Monday, October 24, 2016

October 2016 Jibber-Jabber (FD)

Rosie from Everything's Coming Up Rosie does these "if we were having coffee/tea" posts from time to time, where she updates her readers on random things happening in her life. This post is going to be a bit like that. So...


After moving things around in the living room to make room for it properly, we set up the run mentioned in Mollie's post from Friday last month, and filled it with toys of all sorts, most notably: a play tunnel, a log arch, a selection of wooden toys, and a cardboard box. What's the most popular toy of the lot? I bet those who've had a lot of experience with pets and/or small children can guess. That's right... The cardboard box. Haha!


We had planned to go to some of the events happening to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings during Hastings week. My brother, Carl, and his girlfriend, Tory, were even going to come for a visit to go to some of it with us. But they didn't end up coming for their visit after all, and then we ended up not going. A part of me was disappointed, but I actually wasn't as disappointed as I thought I might have been. Sure, it would have been nice to be there, especially on a big anniversary like the 950th, but... *Shrugs* Maybe another time? We'd have made sure to go if Carl and Tory had been here, but since they didn't come down, and I wasn't feeling well, we didn't bother . We did hear the fireworks though. Well, Kelly heard them all, and I heard some of them as I drifted in and out of sleep, since the combination of tiredness and cough medicine made staying awake properly impossible for me. But I enjoyed what I heard between dozes. Oh, and, no, we don't have photos... Sorry.


We were discussing potential plans for the upcoming holidays recently on Deanna's blog, and I made myself feel old. I mean, I swear I sounded just like my Nan. There's all these people making big holiday plans, and I'm basically saying, "Just a nice cup of tea and a little treat for tea. That will make the day nice and special." There's also a good chance I could fall asleep in my chair while watching holiday movies afterwards. Unfortunately, these days that kind of thing is my reality... See above paragraph... And chances are I won't be feeling up to doing much more than that. You know what though? Despite my initial shocked reaction on realizing this, I actually don't mind, and having a nice treat then falling asleep in my chair watching holiday movies actually sounds pretty good to me.


We went for afternoon tea with Lorna and Andy again, and they remembered how pleased I'd been about egg and cress sandwiches being available before, so made sure they had some of those for me. Don't you just love when hosts/friends take notice like that? Anyway, they made egg and cress sandwiches, as I said, as well as some with cheese and a vegetarian ham substitute in them. We also had toasted teacakes. The tea was lovely. Look at me, sounding like an old lady again... Do people even say things like, "It was really quite lovely," any more? Regardless, it really was! The loaf of homemade seed bread they sent home with us - which was baking when we arrived, so that we walked in to that wonderful freshly baked bread smell - was too.


I saw this Autumn tag on Rosie's blog. I'm not doing it properly, but I will share with you that the thing that tells me Autumn is here is that crisp scent to the air that promises frosty mornings to come. You knowthe scent I mean, right? That's my favourite Autumn scent too. Oh, and my favourite Autumn activity is pumpkin carving... I look forward to that every year; it's great fun! Hmmm... Maybe I'm not quite old yet after all... Haha!


I know some people either had birthdays recently, or are about to have them, so... If I missed your birthday, or you have one coming up... Happy birthday! I especially want to say a belated happy birthday to my friend, AliceKay, for October 6th, as well as to my brother, Carl, for October 16th. Also, belated happy birthday to my friend, Pia, for October 19th, as well as to her little boy, Max, for October 17th. Plus, happy birthday to another friend, Louise, who celebrates her birthday today (October 24th) as well as to our niece, Tamara, who will be celebrating her birthday on Friday (October 28th). Finally, happy birthday to my good friend, Iggy, who will be celebrating his birthday on November 4th. Yeah, I know that last one is a couple of weeks away, but I figured I'd go ahead and mention it now, while I'm doing birthdays.


Last, but not least... Just a friendly reminder to never stop learning.


Rosie Digout said...

Hi Tori,
Thanks for the mention! :) It's wonderful to hear what's happening in your world.
I don't have a much family around so the holidays are pretty quiet. The idea of falling asleep in the chair (couch for me) is something that happens a lot in my house. LOL. I have never been to an afternoon tea. But my oldest daughter and I would love to do that at some point.

Jeanie said...

I completely get your holiday thing. We do make plans and have to negotiate between families for the kids but there's nothing like being cozy at home at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I get the autumn scent thing, too. It's just out there!

What a fun post, Tori. (Cress and egg? Sounds really good -- and thoughtful, too!)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You're welcome about the shout-out, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I'm also glad it's not just me on the falling asleep watching movies thing, LOL! Hope you and your daughter get to go for afternoon tea some time soon.

Glad you enjoyed the post. I had a feeling you'd be someone who would completely understand about the smell of Autumn. You should try egg and cress sandwiches if you haven't had them (which it sounds from your comment as though you haven't)... I think you'll enjoy them.

Intense Guy said...

Friends that "pay attention" to what you are doing and enjoy are the best kind!

Rita said...

Wonderful post. I love hearing about your days.
I love my quiet holidays, too, as you know. Enjoy! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

They are indeed! :)

Glad you enjoyed the post. Yep, I know you like your quiet holidays too... Miss Karma is relieved about that, I'm sure.