Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekly Weigh-in

Weight today: 15 stone 12 lbs (222 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 0 lbs
Weight lost so far: 5 lbs
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 12 lbs (26 lbs)

Well, at least I didn't put any on!

It doesn't surprise me I didn't loose anything this week though since I've spent more time on the PC and less time exercising... I know, 'bad girl'. Like I said though, at least I didn't put any on... right?

* ~ ~ * ~ ^ ~ * ~ ~ *

from Tori, Kelly & all the animals
Oh, and happy birthday to my friend Claire who's birthday is today!

Bright enough for ya?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We do now have a pink blog. Anyone who remembers my comment about liking the other one a lot will be wondering why I changed the template colour. Well, the answer to that one is simple. Though I did REALLY like the other one I found out today - through clearing the history on my PC - that when links aren't that nice purple that shows you've clicked on them with the other template I can't read the damn things 'cause the colour they are - a pale blue I think it was - is too close to the background colour... doh! I didn't realise this before since I don't usually clear the history properly and when I was on Kelly's PC I figured it was the monitor. But, I guess it wasn't. Oops! So, anyway, until further notice we are a pink and white blog. And before you ask what Kelly thinks about us having a pink themed web site... HE picked out the colour... LOL!


Monday, October 30, 2006

What Mythological Creature Are You?

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Helloooooo there!!!

Yes, it has been a while hasn't it? Almost a week I believe. Well, I don't have a good excuse for not blogging over the past week except that I have been so busy concentrating on my characters for World Of Warcraft that I haven't really had the time for anything else. I've got her to level 19 now.

Sooo... how have you all been? Both Kelly and I have colds coming but other than that we're doing great and so are Kero, Kian, Hamlet, Sakura, Butters, Sirius, Megan and Chance.

I believe I missed a few celebration announcements... so...

Happy birthday for the 26th of October to my Great Uncle Ray, for the 27th of October to my friend Deb, for the 28th of October to my niece Tamara, for the 29th of October to a family friend called Wayne and, of course, happy anniversary for today (the 30th of October) to my Great Aunt Lizzie and Great Uncle Ray.


Trick Or Treatin’

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It’s just a day away
The ghosts and ghouls
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© 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mail's here!

Had some nice mail today - no bills for a change... lol - a package of CDs from Kerry. Man are there a lot of songs on those CDs!!! Haven't listened to them yet since I've not been home from town long, but since I've gotten to know Kerry's taste in music very well over these past few months I'm sure they are going to be great! Anyway... thanks SO MUCH Kerry!!!

And while we're discussing Kerry... I believe today is the day of her midterm exam thingy... so, I just want to say GOOD LUCK KERRY!!! Not that you need it with how much rivision time you've put in!

Today is a busy day... it's my friend Louise's birthday, so, happy birthday Louise! Today is also Kelly's brother Vincent's birthday, so, I'll say happy birthday Vincent too... even though we haven't heard anything from Vincent since leaving Canada. But, still, it's nice to put in the effort and show that we think of them - even though some people don't deserve even that


Weekly Weigh-in

Weight today: 15 stone 12 lbs (222 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 2 lbs
Weight lost so far: 5 lbs
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 12 lbs (26 lbs)

The "weight lost so far" refers to the weight lost on this new diet (the one that'll get me £10 a stone from my Grandma, lol) and the "total weight lost so far" refers to the total weight lost since June when I first decided I needed the weight off.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"To be born Welsh, is to be born; Not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with a song in your heart, and poetry in your soul"

I can't remember who I got that quote off but I have it on a keyring and remembered the quote today while I was talking to Corky in The Wolven after my stream and thought I'd share it on here.

I had an awesome time doing my streams yesterday and today. A fair few people showed up for both streams, so that was great. Didn't manage to stick around for Name That Tune though. I did try to, but fell asleep about two hours before it started. Oh, well, will try again next week. At least I got to hear Kerry's stream today. And right now Kelly and I are enjoying listening to Welly who is streaming - and doing an awesome job of it too! Haven't heard Welly stream before so I'm glad I stuck around after Kerry's stream to hear him. He's a riot that's for sure! LOL!

By the way, the photo in today's blog is the Fall - or Autumn - themed photo for our youngest hamster, Mr Sirius Black (yes, named after Harry's Godfather in the Harry Potter books).

Anyway, as much as I'm enjoying just chatting away on here and listening to Welly, I've got to finish up so I can restart my PC to get on to World Of Warcraft in time for the guild meeting on one of the realms at 7:00 pm my time. Never been to a guild meeting before since I only joined the guild yesterday, so, got to be there on time... like a good little rogue... lol!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

I do have will power!!!

My stream starts in about 20 minutes and then I'm going to be having dinner, walking Kero and then watching some TV and working on one of my characters again, so, going to make this short. I just wanted to tell you about what a good girl I was Wednesday since I kept forgetting to put it in my blog.

On my way to my Mam's place on Wednesday I went in to the store to get something she wanted that she'd forgotten to get in the shopping. As I walked into the store I was greeted by the smell of freshly baked doughnuts and cakes. Man did I want those doughnuts!!! But guess what? Not only did I not get one single doughnut, but I didn't get anything else either. Just what my Mam had asked for. Wasn't I a good girl?

Anyway, now I've shared that I'll end this and get myself sorted for my stream.


Friday, October 20, 2006

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Fun Friday

Well, I got everything done in the end. LOL! My playlists are ready and my characters have all been checked for mail. And I kept track of all of today. YAY!

They've gone all out for Halloween on World Of Warcraft. There are pumpkins and other Halloween decorations everywhere, and once an hour you can go and 'trick or treat' the inn keepers and get either a trick, which means you get turned in to something - I've been a skeleton, a bat, a toad, a ghost, a ninja, a whisp and twice a snake - or you might be lucky and get a treat, which means you get a fun item - I've been given two lots of lolly pops, a flimsy female night elf mask, a flimsy female troll mask, a flimsy female undead mask, a flimsy male gnome mask, a candy bar and a Halloweed wand (which you can use to put random costumes on party members). So, as you can see, I've been having fun with it. LOL! They also have an apple bobbing game which I've been playing. You get five apples at a time and if you eat one it increases your health a little bit for a certain amount of time.

Anyway, I'm going to go make me some dinner, walk Kero, and go work on one of my characters for a while until it's time for Kerry's stream.

By the way, I don't know how clearly you can see the print on the bandanna Megan is wearing in this photo, but it's a Shrek bandanna she's wearing.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Have you seen Thursday? I lost it!!!

I had planned today to get caught up on all the chores around the house, get the photos all off my camera and in to my online photo albums, get my playlists sorted out for Saturday and Sunday and then maybe play on World Of Warcraft a little. And what did I get done??? Well, I got most of the chorse around the house done and I got the photos online... does that count?

See, what happened was... I had been up most of the night since I got woken only a couple of hours after going to bed and not feeling sleepy any more went in to listen to Voodoo who was streaming at the time. My plan was to try and get some more sleep after that. But when it was coming close to 9:00 am and Voodoo had shut the stream off hours ago and I was still up I realised that wasn't going to happen. So, I started working on some of the chores.

Anyway, about 10:30 am I went to get Kelly up... about 2:30 pm I got up. Oops! And since then I've been working on sorting the photos out. Can you believe it's taken me like six hours just to sort out the photos? Of course, part of that is because I kept having to stop to go do stuff - like make dinner, feed the animals, walk Kero, etc. So, when I'm done on here I'll be just doing a quick mail check on World Of Warcraft (since I know some people of sent me stuff) and I guess I wont be playing today... again! And I'll have to do the playlists tomorrow since by the time I've gone through all my charactes on World Of Warcraft I'm going to be ready to go to bed again. LOL!

OK, well, that's about all I wanted to say today. Everything else is covered in the other two posts I did just now (scroll down to read them).


Photos anyone?

I've FINALLY got the photos from my camera - including the Halloween photo shoot I did after showering Kero a couple of weeks ago and the photos I took when Kero and I went for a walk when we had that lovely weather about a week ago - on to the PC and in to my albums. HORAY!!! So, if you have the time then go take a look. If you don't have the time or if your PC is playing up (looks over at Kerry) then don't worry about it because most of them will be used on my blogs over the next couple of weeks anyway. Starting with this one of Chance in the harvest themed bandanna and Megan in the nice orange Halloween bandanna.


October 18th 2006 - Butterscotch's 2nd birthday

Here's a photo of me and Butterscotch that Kelly took after she'd been given her treats and birthday card.

As you can see - especially if you own or have owned hamsters - her cheek pouches are nicely filled up with the treats we gave.

There are a few other photos of her in my photo albums if you want to go take a look at them.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CDs and other bits and bobs

I got pretty much nothing achieved on the PC last night. I was doing so many things offline I bearly sat down let alone sat in front of the PC. I got my e-mails checked and replied to some comments on blogs and posted my weigh in thingy, but by the time I'd done that I had to get back off the PC to go clean the hamster cages with Kelly.

Went shopping yesterday and got lots of veg and stuff for myself. Cooked it all up, seporated it in to portions and put it in to little freezer bags and freezer safe containers in the freezer so I can grab just what I need and don't have to cook just tiny bits or do loads and have it around for days or whatever. Got a load of other bits for me too. And I got Kelly all the stuff he likes to eat. He doesn't want to be dieting with me and though I would have liked him to at the end of the day it's his choice and it's not for me to tell him what he should and shouldn't eat. I'm his wife, not his mother.

I also got a couple of new CDs yesterday. One is a Meat Loaf single called 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now', another is a double CD set of 'The Drifters' which was only £2.97 as the place I got them (Woolworths) is having a clearance sale. And the other is another double CD set called 'Country Classics' which was also only £2.97. The singers on the Country Calssics one are mainly Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Billy Jo Spears, Hank Williams and Lynn Anderson. Although, there are a few songs by others... like Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Slim Whitman. By the way, Kerry, £2.79 is a little over $5 Canadian, and I don't know if you know this, but we don't have GST on our stuff, so, the price you see on the tag is the price you pay. They add our VAT before putting it on the shelf, so, you never know unless you work with the stuff how much it would be without the VAT. Did you get all that? lol!

I had a nice dinner last night. It was a baked potato with a little bit of broccoli, a little bit of carrot and a tiny bit of cheese mixed into it with some tuna on top. And if I do say so myself, it was one of my best meal ideas yet. I'm not a big fan of broccoli but I have to have it because I have to keep iron in my diet because of being anemic and broccoli is a great source of iron. So, I thought if I put it in stuff like that I can keep it in my diet without it staring me in the face.

Got some new screwdrivers in town yesterday too, 'cause we didn't have many - and the few we had are crap - and none of the ones we had would fit the screws for the stationary shelf that goes under the keyboard shelf on my new desk. Anyway, I got one of each pack of screwdrivers they had in the store, got a little tool box to put them in and brought them home. I figured one of them had to fit. LOL! Of course, we do now have one that fits, so, my stationary shelf is attatched. YAY!

Another thing I got in town yesterday was a couple of boxes of blank CDs. Keeping a couple asside to back up the mp3s and other stuff that I have on my PC right now, and using some of the others to get some mp3s from my Mam's CD collection since I like a lot of what she has. So, I'm going to her place to raid her CD collection. LOL! Also, my Dad is going to let me borrow the disks he has mp3s on so I can look through and see if I like any of those too. I don't like as many of the songs my Dad listens to as I do the ones my Mam listens too, but I'm going to take him up on the offer and look through the disks anyway. After all, I do like some of Dad's music.

I was going to do a test stream yesterday, but I never got around to it. Will have to get it done either later today, some time tomorrow, or some time Friday though, 'cause I need it all sorted out in time for my proper stream on Saturday.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weekly Weigh-in

OK, from now on you'll get a post like this every week after I weigh and if I have anything else to say it will be in a seporate post. Also the "weight lost so far" part only goes from when I started my new program so it doesn't include the 1 & 1/2 stone (21 lbs) I lost before hand. Anyway...

Weight today: 16 stone 0 lbs (224 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 3 lbs
Weight lost so far: 3 lbs

Hey, I know it's only 3 lbs, but when you think about the fact I was lucky to loose 1 lb a week before it actually seems like a great loss. And, I'm happy with it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy birthday Carl!!!

Today is my brother Carl's birthday. He's 23 this year. I sent him a birthday card that I made by myself. It's tactile - since he's blind - and that includes the writing. He loved it. I had planned on taking a photo of it before I sent it to him, but I forgot. So, you can't see it. LOL! Sent some money with the card and he did tell me what he's buying with it when spoke to him this morning. But, I forgot what he said, so, I wont tell you. LOL!

Sent Chance's breeder and e-mail with some photos and an update of Chance the other day, since, I thought she'd like that. Turns out I was right. Got an e-mail from her today saying "thank you" and that she's glad he's doing so well with us and she loved the photos. I picked out the best of his recent photos for her. I didn't send updates to Kero's breeder, because when I e-mailed to say he was home safely I got no response of any kind and she didn't seem bothered. Chance's breeder on the other hand called me up to make sure he got home safely and then called me a few times in the first couple of weeks I had him to see how he was doing. So, when they do that I don't mind sending a little update. Plus, since not everyone appreciates Chance, it gives me an excuse to show him off to someone who does. LOL!

Anyway... I'm late with my blog tonight because our computer desks arrived today and I have spent most of the afternoon and evening putting them together with my Mam. We only finished sorting them about half an hour before I started this blog and then I had to get my PC wired back up. So, I pretty much wired the PC back up, turned the PC on and came on to blog. Hmmm... can ou say addiction? LOL!

Actually, my first thought when I got on here was 'maybe I should do a test stream to make sure it's all working ok?' but I decided to blog insted and do the test stream tomorrow or something. LOL! Yeah, I know, Kerry... you told me it was addictive. You never told me how quickly the addiction kicks in though. LMAO!!!

I'm yawning my head off here and I still have a ton of stuff to do before I can go to bed. So... I think I better end this and get my butt in gear or by the time I get to bed it'll be time to get back up... again! LOL!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

I got trained

Well, I got 'trained'... can now 'sit' 'beg' 'lay' 'stay' and 'roll over' on command! LOL! OK, I lie... I'm not too good at the 'roll over' part yet... but I was telling the truth about the other bits. LOL!

Actually, what I really got trained to do is stream. Got my own time slot and everything! And I made me a banner and sent it to DeeDee for her to put on the site for when I stream. Anyway, I'm on from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Saturday afternoons. Of course, that's only the time for if you're in the UK like me. If you're not, then it's 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Eastern time on Saturdays.

So, I did my 'debut stream' last night and had a great time doing it. Apparently I did a great job. Kerry even said on her blog - I'm sure she wont mind me quoting her - that my "Debut Stream was FANTASTIC!!!" And if I say so myself, that's a pretty good review to get. LOL!

Anyway, I'm going to go dish up and eat my dinner and then take Kero for a nice walk before Kerry's stream.

By the way... I added some old photos to my photo albums if you want to take a look at them. Among them are scanned images of some drawings I've done.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Saturday afternoon... and I'm bored!

Didn't blog yesterday 'cause I got busy. OK, fine, I was going to leave it until the afternoon yesterday and then I fell asleep before I had the chance to get on to blog... happy? Sheesh! LOL!

I made my bus Thursday morning. All I can say though is man am I lucky that not only do I live close to the bus stop but the bus is never right on time. It's always at least a minute late (some of the buses are later still). So, I went to town, got a birthday card for Jo's son, Daniel - who turns 14 tomorrow (happy birthday for tomorrow Daniel) - and while I was in town I ordered both myself and Kelly new desks for our computers. We haven't got any space to put anything on the desks we have. Plus, they were both on sale... LOL! They're being delivered and arrive on Monday. My Mam's 'hopefully' going to help me put them together Monday evening while she's here, so, we should have the PCs all set up on the new desks by Tuesday evening (if not before).

I took Kero out for a nice long walk yesterday afternoon - since we had a nice day weatherwise. Took my camera with me and got a few 'fall photos' which I will put in my albums - along with the Halloween pet photos - when I get the time.

I decided to let the cats have the new dishes I got them now instead of making them wait until Christmas. I was going to keep them for Christmas... but... for one thing they get more than most kids for Christmas even without those (and anyone who knows me knows that's true, lol) and for another thing, giving them those means I can change the dishes all to the plastic ones and that means that I wont get hurt as much when a certain little dog picks up the dishes and hits me with them if he decides I'm taking too long getting his dinner, or, the water dish he wants to use hasn't got enough water in it for his liking. LOL!

That's about it, I think, so, I'll go back to being bored while I wait for voodoo who is hopefully coming online to show me how to stream. I was going to ask Kerry, but she'd gone to bed when the topic came up in the room this morning and voodoo offerered and I figured, why not? Saves Kerry the job. I bug her enough when she's online as it is. LOL! But, the problem is he said he'd come show me this afternoon and I'm not sure who's afternoon he meant or even how good at time keeping and promise keeping he is. No offense meant to him or anything, 'cause he seems like a great guy and I enjoy chatting with him and listening to his streams and everything, but... well, I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cherry Blossom +

While out for a walk with Kero and Sakura yesterday, I was asked how I get Sakura to follow me. My reply was "I just ask her if she wants to come walkies and if she does, she comes, if she doesn't, she stays home." Now, I thought this was straight forward and would have ended at least that part of the conversation, but, apparently not, because I was asked again how I get her to follow me. After a few repetitions of these same two sentances the guy changed his question to "do you MAKE her come with you?" then added that he'd been trying to 'make' his cat come with him on walks but it wont. So, I tried to explain that I don't 'make' Sakura come with me. She just chooses to do so of her own free will. I mean, if I was making her, she'd be wearing a leash, right? But I don't even own a leash for her. So, eventually the guy says "Well, I don't know what you do, but I wish I could make my cat walk with me." And he walks off. Leaving me feeling like yelling "WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME! I DON'T MAKE HER DO IT SHE JUST WANTS TO COME SO SHE COMES! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!" Only, I'm not sure I'd have said it as nicely as that, so, I kept my mouth shut. Honestly though, why can't people listen when you say something to them? Especially when it was them who asked the question in the fist bloody place! Besides, you can't make a cat do anything. I thought all the humans who live with cats knew that! Sheesh!

Speaking of Sakura. When we were out for a walk Monday night - Kero, Mam and I - Sakura came running up to join us and someone who was walking near us says to me "Oh, is that your cat?" I tell her it is. "Oh, I thought it was a stray, because it was near my door meowing. So, I gave it a sausage and now it comes back most days," the woman replies. Well, all I could do was laugh. I couldn't help myself! The little brat is eating here, going to other people begging for food, then coming home and eating here again. I don't know what's worse, the fact she's doing it or the fact I'm not the least bit surprised with her. Not that I'd be surprised to hear Megan and Chance were doing it as well, but you get the point I'm sure. LOL!

Kero never got to go to see Willow yesterday because it was way too wet. Of course, right when it was too late to take him up there it stops raining. Figures, doesn't it? Thing is though, if it keeps raining so that I end up not taking him because as yet we don't want them cooped up in the house together, then there's no way they'll be fine together by Christmas. Not much I can do about that though, is there?

LMAO! You should see Chance right now. He's sat on my PC table beside the monitor with his head bend down and cocked to the side and I swear he's reading what I'm typing. But, that's not what's funny. What's funny is that after every few words he looks at me, nods his head, then turns back to staring at the monitor! Hence the fact I'm laughing my ass off right now! LOL!

Man did Sakura and Chance have a whiny day yesterday! From about 11:00 am yesterday morning until... erm... I think it was about 3:00 am this morning one or the other was meowing! It was like I had surround sound meows! lol! And where both meows are very simular - the oriental in Sakura comes out big time with her meow - it added to the effect and really did make it sound like it was just the same meow coming from a surround sound system or something. Needless to say I've got one hell of a headache today! They're lucky I love them!!! lol!

I have so far tried three times since I got up to make myself a cup of tea. Each time I get side tracked and end up not making it... just gonna go make it... just stay put, I wont be long, and since I'm not hitting 'publish' and also most of you are still asleep you wont miss me anway............ Ah! much better! Where was I? Oh yes, that's right...

Don't know if you saw my post yesterday among all those quiz results... No? Didn't think so! Well, what I said was basically that I've managed to get a version of MusicMatch on my PC and am now trying to figure out how the heck it works. Turns out that right by the button to download MusicMatch Jukebox 10 was a button that said 'non xp users click here' so that you could get MusicMatch Jukebox 9.0 which is compatible with Windows ME (which is what Kelly and I have until we get our new PCs.

Also, this no treats thing isn't too bad. It's a lot easier than I'd thought it would be. I even sat by Kelly when he was eating his chocolate biscuits and it didn't bother me! I've also had to pick up and move his biscuits since he put them where I needed to put something else (I forget what) and it didn't bother me then either. Not once did I think "I wish I could have one" or anything like that. I just took in that they were Kelly's biscuits and that's it. Like I would have if they'd been a book or something. Actually, a book would have gotten more attention, 'cause at least if it had been a book I'd picked up I would have looked at the title of it. Also, Kelly offered me one and I said "no" and stuck to it. Did you hear that Kerry? I said "no" and stuck to it and didn't have one! I'm so proud of myself! YAY ME!!!

I've been carrying bottles of drink around with me. There is pop in the house, but I've abandoned the pop in favour of apple juice and water that's slightly flavoured with the Lemon Barley Water stuff. I'm mostly drinking the water and lemon though.

And I've found that the reduced portions are enough for me. I did need some Jelly last night, but that was because I'd gotten up early so the meals were all spaced out and never went to bed until about 3:00 am, so, about midnight I was a big hungry. But I just had a tiny bit of Jelly and was full. I've made the Jelly up in little tiny bowls. The bowls aren't even as big as my hand... they're like the size of a meal you'd give a baby who's just starting to eat solids properly. Anyway, I just had one of them when I felt kinda hungry last night and that was enough. Wasn't hungry then until when I got up about 6:00 am, but since I kept getting side-tracked it was 7:00 am before I even got around to making some breakfast (a little bit of 'oatmeal').

Right, well, it's about 8:40 am, I'm not dressed yet, I haven't walked Kero yet, I haven't made up my juice for the day yet, and my bus to go in to town is at 9:15 am. So, I think maybe I should get my butt off this PC and get it in gear, don't you?

Before I do though... Kero's practically stopped scratching all together and his 'tail end' is healing nicely. So, it does seem like it was the anal gland. Speaking of which, I can't remember if I did say, but, Kerry, I asked the groomer and, no, she doesn't do that. I have to take him to the vet for that to be done.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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A quick post

As you can see if you scroll down this page, I have been having fun with some online quizes today. lol! Kelly did the X-Men one too and his result is posted on his page.

Anyway... I'm doing really well with resisting treats so far. I've even been sat by people eating treats and not been all that bothered about it. I've just been eating my meals and drinking my juice and doing all my daily tasks and that's it. This is easier than I thought it would be!

Oh, and I've managed to get MusicMatch on my PC. It's only MusicMatch 9.0 since 10 doesn't work for Windows ME, but, still, 9.0 is better than nothing. Now I just need to learn to use it. LOL!

OK, that'll have to do for now 'cause Kero wants out.


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Off to a good start!

We've had a weird day here today... weather wise... it's been cloudly all day and this morning it was freezing cold with it. But, by about 11:30 this morning it was quite warm. Then it was freezing cold again by about 2:00 this afternoon. Hard to know whether to wear a jacket or not! But, that's how it works this time of the year, isn't it? lol!

Had a nice chat this evening with a couple of friends whom I haven't spoken to in a while - Angie and Corinne. Corinne is the one who's friends (Helen and Tom) have our Yorkshire Terrier Lucy Blackthorn (Jayde Bramblerose's sister and littermate). Although, I can't really call her 'our' Lucy any more, can I? Anyway, it was through Corinne that Lucy got her new home - where she is just plain pampered, not to mention loved and VERY happy. In fact, I believe right at this moment Lucy is on holiday in Scotland with her new family - yet again - man, I wish I had as many holidays as Lucy has. LOL!

Anyway, I got weighed today and I have lost 2 lbs since I last weighed. I know that's only 2 lbs in two weeks, but as I've been eating teats - until now - I'm quite pleased about it.

In June - when I first started trying to loose weight - I weighed 17 stone 10 lbs (248 lbs) with a BMI of 44. I now weigh 16 stone 3 lbs (227 lbs) with a BMI of 40! So, I've lost 1 & 1/2 stone (21 lbs) in about 4 months. I'm hoping my new no snack rules help me to loose it a bit quicker though.

As I promised, I had no snacks yesterday and today. I've made myself up some Jelly (or Jell-O) for if I get hungry, but I haven't needed it yet, so, it's still in the fridge. I'm finding that even the small portions of food I've been having are plenty. Especially with the Lemon Barley Water that I've got for flavouring some water for me to be drinking all the time. I was having a yoghurt every day after dinner before, but I haven't had one since Saturday. Ran out then and didn't bother to get any today. Got Kelly his chocolate biscuits but other than that the only treat stuff in the shopping was for Kero, and, seriously, I'm not big on Denta Stix myself. LOL!

My goal weight is 12 stone (168 lbs). If I get down further than that then great! But, if not, I don't mind. 12 stone is what the gynecologist said I should aim for so as to be nicely in the middle of the BMI range where a successful pregnancy is more likely (BMI of 20 - 35 I believe is the best range for a successful pregnancy). Like I said though, it wont hurt to get down even more than that. But, right now, even 12 stone seems far away. I'd like to be at least down to 15 stone by my birthday next month, but we shall see... it's only 17 lbs though, so, I can probably manage it. You never know, eh?

It would be nice to get down to what the print out from the scale in Boots says is my ideal weight though, which is 9 stone 4 lbs (130 lbs) though. But, I'm going to work towards the 12 stone first and then work on getting down to the 9 stone 4 lbs that I should be. One step at a time, right? Actually, better make it 9 stone 3 or I'll just miss out on the final £10 from my Grandma, LOL!


Monday, October 09, 2006

History and Origin of Canadian Thanksgiving

In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Unlike the American tradition of remembering Pilgrims and settling in the New World, Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest. The harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the United States due to the simple fact that Canada is further north.

The history of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to an English explorer, Martin Frobisher, who had been trying to find a northern passage to the Orient. He did not succeed but he did establish a settlement in Northern America. In the year 1578, he held a formal ceremony, in what is now called Newfoundland, to give thanks for surviving the long journey. This is considered the first Canadian Thanksgiving. Other settlers arrived and continued these ceremonies. He was later knighted and had an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Canada named after him - Frobisher Bay.

At the same time, French settlers, having crossed the ocean and arrived in Canada with explorer Samuel de Champlain, also held huge feasts of thanks. They even formed 'The Order of Good Cheer' and gladly shared their food with their Indian neighbours.After the Seven Year's War ended in 1763, the citizens of Halifax held a special day of Thanksgiving.During the American Revolution, Americans who remained loyal to England moved to Canada where they brought the customs and practices of the American Thanksgiving to Canada. There are many similarities between the two Thanksgivings such as the cornucopia and the pumpkin pie.

Eventually in 1879, Parliament declared November 6th a day of Thanksgiving and a national holiday. Over the years many dates were used for Thanksgiving, the most popular was the 3rd Monday in October. After World War I, both Armistice Day and Thanksgiving were celebrated on the Monday of the week in which November 11th occurred. Ten years later, in 1931, the two days became separate holidays and Armistice Day was renamed Remembrance Day.

Finally, on January 31st, 1957, Parliament proclaimed... "A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed ... to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October."

Monday - Early Hours

So, here it is, Monday again. Only just I admit, but still it's Monday.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and today is Thanksgiving in Canada, so, of course I now have to take this opertunity to say... HAPPY THANKSGIVING CANADA!!!

Today is a special day for another reason too. Today is the birthday of a friend who I was very close to. At one point anyway. I'm sorry to say we don't talk any more, but I still think about him from time to time and wonder how he's doing. Anyway, you may have seen his birthday on my important dates section. His names is Stephen, but everyone calls him 'Steve'. So, though I doubt you'll see this, Steve... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I've had a good think about my diet thing over the weekend and have decided that I'm going to finally put my foot down and say 'NO' to snacks! I CAN loose this weight and I WILL loose it! Tuesday I go shopping and this week I wont be getting me any treats. I don't care how much I want them, I don't care how much I used to enjoy having them, all I care about is I have to get this weight off and I'm not going to do it by giving in to my temptations and eating those snacks, am I? I'm meant to be weighing Tuesday anyway, so, that's a good day to start.

I'm still really proud of myself for my score on Name That Tune on Saturday night. Just goes to show you can do anything if you try hard enough.

And that's one of the things that's made me so determined to prove that I really can do this and not eat the snacks. If I can go from 17 points to 31 points in just one week, I can do anything... lol! Of course, that chat I had with Kerry helped boost my confidence in myself too!

Anyway, I think that'll do or we'll have another post like the one I did Friday. LOL! Plus, I want togo find something that I want to put on here today.



Thought I'd post a photo of Tigger - my Mam's tabby cat - since I'm not sure if I've shown you a photo of him before and wanted to show him off. Mam also has a black cat called Felix - or 'Baby' as we tend to call her - who looks almost exactly like my Sakura, but with a rounder face and slightly shorter fur.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

I got 31 points!!!

I did better for Name That Tune tonight. I got 31 points! Much better than the 17 I got last week. Yay me! I'm really proud of myself for that one! OK, I admit, Kelly helped me some in the first half. But the second half (when I got 18 of my 31 points) was all me! And I did do most of the first half by myself too! Honest I did!

Anyway, since it's almost 5:00 am and I want to make us a nice Thanksgiving dinner later, I'm going to have me a cup of tea, read some of my book and go get some sleep.

'Night, night!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

*sneeze, cough, sneeze*

Well, the cold and kidney infection I said I was getting (did I say it on here? I forget) has arrived. Lovely! Just what I need! Oh, well, a few days and the cold will probably be gone and after a bit the kidney infection will be gone too.

The brats that like throwing stones at my widows were back again last night. Until they heard me saying to my parents on the phone that they were back and I was going to call the police... they all scarpered then. lol!

Got a knock on the door today and opened it to find there was a police man at my door. My first thought was - as you'd probably expect - "OMG! What's happened? Who's hurt?" Anyway, it tuurns out someone else called the police instead of me as the little brats weren't just bugging me last night, they were causing problems for other people too. Don't know all the details, but the police man told me they'd put glue in some people's locks and they had "done considerable damage to property" (whatever that means). I guess that would be the smashing we heard before the stone throwing started.

My Mam - who is trying to learn to drive - now has her driving permit and has started having driving lessons. I've been told she's off to a good start. So, if she carries on the way she's started it wont be long before she has her driving licence.

Anyway, I'll let that do for now since I've not really eaten today and think maybe I should get at least a little something to eat. Plus, Kero wants to go outside.


Friday, October 06, 2006

"Believe in yourself, never give up, and go about your buisness with passion, drive and enthusiasm" ~ Peter Jones

Saw the above quote someplace online when I was browsing - because I was bored - and thought I'd post it instead of a title today because I like it and it cried out "post me" when I saw it because enthusiasm and belief in yourself are the key parts of getting will power and that's something I'm working on getting right now so as to resist all these yummy snacks that people around me keep eating.

OK, well, it's about 7:00 am and freezing cold. You'd think I'd be asleep at this time of day, wouldn't you? But, nope, I'm wide awake and have been for about 2 hours now. And all because I fell asleep before my normal bed time of 'any time after midnight'. I fell asleep about 11:00 pm in the chair, watching CSI and cuddling with Kero and Chance. Woke up briefly at some point, got up, went and climbed in to bed, went back to sleep and woke up just after 5:00 am. lol!

My PC still wont work, and since I don't know how I got it working last time, I'm not sure what to do about it. So, in hopes that I'll get to use Kelly's PC for Kerry's stream tonight, the Name That Tune game Saturday night and Kerry's other stream on Sunday, I've installled RealPlayer on Kelly's PC. And if he doesn't like it... tough! lol!

I figured out how to make playlists and put the songs in the order I want on RealPlayer this morning. Didn't take long to figure out. I'm getting good at these music programs. lol!

Managed to excercise some will power for a change this morning. When I woke up I thought to myself "man, I could go for a nice fry up right about now... fried eggs, sausages, toast... the works" but, I was good and resisted the urge (despite the fact we have everything I'd need to make it) and instead I had some weetabix and a nice cup of tea. So, I do have some will power. Could use some more though. But, at least now I know it's in there somewhere. LOL!

OMG! Chance just scared the crap out of me! I've got the playlist I just made playing through the headset, so, I didn't hear Chance's paws padding in my directon. First I knew he wasn't still asleep on top of the tumble dryer was when his head just appeared between me and the monitor. I almost fell off the damn chair in fright. Especially since it's not light out yet and I don't usually bother with lights unless I'm doing something that really needs one, so, the only light in this room is coming from the PC monitor.

I just realised I don't have any pictures or photos on this machine! So, until I remember to snag some either from my albums or from the CD they're saved on I wont be posting pictures or photos in my blogs. Still, you'll probably be glad of the break from opening this page and seeing Kero or one of the cats staring at you. LOL!

I made a nice beef dinner last night and it was lovely if I do say so myself. Kelly must have thought so too, 'cause he ate it all without complaints and if he has a problem with anything he's eating he certainly lets you know. LOL! Kero, Sakura, Megan and Chance had a little bit of beef too. I don't think I need to tell you that they all enjoyed it. LOL! There's some beef left so I'm going to use that towards tonights dinner.

Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada and since we don't have Thanksgiving over here we've decided we're going to have ours the same time as Canada. BUT since my Mam is here and Kelly's not on a Monday Kelly and I decided we'll make our Thanksgiving the day before Canada's. So, we're having Thanksgiving on Sunday. It might sound silly, but I'm really looking forward to it. I know I'm the one doing the cooking and it's only going to be me, Kelly and the animals here, but since I've never had a Thanksgiving I'm really excited about being able to say I've had one.

I was over in Canada for when it was Thanksgiving before, but Kelly and I were so busy sorting out stuff for coming back to Wales that celebrating Thanksgiving wasn't anywhere near the top of our priorities at that time. I did get to try some pumkin pie that time though and I quite liked it too. Ate 3/4 of the pie all to myself. Greedy pig that I am. LOL! Wouldn't be able to do that now though... imagine the calories!!! OMG!!!

Halloween's just around the corner too. Only a few more weeks! I did the pets' Halloween photoshoot last night (before falling asleep watching CSI... lol) because I wanted it done while Kero was nice and clean. Kero, Megan and Chance were - as usual - eager to participate and wear the bandannas and such but Sakura was having none of it! That's normal for her though. But then, I never bothered trying to put a bandanna or anything on her until she was over a year old, where as Megan and Chance have been being dressed up since I got them so they're more used to it. And Kero? Well, he'll do anything for me, bless him! So, I've got some nice photos of Kero and the two younger cats, but no Halloween photo for Sakura. Need to decide on a Halloween prop for the Hamsters' Halloween photoshoot too. Last year it was a pumpkin shaped chocolate that was almost as big as them and which I ate when I was done, lol! The year before it was a smaller pumpkin chocolate, an eyeball chocolate and a skeleton chocolate - I ate those after too (well, they are in wrappings, so, the hamsters don't get anywhere near the actual chocolate, and you can't waste chocolate, can you?... lol). But this year I can't use chocolate because I'm not meant to be eating it. So, I'll have to find something else... maybe I could just use one of the Halloween bandannas as a backdrop or something? We shall see!

This is quite a long post this morning, isn't it? Maybe I should give it a rest before I end up writing a novel instead of just a journal entry? lol!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kero's Day Out & other stuff

Kero and I went out for the day yesterday (Wednesday). We took a bus ride up to my parents' place so Kero could see Willow. And, while we were there, a friend of my Mam came down with her little niece - I think it's her niece anyway - who's only 19 months old. Kero had a great time playing with her and she enjoyed playing with 'little wowo' too. We took Willow, Kero and Seren (Seren being the 19 month old) out for a walk, and they all enjoyed that. It was only a short walk, but it was a lovely one.

We're trying to get Kero and Willow more used to each other so that the day after Christmas Kero, Kelly and I can go join everyone up at my parents' place for the buffet my Mam always puts on. But, Kero and Willow seem to have a problem as soon as the area they are in becomes confined. When they're at the park or out for a walk they're fine, but as soon as we take them home Kero wants to go lay down and Willow wont let him and tries to bounce on him and Kero gets upset and growls at her. Then, both dogs get yelled at. So, like I said, we're hoping to calm them down, but I'm not holding my breath.

I almost ended up with one less hamster last night. I dropped Butterscotch's cage and she was in it. I feel terrible about it! If anything had happened to her I don't know what I'd have done. I know I'd have blamed myself and it would have taken me a VERY long time to get over it. Thankfully though, Butters is perfectly fine. Lucky for me, hamsters are tough little critters. But, that doesn't make me feel any better about it.

I showered Kero today because he was thilthy. He's not impressed! But, it had to be done. He's all soft and white and fluffy again now. I love when he's clean and fluffy like this!

My PC has died AGAIN, so, I'm on Kelly's PC yet again. Man, I can't wait until I have a new PC. I hope I can get my PC working again before Kerry's stream tomorrow night!

Well, that'll have to do for now because I'm cooking dinner and need to see to it.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shandannas Pet Bandannas

OK, when I add links on the side bar thingy I don't normally post about them... BUT... I just 'had to' post about this one. The address is www.shandannas-pet-bandannas.co.uk and it's a great site. The lady who runs it is really nice and almost every bandanna Kero has (and the ones you have for Jayde, Grandma) came from this site. Kero, Megan, Jayde and Stewie are in her photo album from the first time I got bandannas from there and Stewie is even part of the banner at the top of the page. Don't take my word for it though, go take a look at them for yourself.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Another cold day today. Coats all around. Except for a short time when it got warm around lunch time, but even then it wasn't all that warm, really.

Had a surprise phone call tonight. A friend who I haven't spoken to in ages called me and we had a nice chat. When the phone rang I figured it would be either my Mam, my Dad, my Grandma or maybe even my Nan. But, nope, it wasn't. Afterwards she sent me some photos of some of her animals - which, of course, I will be putting in my 'friends & extended family's furkids' album later.

Went in to town today and saw a turkey teddy that's almost as big as my Megan and since it only cost £2 I got it to put aside for Kero for Chrismtas since he loves his teddies. Or, I should say, he loves murdering his teddies. lol! At this rate I'm going to have my Christmas shopping done - for the pets at least - before even October is out. LOL!

I'm working on a sort of chart thing for me for tasks to achieve throughout the day. What I mean by that is that I'm making a list of stuff I need to get done each day and I've got to get all the things on the list done before the end of the day. The idea being that getting all those things done will keep me busy and I wont want to pick at snacks all day and should get this weight off.

Didn't weigh today so don't know if I lost any this week. So, hopefully I'll see a nice loss next time I weigh.


Sweater & Coats

Thought I'd post Photos of Kero in his sweater and coats.

Firstly, here's Kero in his little stripy sweater. He only used this for a little while though, because as you can see it fitted nicely from the start and we didn't want it to get too tight for him.

And here's Kero with his very first little coat. We'd wanted a red one because it would match his collar and lead, but the choice was blue or nothing, so, blue it was. LOL!

And here he is in his second coat. As you can see, at this point we managed to get the red one we had wanted for him.

And, of course, he now has the tartan one you see in the post from yesterday.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Cold, Cold, Cold!!!

OMG! It's SO cold! I don't normally feel the cold but even I'm freezing today! I even put both layers of my coat on and I usually don't bother with a coat at all, let alone both layers of it! I put Kero's coat on him today too. I had it made for his measurements back in the Spring and took this photo the day he got it. Nice coat, isn't it?

Almost got time to read today, but then I kept remembering stuff I needed to do and by the time I was done I ended up not reading after all. I have been able to read a bit here and a bit there from time to time so I am slowly getting through my book, but it would be nice to sit and read more than a few sentences at a time. lol!

I got a couple of new dishes for the cats on ebay today. Going to give them to them for Christmas. Of course, they'll have other things for Christmas too, but the bowls are the only bits I've got so far. Yeah, I know, it's only October and already we're talking about Christmas. But, that's the way it goes, isn't it? I mean, as soon as the kids are back in school in September Christmas is on practically everyone's lips.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cubby Puppy

OK, so, I wasn't done... lol! Anyway, I decided to start a new post rather than try to decide where in the last post to put this.

Firstly, you're probably wanting to know about the title of the post, right? Well, 'Cubby' is Kero's main nickname. And how'd he get it? Well, when I was registering him at the vet they thought his name was Kero Berous not Keroberous, so, that made his initials 'K. B.' and when I told my Mam about it she started calling him K. B. but I misheard her and thought she was calling him 'Cubby' and so that's what I started calling him sometimes. And, eventually it got that he was called Cubby almost all the time, lol! I only found out a little while ago that my Mam was saying 'K. B.' and not 'Cubby'. But, Kero answeres to both of them, plus Kero, plus Keroberous (and many other names besides, lol!) And the reason I called him Cubby 'puppy' in the title is because my little man has been acting like a tiny puppy again and playing and yipping like he used to when we first brought him home.

Anyway, this post is getting to be as long as the other one that I just posted so maybe I should get to the point, eh?

All I wanted to say - honest, lol - was that Kero's calmed down with the scratching and biting at himself so it is starting to look as though he might not have to go back to the vet since he's not looking so sore and is starting to try to heal.

This time I really am done, lol!


Ayla Malaika and some late birthdays

If I'd gone to bed any later last night the sun would have been up before I got there... lol! I did have a great time playing 'Name That Tune' though.

Before I go on with today's post I'd like to talk about the photo I'm posting today. The little dark kitten in the photo is our Megan when we first got her - wasn't she tiny? - and the little ginger kitten was ours at the time too. Her name is Ayla Malaika and you may have seen her photos among the ones in my albums. Anyway, we ended up not keeping Ayla because she detested dogs and our attempts to keep her from harming Kero let to Ayla drawing blood from us instead and it was getting to much so we thought it would be better for both her and us if she left. So, she went back to where she came from and is, to my knowledge, still there now. I just thought I'd explain who she was since some people may have been wondering.


I finally got to bed a little after 5 am, so, of course, it was around noon before I got up. Good thing the country music stream Kerry does on Sundays is 10 am til noon her time and not my time, you think? LOL!

I realised today (while adding Kerry's birthday to our important dates list) that I've not been keeping up to date with announcing birthdays. The last time I mentioned birthdays was Jayde's birthday on September 3rd and since it's now October 1st... well, you get the point. So, I'm going to take the oppertunity to mention them now.

September: 3rd was - as I have mentioned already - my Grandma's Yorkshire Terrier Jayde Bramblerose's birthday, 5th was Kelly's father Clarence's birthday, 10th was my friend Tina's birthday, 12th would have been Kelly's grandfather Arthur's birthday, 21st was Kelly's uncle Keith's birthday, 22nd was our friend Jason's birthday, 27th was my friend Jane's birthday. And today - October 1st - is both my Mam's friend's middle son James' birthday and my friend Venus's birthday.

Told you I missed a lot... lol!

Anyway, belated happy bithday to all the people who's birthdays it was in September and happy birthday 'just in time' for those who's birthdays it is today. Not that many of them read my blog, but still.

Well, I think that's about it for today.


Name That Tune

I played 'Name That Tune' tonight with Kerry and the gang. Had a great time. I got a whole 17 points! Yay me!

Here are the scores of everyone who played.

WindyCity: 1, Chrissy: 5, ToriZ (me, of course): 17, TwoCorks: 22, Mara: 27, Cubby: 39, Beerz: 39... and in a six way tie for the first place spot - with 40 points each, which is the maximum you can get - were; Pilem, Tiff, Voodooman, MsNitro, Welly_n_Wild & ShadowWolf. Anyway, Voodoo was the overall winner, since he won the tie breaker.

Way to go Voodooman!!!