Thursday, February 16, 2017

Guest post: #Infographics

The current trend is to post picture heavy posts and infographics on your blog, in place of the text filled posts blogs used to mainly consist of. As a blind blogger, who reads the blogs of several others, this is something I find frustrating.

Do you want to know exactly what my thoughts are on the matter? Or, perhaps, you'd like to know how to label your pictures so visually impaired readers of your blog don't feel so excluded when your post is full of them?

If you answered yes to either - or both - of those, go check out my guest post on Sue Vincent's blog.


Jeanie said...

This is a good point, Tori. Those of us who are photographers tend to use lots of pictures. I'm one of them. Most of them don't make a whole lot of difference to the post itself apart from illustrating a sentence above or below. Still, it's a good point.

As a blog reader, I have very tough times with big blocks of un-broken up texts. I can't focus that well and need to the break up to be able to read better and process. But that's just me. I have a few bloggers who are pretty much all text and I confess, I save those till the weekend to be able to read them slowly. A point worth pondering.

Victoria Zigler said...

There's nothing wrong with putting photos or pictures in posts, nor with having a preference for reading blogs where pictures make up more of the post than text. It would just help those of us who can't see the images feel a bit more included - not to mention, help us make sense of the post - if pictures were clearly labeled or captioned in some way.