Monday, February 13, 2017

Show The #Love Everyday, Not Just #Valentine's Day

Tomorrow, as you no doubt know, is Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate love.

Because apparently you can't do that the rest of the year.

Just like with Christmas, where the spirit of the season brings out the generous side of most humans, only for it to be locked away again when the holidays are over, and then taken out of storage once the holidays are drawing near again, as though it's packed away with the holiday decorations, Valentine's Day has become a trigger for grand gestures of love, which you won't see again until the following year, and which you'll be made to feel guilty if you don't perform.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Every day can be a day to show kindness to a fellow human being without expecting anything in return, to give to those in need, or to show someone you love just how much they mean to you (whether that be a partner, a family member, or a friend). You don't have to wait for a particular date or time of year to do so.

I'm not saying you shouldn't celebrate Valentine's Day. In fact, I encourage you to celebrate it. There's nothing wrong with doing something extra special on Valentine's Day, or when some other special date rolls around. Not to mention, a day to celebrate love is a beautiful concept.

Just remember that, while those grand holiday gestures are usually appreciated, the things you do "just because" rather than because the date requires it, or because you feel you should, mean so much more, and every day should be a day to celebrate love in all its forms, and show others how special they are.

If you need some ideas of ways to show your partner how much you love them any day of the year, you should check out this list of 52 ways to show love to your spouse that Dara posted on her blog at the start of the month.

Oh, and... It's also International Book Giving Day tomorrow. So, why not include the love of books in your attempts to spread the love? Again, you don't have to only do this kind of thing on February 14th... Any day will do!


Serena Lewis said...

I hate all the commercialism that comes with Valentine's Day, along with Easter and Christmas. I think thoughtful gestures are so much more meaningful than gifts. I agree, the spirit of these occasions should be carried out throughout the year by simple gestures of kindness and love.

Victoria Zigler said...

Exactly! The gestures made on special dates are great, but the spirit of the occasion should continue throughout the year.

Jeanie said...

Beautifully stated, Tori. Just perfect. Indeed, all the love in the world on one day doesn't count for anything if you're mean the rest of the time. That's a great post. Really perfection.

And I hope EVERYDAY is filled with love for you!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... I hope the same for you! :)

Danielle L Zecher said...

This is a great post. Valentine's Day does seem to be a little over the top and very commercial. We've never done very much for it. Emma's birthday was 2/15, and we always preferred going all out for that. This year was our first without her, so it was a little hard.

We did cards, and Nick sent me flowers the week before (he knows my obsession with getting things ready for holidays early). I made pink cupcakes, and took some of them to work, but that was pretty much it for us for Valentine's Day, which was fine.

Victoria Zigler said...

Sounds like you had a nice Valentine's Day celebration.