Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Writing Wednesday - #Poem: Typo #Fairies

Typo Fairies

Smiling a contented sigh
The author rubs her aching head,
Before stumbling sleepily to her
Long desired for bed.
A smile plays upon her lips
As she closes her tired eyes,
Imagining five star reviews
And her book winning a literary prize.

Then in the middle of the night,
While the author’s fast asleep,
From their secret hiding places
The typo fairies creep.
Listen to them giggling
(It makes a tinkling sound)
As they use their fairy magic
To move letters and words around.

By the time the author’s woken up
They’ve disappeared real quick.
She won’t see or hear them;
She’ll know nothing of their trick.
She’ll just shake her head in wonder
While exclaiming with dismay,
“It’s amazing how many typos you find
When you look again next day!”

Then she’ll sigh in resignation
And begin the tedious chore
Of making her precious manuscript
Typo free once more.

© 2017 ~ Victoria Zigler

The above poem is for all my fellow writers out there, and was inspired by a recent conversation with a writer friend about those troublesome typo fairies, and her attempts to catch all the typos they insist on adding to the supposedly completely typo-free and finished manuscripts when we authors aren't looking.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Tricky, aren't they?

Victoria Zigler said...

Absolutely! Sneaky little tricksters!

Jeanie said...

Love this to the max! It reminds me of when I was working and I swear, we would proof that darned magazine ten time (really, I'm not exaggerating) and shudder when the printed copy came and found yet one we missed~!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed the poem. I'm not surprised to hear that about the typo thing... Sometimes I swear I can hear the typo fairies giggling when I find yet another typo that I swear didn't exist last time I read whatever I'm working on...