Friday, February 24, 2017

#Furkid Friday: 6 Facts About My #Degu's Day Out #Book

Throughout February, in place of my usual "Furkid Friday" posts, I'll be sharing some facts about certain animal stories my furry family members have inspired. You may already know these facts, but I thought I'd share them, just in case you don't and are interested. I hope you enjoy these posts.

This week it's the turn of my stand-alone story, Degu's Day Out.

1. The story is based on a time when one of our degus escaped from his cage, after we neglected to double-check the latch on the cage door, and we were alerted to the fact by our Westie, Kero (who we still had at the time of the escape, but not at the time of the story's publication). If you're really curious... It was Jasper who inspired the story.

2. The dog in the story is loosely based on our West Highland White Terrier, Kero, but was given a name randomly chosen by my hubby, since I didn't want to use Kero's name in the book.

3. The book was almost turned in to a third book for my "Degu Days Duo" series. But I didn't want to change that in to a trilogy, since I'd been promoting it as a duology for so long, so I made Degu's Day Out a stand-alone story instead, and reduced the number of degus in it to just two, since I didn't feel I needed to include all four when it wasn't officially about my boys.

4. The main degu in the story, Oscar, is named after the littermate of Luna (the female degu we adopted a couple of years ago). He was never part of our family, having been rehomed elsewhere. But it was the first name that sprang to mind when I wanted a name for a male degu other than those I'd already used with my boys. Neither Luna nor Oscar survived to see the book's publication.

5. Though the story is based on actual events, the house Oscar explores in it doesn't exist. At least, not to my knowledge. When I decided to completely fictionalize the story, I also completely changed the description of the rooms he explores, so they no longer resemble my home in any way.

6. As I mentioned in my post about my other degu books a couple of weeks ago, to date, Degu's Day Out is the best selling of all of my books.


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