Friday, March 03, 2017

#Furkid Friday: Three More Ways Kero Has Influenced My #Writing

As I mentioned in the comments section of my post containing facts about my "Kero's World" books last month, Kero has had obvious influence on my writing in other ways too. So, before I return to my regular "Furkid Friday" posts, here are the other ways Kero has obviously influenced things to do with my writing:

1. Cubby the polar bear from "Cubby And The Beanstalk" was loosely based on Kero. One of Kero's nicknames was Cubby, which evolved from someone mishearing when we called him K.B. (the latter being a nickname my Mam started, thinking Keroberous was two words). Both nicknames stuck, and stayed with him his entire life. Add to that the fact he was a white dog, who reminded me of a big cuddly teddybear, especially when he needed a haircut, and you can see why Cubby was a polar bear. I'm not sure why I decided to base the bear that was the main character on Kero like that, but it felt right at the time.

2. Yua the Westie from "Yua And The Great Wizard Hunt" was based on Kero, and was my attempt at putting him in a fantasy story. He's not 100% Kero, but he has a lot of Kero's traits and behaviours. Also, he got his name in the same way: Yua is, like the name Keroberous, an alternative spelling of a name I got from a cartoon I enjoyed. I'd changed the spelling of Kero's name to how I thought it looked better, and did the same with Yua's name. I didn't make a big deal out of mentioning this though, since it's not obvious where I got the names from, even if you're familiar with the cartoon, due to my changing the spelling, and both names actually being genuine Japenese names to start with (or, at least, Americanized versions of Japenese names). Also, this is the only book of mine with a dedication to date. It's dedicated to Kero, of course; we lost Kero while I was writing it, and I dedicated it to him when I was done.

3. I sort of publish my paperback books under both Kero's name and my own; my paperback books are still published by me, under my own name as the author, but my publisher name, for the purpose of publishing my paperback books, is Keroberous Publishing, in Kero's honour. I did consider adding that to my eBooks too, but due to how many books I'd published before I started using Keroberous publishing, I decided to just leave only my own name on the eBooks, and just use Keroberous Publishing for the publisher name on the paperbacks. It's still me, either way, and it's not unusual for different formats to be published by different publishers, anyhow.


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Rita said...

Won't ever forget Kero. I'm sure he still inspires your writing. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes... I'm sure there are times he's snuck in there without me realizing it too. ;)