Sunday, October 16, 2016

"They Marvel at the Star" A #HistoricalFiction #Book by #Author L J Hick

They Marvel at the Star
By L J Hick

Thomas is a member of the Fyrd and is recruited into Harold Godwinson's army to confront Duke William II of Normandy. He is befriended by a blond-haired man called Kauko as they march to war. Thomas has no time for lords, kings or gods of any kind but Kauko seems to have a large amount of time for Thomas. Why is Kauko so interested in the welfare of a farmer's son, and just what does he intend to do with him? As the relationship develops and the pair of them confront the stupidity and darkness of war, Thomas comes to realise that they did not meet by chance. In fact, Kauko has been preparing for this for a long time.

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Victoria Zigler said...

In case anyone is wondering... I read this book too, and it was also an enjoyable read.