Monday, September 19, 2016

Of #Blogging And Online #Friends

I started my blog in May of 2006. At first I wasn't sure what to blog about, but I soon got in to this blogging thing, and had so many posts I wanted to do that I often posted more than once a day. I also met several great people, and visited their blogs daily (even if they didn't blog daily, so I often went away without a new post to read).

Fast forward to 2012, when I started feeling as though everything I'd been doing regularly was a chore, especially making sure to do my daily posts, and the daily rounds of all the blogs I was following, and was looking for "new and exciting" activities to fill my days, if you know what I mean. I started failing to show up on blogs much, and didn't post much on my own blog either. Then, in August 2012, I decided it would be easier to stop blogging all together, announcing that I wasn't enjoying blogging any more, and figuring it wasn't a big deal, since there were plenty of other ways to keep in touch with all my bloggy friends, after all. Plus, I was sure it would then free up extra time in my day for other stuff. I suppose it did, but not the stuff I'd imagined filling the time with. So it goes.

To cut a long story short: I soon missed blogging, but for various reasons decided to put my blog as private, and continue to avoid returning to the blogging community; a decision I regret now, but one I thought was a smart one at the time. Hey, we all make mistakes. Anyway, after about a year of blogging privately, I decided to make my blog public again. Except, nobody noticed. So, I made an effort to tell those people I was still in touch with that I was blogging. Except, most of them still didn't appear to notice. Seriously, some of them still ask me every time they realize a blog post that's shown up on my Facebook feed is mine, when I started blogging again, even though I've been blogging publicly again since late 2013, and actually went to the trouble of announcing it everywhere I go regularly online, as well as via eMail, a couple of years ago, and have also had my blog posts automatically posting on Twitter and Facebook that whole time.

Anyway... I lost the list of blogs I was following when I started blogging publicly again, because I changed to using my gmail address, and the profile switchover meant no more follow list. So I started going through some of my old comments to find some of my lost bloggy friends. Why I did this now, when I have a lot going on both online and offline, and didn't just leave it until things calmed down a bit, I have no idea. But, there you go. I did it, and followed everyone I could if the person: A, had a valid profile still (whether it was the old Blogger one, or the new Google type). B, had a blog linked to that profile (or had one somewhere else I could find it easily). And, C, had an option to get their posts via eMail one way or another. Unfortunately, I have to have it be all three, since I know there's no way I'll be able to avoid missing things if they don't come to my eMail. I know this for two reasons. The first reason is because I know I miss a lot of what people put on Twitter and Facebook, unless I'm spacifically directed to the posts in question, am tagged in them for some reason, they're sharing something I posted, or they're lucky enough to have their important posts show up among those I see in my feed when I go check what's new. Judging by the surprise of many people when they see my blog posts mentioned on the social media sites, I'm obviously not the only one, since even people who seem to practically live on those places often miss things their friends and family post. The second reason is because the amount of time I can spend online each day varies, and it's not always easy to remember everything I did online yesterday, but if I have eMails waiting for me that I didn't get to, they'll still be there to remind me I didn't get to those posts. Make sense?

So, if you're reading this, still blogging with the same account you used to comment here with, were a regular commenter on my blog, and I didn't reconnect with you on the blogs, it means I either missed seeing you in the comments I looked through, or you don't have an option for me to follow your posts via eMail. Either that, or I couldn't even check if I could get your posts via eMail, because your blog is private, and I either no longer have permission to view it due to the eMail change, or didn't in the first place since it was made private after I stopped blogging publicly. If any of those applies to you, sorry!

If you're still around but with a different profile, if you have the option for me to follow your blog via eMail, or add it after reading this post, and think you're someone I might want to reconnect with, please post your blog link below. Similarly, if you're someone who knows someone who used to post regularly here and has the option to have their posts delivered to your eMail, and want to either post their link below to make sure I find them, or tell them I'm blogging again, or both, I'd really appreciate that. Thanks!

Also, just so you know: since I use the new Google account thing, I show up as a "no-reply" blogger when you get eMail notifications that I've left a comment on your blog, even though I have my eMail address set to be publicly visible. Because of this, if I comment on your blog and you're one of those people who replies to comments via eMail, you'll need to have my eMail address. I've been making a point of adding it at the bottom of comments for those bloggers I'm only now starting to reconnect with, but if you don't have it, and need it in order to reply to a comment from me, you can either click on the link to eMail me on the contact page in the tabs below my blog header, or grab the address itself from my page on my website.


Jeanie said...

Hi Tori,

Good post here. It's hard to reconnect with people after you've gone on break, even if you haven't totally closed down the blog, much less start a new one. Well, I'm very glad you found me!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! I'm glad I did too, and also that you started visiting my blog again once you realized I was blogging publicly again. :)

Rita said...

We stayed connected, so that's cool. But I can't reply via a blog comment, apparently. But you comment via email, so we're good. :)

Doesn't it seem like things have gotten so much more complicated to just blog these days. I am on facebook but only go over there infrequently so I miss most everything. People asked me to post my blog posts on facebook so I do. At least when people comment on facebook I do get an email, other wise I'd never know--LOL! But now the comments on blogger are different, too. If you don't have a gmail account I don't think they give you a notice via email--or only certain email servers...something crazy. I can't respond to quite a few commenters normally like I used to anymore. Very frustrating. And some blogs I follow I get post saved up and sent to me all at one. From three of them to 25!!! Ridiculous! You do what you can. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep, and I'm glad we stayed connected. :)

I'm not sure how they've changed it, but I wish they'd stop changing things around. I think it's only people with the old blogger accounts, and their eMail address set to public, who have their eMail address show up when they reply to comments. You'd think they'd have fixed that issue by now, but I guess they don't consider it important enough.

I have the same problem when it comes to Facebook. Like I said though, I know people who spend what seems like all their waking hours on there, and even they miss stuff. People like me who only go on there for a short time each day, or like you who likely go on there even less, don't stand a chance of keeping up with anything we don't get notifications for.

IntenseGuy said...

While I am way behind in my reading of blogs, I am glad yours is back!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy!