Monday, July 17, 2017

St Leonards Festival 2017 (FD)

On July 1st 2017, we went to the anual local festival. Well, part of it. There was stuff happening the night before, stuff happening later that day, and plenty of other stuff happening in other parts of town at the same time as the stuff we went too as well, but some of it we didn't know about in time to go to, and some of it we didn't want to go to. Regardless, we found ourselves spending several hours of Saturday July 1st on the beach, eating chips (as in fries) and ice-cream, while enjoying the entertainment. It was perfect weather for it too: warm but not hot, and dry (well, until later some time, when it rained, but we were home by then so I don't care about that).

Anyway, we arrived just as this guy was starting his performance:

His name is David Mosey. He was pretty good. Not a musician I'd rush out to buy music by, perhaps, but certainly entertaining.

Lilie was with us, of course. This was her first time going to anything like this, and she dealt with it really well. She handled the crowds and the noises better than a lot of dogs do. I think she enjoyed herself meeting dogs and people of all kinds, being petted and admired, and sometimes getting one of the treats she knew I had for her in my pocket...

Lilie wasn't even concerned by the giant balloon man, who we also watched perform...

She didn'd even flinch when some of his balloons popped.

She wasn't quite so fond of the marching band from the parade though. When it was marching past at a bit of a distance, she was fine. But it came so close to us I could have reached out and touched them at one point, and apparently that was too close for her liking. She didn't mind us following the parade home - which we did, since their route took them past our place, and there wasn't much to see where we were after they'd gone, so we figured we might as well - but when they stopped to perform for a while near to our building, so we overtook them, she got scared again. Maizie, on the other hand, was spotted moving to the beat of the marching band (though she stopped the moment she realized she was being watched, and tried to look innocent). Anyway, here are some photos of the parade:

I can't help but wonder if the neighbours who saw us walking along behind the parade thought we were part of it. Wouldn't it be funny if they did?


Jeanie said...

This looks like loads of fun and I'm glad Lilie had fun and did well. I can see why she'd get a little weird with the parade -- that's a lot of noise for sensitive ears, sometimes even mine! But it looks like a great day out and the photos are really good!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it was great fun. Like I said, there was plenty more happening elsewhere too.

I understand her issue with the band as well. Her ears are much more sensative than mine, but even I found them a bit much when we were that close to them. We'll have to remember to stand back a bit further in future.

Rita said...

Wow! Lilie did really well. You sure do seem to have a lot of parades in a summer there and you live right by the parade route--LOL! Keeps you on your toes. Nice to know it won't bother Lilie. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it's good she's not bothered by things like that considering how tough it would be for us to avoid parades, and how often they seem to have them (there are more this time of year - because of all the extra events that are put on over the Summer for tourists/holiday makers - but we even have them in the Winter sometimes).