Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - November 23rd 2016

OK... Back in October I said I'd tell you about the story I plan to publish around Christmas. But then stuff happened, so I never got around to talking more about it. Since there's only a little over a month until Christmas, and I'm planning to publish the story in the next few weeks, I should probably start telling you about it. So...

It's called "Ulrike's Christmas" and this is the rough blurb (which may change slightly some time between now and publication):

Ulrike knows all about the Winter Solstice celebrations of the giants, being one himself. But what he doesn't know is why the humans cut down whole trees, only to take them home to decorate. Other giants tell him to forget about it, but Ulrike is curious; he needs to know why they do it.

Finally, when he's puzzled over it so much his head is sore from all the thinking, he decides that this is the year he'll figure it out, and risks a return trip to the home of the last family he watched to look for clues, despite almost being spotted last time he was there.

That's how he meets Billy, a friendly little boy who loves stories, and is happy to tell Ulrike all about Santa Claus, as well as some holiday traditions, along with a couple of stories he knows about them. Stories which Ulrike loves, and which inspire him to add some of what Billy says are Christmas celebrations to his own this Winter, in the hopes that Santa Claus will visit him too.

Like I said, the blurb might change a little by the time the story is published in a couple of weeks time, but it won't be much different to the one in this post. Tips posted in the comments section on improvements to it are welcome, by the way.

Anyway, I'm cutting it closer than I'd planned to, but I'll have it ready in time to publish next month, since it just needs the final edits and proof reading, which should be sorted by the end of this month. That gives me time to have it published in time for anyone interested in doing so to read it this holiday season... Even if it's only just in time. Well, the eBook version will be available then, anyway, since I won't have time to have the paperback available in time for Christmas.

(There were a lot of times in the above paragraph, weren't there? Sorry about that!)


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Jeanie said...

This sounds really charming and very sweet, Tori. I have a feeling it will be very successful. (And I know what you mean about stuff happening that throws other things off schedule!)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Jeanie!

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like my kind of story!

Victoria Zigler said...

I hope you still think so after reading it.