Monday, April 24, 2017

Some Recently Received Cards (FD)

Some of these have been waiting a while for me to get around to getting their photos and showing them to you, while others only arrived in the past few weeks. But, anyway, I wanted to show you some of the lovely cards people have sent me - well, us - lately.

For starters, Rita - who, if you don't already know, makes her own cards - sent us these "thank you" cards she'd made. She sent these over the past couple of months, to thank us for things we've sent her:

Also, when we lost our ratty girls, Star and Skye, my brother, Carl, and his girlfriend, Tory, who loved our ratty girls almost as much as we did, and were very sad to hear we lost them (I know Carl, at least, was almost as upset at their loss as we were) sent us a lovely sympathy card, which is brailled inside, though you can't tell that from the photo. Carl is blind too, so was easily able to braille the card himself. Anyway, here it is:

Next are these late Christmas cards. One is from my Mam and her dog, Ebonie, and the other is from my brother, Wayne (and I assume also his dog, Maya). They both arrived in the late Christmas and early Easter package we got a few weeks ago, which also contained a couple of small things Mam had meant to send us for Christmas but not ended up sending - including a couple of things she brought the rodent gang - and some chocolate and Easter eggs for me and Kelly. Anyway, here are the cards:

Finally, here's the card we got for Easter from my Dad and Nan:

That's all of them, so all that's left to say is... Thank you again to those who sent these lovely cards!


Jeanie said...

Loads of fun cards, Tori! And Rita is very talented!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Also... Yes, she is.

Rita said...

I didn't make the first two thank you cards. Too sick and can't see well enough yet, so those two smaller ones were store bought. Very pretty--prettier than I could make. Anyways, they were from the heart. Thanks! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Well, they were appreciated all the same. And I bet you could make pretty cards like them... We always think cards from you are beautiful.

Intense Guy said...

Rita is modest. She makes beautiful cards... even if she didn't make these ones.


Victoria Zigler said...

I agree!