in a cramped space. Plus, my character was of the type who wasn't generally quick to throw the first punch, but wasn't about to stop until the other guy wasn't getting up, or he died in the attempt of stopping him from doing so. Not to mention, a bullet fired at point blank range is rarely going to miss. So, during one of our July sessions, I let Joseph die, and didn't bother to make a new character. I have an open invitation to return at any point in the future, if I want to, though I won't be doing so any time soon. Nothing against the group, nor the gaming system. It was entirely my choice. I'd already been considering stopping when either the adventure ended, or my character was no longer playable (either because he died, or because he went insane). I'm going to have to find out from Carl what the monster they're going to be transporting in the giant wheeled fish tank type thingy is though, because I'm curious about it.

In the meantime, the Tuesday Pathfinder game continues.

After we defeated the evil leader of the kobolds, and his loyal followers, we encouraged Sesserak the Kobold ranger to go with her family and friends when they left the area. She didn't betray us, so we let her go in peace. Although, the deal is we won't kill her and her remaining family and friends, as long as they stay away from whatever town it is we're currently working in and around, and don't show up causing trouble anywhere else we hear about. So, she's no longer in our party. I'm sure the gnomes my brother, Carl, is playing are pleased about that, since they never trusted her in the first place (not even when we saw evidence that seemed to suggest she was potentially trustworthy).

So, we're back to our original party. Well, with the addition of Rue the Little Owl, who is my ranger's animal companion. We're also gathering treasure and experience points nicely. Nobody in the party has died yet, though a couple have come close to doing so a few times. But, hey, that's normal. Plus, we met a fire drake (a sort of wyvern; only a short step down from a dragon, really) and the fact we survived that when we're only level four characters is impressive. I wonder if we'll be as lucky with the actual dragon...?


Jeanie said...

Sometimes you have to know when to fold them, as the song goes. And if getting killed off is a good way out, more power to you!

Victoria Zigler said...

Exactly... Thanks! :)

IntenseGuy said...

Hate to see you(r character) die!

Victoria Zigler said...

Awww... Thanks!