Monday, March 13, 2017

Just Filling You In On Recent Day To Day Life

(The above photo is the view out of one of the windows in our living room, showing the rough ocean, and large waves, on the mildly stormy morning of February 23rd 2017, while parts of the country were dealing with Storm Doris).

We've had a couple of decent storms, but the weather hasn't been as rough as it was this time last year. No more snow either, unfortunately. Well, I think it's unfortunate. Almost everyone else around here disagrees with me on that fact, however. Anyhow, I should say that in my area storms haven't been so bad. Parts of the country have had some really nasty storms. For example, Storm Doris, which hit on or around February 23rd 2017 - depending on exactly where you were in the country - caused a lot of damage in some areas. We've just been lucky in this area.

No matter the weather though, I've been making a point of going out each day. Well, OK, most days it's just going downstairs, hanging out enjoying the fresh air for a few moments, and then coming back inside. But that's still an improvement on how little I was stepping outside the door before. I even do it on busy days, of which we've had a lot recently.

Our boiler has been replaced. We were told initially we'd have a guy come for a quick visit to see if it needed repairing or replacing, and to check other heating related things (attic insulation, radiators, etc) and then it would take them a couple of hours to do the work, even if it was a replacement. Yeah, right! The initial guy was here most of the morning, and he was followed by another to verify what the first guy was saying, as well as a third to take photos before any work was done. Then a guy came to make sure the amount of insulation we have in the attic was the right amount (and would have installed more if it wasn't). After that the guy came to replace the boiler, and a job that should have taken a couple of hours turned in to a two day job, because he had to redo some of the piping for the gas lines. Then an electrician had to come, because the boiler has some electrical parts that the gas guy's not qualified to do. After that a guy came to give the boiler its official "this boiler works" certificate (I forget the actual name for it). Then the guy with the camera came back to do the "after" photos. There was anything from a day to a week between the visits from each guy, which meant that the whole thing stretched out through January and in to early February.

Of course, I couldn't do much when the guys were here, because I need the use of my ears to do most things I do, and the freedom to move about without fear of getting in their way or tripping over things to do most other things. But they had tools around, and they were making noise poking about and doing their jobs, which severely limited my ability to get things done. Not to mention, I'm not very good at being productive when waiting for people, so couldn't even get much done while waiting for the guys to arrive on the various days they were coming to do their respective jobs. I'm not complaining, since we did need a new boiler, and we could feel the benifit of better heating immediately. But it was frustrating at the time, and has put me behind my personal schedule with some things. Never mind, it's done now, which is a good thing. Erm... The boiler being done is a good thing, I mean. The not getting as much as planned done part... Not so much.

When the first guy came, he said some of the pipes weren't looking too great on one of the radiators, so either those pipes would need replacing, or they'd need to replace the whole radiator. It took so long for them to say anything more about that after the boiler was done that I thought they'd forgotten about it (it was only last week they came for that). But I guess they just needed to wait for the plumber to be able to fit us in. Anyway, all he'd been told was that it wasn't working as well as it should. Well, apparently it was no wonder since there was a valve of some sort that should have been open and wasn't. Once he opened that it was working much better. He didn't end up replacing anything while he was here though. He said it's possible they could send him back to replace either the pipes or the whole thing at a later date, but since it's working fine now, they may leave it for the time being. He might have replaced it anyhow, had it been up to him, but he was only told to come and make it work better, so that's all he did. Apparently he'd get in trouble if he did more than he was meant to, and says it's better for him to risk being sent back to do more, than to risk being in trouble for doing more than his bosses wanted to pay him to do. Annoying for the people who have to have multiple visits for things that could be done in one, but understandable from his point of view.

The plumber did do one extra thing while he was here though, and took a look at our kitchen sink's hot tap, which wouldn't work. Turned out the "handle" bit you grip to turn the tap had come loose. He took that off, put it back on again, and the tap was working. So we were glad about that, since doing dishes in a sink without a working hot tap wasn't very easy (thankfully, though it had been hard to turn the tap on and off for a while, it only actually stopped working literally a couple of days before this plumber visit, so we didn't have to deal with that issue for too long). He says the "handles" of the kitchen taps may need replacing in the not-too-distant future, but at least that's all that's wrong with them, and they're fine for now. I'll mention it to the landlords when they come pick up the rent later this month though, just to make sure they're aware of that potential future issue.

Speaking of the landlords... The landlords are trying to arrange for the bathroom floor to get done, finally, which is a very good thing. It means more potential chaotic and unproductive days for me, but it needs doing, and I'll be glad when it is. They also need to sort a problem with a couple of the windows. But I'm not sure when they'll start trying to arrange that. One thing at a time though, I guess. Besides, there's been a lot going on around here as it is, so a little part of me is relieved they aren't talking about doing the windows too right now (even though I do hope they do them soon).

Another thing that happened, which I'm also pleased about, is that we also now have curtains up in our bedroom, with help from our friends, Lorna and Andy, who did that for us. I doubt they'll see this, but... Thanks very much - again - for your help with that, Lorna and Andy. Thanks especially to Andy, who actually did the work involved in putting the curtain rail and curtains up for us (with help from Kelly when it was needed).

Anyway, somehow, despite the chaos from all of that going on, we did get some things done that we'd hoped to. We got most of the shelves sorted, and a lot of our stuff organized on to them. We're down to needing a couple of shelving units, and having only about four boxes to unpack (the stuff that will go on those shelving units). In theory we'll be sorting those in the next month or so. But, hey, we got most stuff unpacked before we'd been here two years, and with all the repair work going on lately, I happen to think even that was impressive; I hadn't counted on so many workmen in and out when I decided to make unpacking and organizing contents of boxes an important priority for the start of this year, so I'm pleased with our progress in that area, even if there are other areas where I'm disappointed with how little I've achieved recently.

So, that just about covers the main points of what's been happening around here over the past couple of months.

Before I end this though, I just want to say a belated happy birthday to our nephew, Devon, who is now officially an adult, having celebrated his 18th birthday on February 25th. Also, happy belated birthday to our friend - and one of my cover artists - Jacob, who celebrated his birthday yesterday. While I'm here, I'll also say happy birthday ahead of time to my brother, Wayne, and friend, Rita, who will be celebrating their birthdays on March 15th and March 28th respectively.


Rita said...

Thanks, Tori! Despite all the interruptions it will be so nice when they get every last thing done. Even if it takes them till this fall! LOL!
How nice of your friends to get the curtains up for you, too. Sweet! I like to hear about your day to day life. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

You're welcome. Yeah, it's great that things are getting done, even if it causes a lot of disruption in my day to day life. Speaking of which - the day to day life, I mean - I'd post about it more, but half the time I don't feel I have anything interesting to say, and the other half I have so many other things I want to post about that general goings on get forgotten.

Jeanie said...

Busy times in your neck of the woods. So good to get the boiler replaced, although winter's nearly done, but I can see how having the disruption and chaos in your house would be a challenge. And great news on the sink faucets. It sounds like a lot is being done and all is well for you. And good on you, getting outside even for a bit. In the winter I just want to be a hermit!

Victoria Zigler said...

Generally I want to be a hermit all year round. It's not that I don't like being outside, because I do. I'm just not big on being around loads of people, and I've been even worse about it than normal since I lost Kero, and not wanting to go anywhere so I didn't have to risk interacting with too many of them. Also, yeah, Winter is almost done... We've had a few warm days this week to remind us of that. But at least we know the boiler is new and in good working order ready for when it rolls around again.

Deanna said...

I do feel for you. I truly dislike having workmen in my home and like you, I find it difficult to get anything done even while waiting for them. But when it's all said and done, the repairs are appreciated.

Victoria Zigler said...

Absolutely! It may be a pain to have them around, but it will be worth it in the end, since it means we'll have the work done.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I had no idea you live so close to the ocean. I have to admit, I'm more than a little jealous! I love the water.

It is very disruptive whenever something in the house is being worked on. I'm glad it's mostly done, and that you noticed results right away.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, I get that a lot... People being jealous of how close I live to the ocean, I mean.

Thanks... I'm glad it's mostly done now too!