Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 craft update: scarves and snowmen

OK, it's time for this month's craft update. Can you believe it's the end of November already?

So, what have I achieved this month? Well...

I finished knitting the scarf I mentioned in last month's post.

I also made a snowman ornament out of clay, because my Mam seems to like my clay ornaments, and I never made a snowman one last year, so thought she'd like to have a snowman one to add to the holly, santa, bell and Christmas tree ones I made her last year.

And, Kero wanted to help make something, so I tried to get his pawprint in a bit of clay. It didn't work fantastically, but it just about worked. He wasn't so eager to help afterwards... Not once he realised there was wet stuff involved in what I was doing. LOL!

I did manage to make one other clay item. But since it's a Christmas present for someone who is often reading my blog, and since that person will know it's for them as soon as I say what it is - or, at least, suspect it is - I'd rather not say what it is. I'll tell you after Christmas... Once the person has the item and knows what it is already.

I'm now working on another blanket. Although, this blanket is for me. I just decided I should actually knit something for myself, and with how warm and snuggly the blankets I made before have felt, I decided I wanted one for myself. So, I'm making me one. I've knitted a decent chunk of it, despite there being a couple of hundred stitches per row.

OK, well... That's it for November's craft update. Mind you, I had more to mention in this month's post than I thought I would, since I only expected to have finished the scarf, and didn't expect to have had time for anything else. So, that's good... Right?

November special days

First of all... On November 2nd, it was the birthday of a friend named Robyn. I used to read Robyn's blog, but then she stopped blogging. I would still like to say that I hope she had a fantastic birthday though!

I did a special post for this next one on the day in question, but I'll mention it again anyway... On November 4th, it was my good friend Iggy's birthday.

November 22nd, it was my sister-in-law, Sherry (Kelly's sister)'s birthday. So, a belated happy birthday to her. She doesn't read my blog - not that I know of, anyway - but I wanted to say it on here anyway. Besides, you never know... There's a chance she might read it!

Also, November 28th was Mam's black Labrador, Willow's birthday. She turned 6. We celebrate pet birthdays in this family, so I can't do a November special dates post without also adding a happy birthday for Willow, can I? ;)

Yesterday (November 29th) was Kati and her hubby, Scott's wedding anniversary. I'm not sure if Kati is still around reading the blogs. But I wanted to wish her and her hubby a very happy anniversary, just in case she is. Besides, even if she doesn't read this, I want to be able to say that I didn't forget.

And today (November 30th) is Shireen's birthday. Shireen is one of my Mam's Goddaughters, and also the biological sister of one of my honorary sisters (I'm talking about Elizabeth here... Mother to my Godson). Anyway, I have no idea if Shireen reads my blog or not. But, Shireen, if you read this, I hope you are having a very happy birthday. And, even if Shireen doesn't read this, I still hope the same thing!

And, finally, if you celebrated a special day during November... A birthday, or an anniversary, then I hope your celebrations went well, and that you enjoyed your special day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie: 2012

"Dr. Adrian Helmsley, part of a worldwide geophysical team investigating the effect on the earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the earth's core is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the earth is becoming unstable and that without proper preparations for saving a fraction of the world's population, the entire race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same information. While the world's leaders race to build "arks" to escape the impending cataclysm, Curtis struggles to find a way to save his family. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world."

(Above taken from this page).

This was a really good, very action packed, "you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat," type of movie. It was definately worth watching! Well, I think it was worth watching, anyway!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Club, watch and eyes

Despite the snow and ice, Kelly, Dad and Wayne are at club today. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't many others there though. I haven't been to club for a couple of months (For various reasons that I wont go in to on here) but Kelly is still going. He kind of has to right now, since it's his turn to GM, and he's running a "World Of Darkness: Mage The Awakening" roleplaying campaign. I did like the idea of joining in with that, but since I can't make it to the club right now, that's not an option. He does tell me each week what happened in his campaign during that session though.

Anyway, I got a couple of photos of my new watch for anyone who might want to see it.

And, finally, I had my eye appointment on Thursday. It went well.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to say.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The King's General

By Daphne du Maurier

Inspired by a grisly discovery in the nineteenth century, The King's General was the first of du Maurier's novels to be written at Menabilly, the model for Manderley in Rebecca. Set in the seventeenth century, it tells the story of a country and a family riven by war, and features one of fiction's most original heroines.

Honor Harris is only eighteen when she first meets Richard Grenvile, proud, reckless - and utterly captivating. But following a riding accident, Honor must reconcile herself to a life alone. As Richard rises through the ranks of the army, marries and makes enemies, Honor remains true to him, and finally discovers the secret of Menabilly.

(Above taken from here).

This was among a stack of audiobooks my Nan was given, which she then gave to me. It was a really good book. I was first introduced to Daphne du Maurier's work when I read Rebecca as part of a writing course I did about 8 years ago. I really enjoyed that book too. And, despite only having read two of her books, I think Daphne du Maurier is a fantastic author. If the two books I have read are anything to go by, then I think I'm justified in my opinion of her writing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Furkid Friday: squeaking cold

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

There's not much to say this week. I tell you what though... It's squeaking cold here! I mean, REALLY cold! We had a fine sprinkling of something that Kero and the humans said was, "trying to be snow, but not managing it." I was confused about this, but later discovered that what they meant was that it was snow, but there was so little of it that it wasn't really worth calling it snow, because although it stayed, it ended up being more like frost than anything. I'm not too sure what snow is or if it's a good thing. I've not really had anything to do with snow. Kero tells me there was some around the time that I was born, but I was too little to remember that, and I don't even remember if I was outside for it or not. I mean, come on, I'm only a little guinea pig. I mean, I've been here now for 5 months, and I'm only 8 months old (Well, OK, 8 and a half months). I don't really remember much about what happened to me before I was in the place where the Mami human and the Mamgu human came to get me from. And I definately don't remember any of this snow stuff. I hope snow turns out to be a good thing. Although, if the snow is the reason it's so cold, then it can't be, because - as I said - it's squeaking cold here... Which isn't a good thing, let me tell you!

OK, well, I think I will let this do for this week. For one thing, I haven't got much to say. For another thing, I have a pile of nice, warm, cozy, snuggly hay in my cage waiting for me, so I'm going to go and curl up in that to keep warm. I've got a full tummy from the breakfast I just had, and I've taken my turn with writing the "Furkid Friday" blog post. Now I can warm up, and maybe take a nap until it's time for my dinner.

Keep warm!

Squeak soon,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! :)

Meet Dave

"A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form. While trying to save their planet, the aliens encounter a new problem, as their ship becomes smitten with an Earth woman."

(Above taken from this page).

This wasn't too bad of a movie. A bit of a strange one, but quite funny. I enjoyed it. It wasn't one of my favourite movies from the ones I've seen recently, but it was a pretty good one, I think.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blood Lines: Long and short stories

By Ruth Rendell

This collection of long and short stories probes the patterns of everyday life to pinpoint the frailties, the desires of deception, and the guilty secrets of human beings. It ends with "The Strawberry Tree", a novella-length tale of lost innocence set on the island of Majorca.

(Above taken from this page).

This was an enjoyable collection of stories, sent to me by a very good friend. Definately worth reading.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Watches, health and Christmas

I originally wrote a long post, but my internet decided to stop working, so it no longer existed. Well, that's not strictly true. The first sentence managed to get saved to draft before Blogger had no internet connection to use to save any more. I can't be bothered to write it all again though, so you'll just have to have the short version.

The watch that I mentioned in Sunday's post actually arrived on Saturday, but since I ended up feeling so unwell over the weekend I didn't get online to change the post. I wrote the post (along with Saturday's post about Emma-Jane, and Kero's Friday post) on Thursday. My plan was to change the part about the watch if it turned up before Sunday, but with how I was feeling Saturday I only made it online for long enough to quickly check my e-mails, then I just turned off the laptop again. I started feeling quite bad Thursday night, and it was only my insistance that, "I have to go see Harry Potter," that had me out on Friday with Kelly and Wayne to watch the movie. And, I think going out Friday forced this flu type bug thing to come to a nasty peak or something, because I then ended up really ill Friday night and in to Saturday. I was feeling slightly better by Saturday afternoon, but even now I'm not back to feeling 100%.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note...

I've caught up big time on my Christmas shopping. Luckily online shopping is an option, so I was able to do it while staying in the warm and dry. I now have almost everything at least on its way to me, with a couple of bits (mainly furkid presents) left to buy. Then I just have to get everything all wrapped up, post things that need posting (which includes writing and sending out cards) and then I'm done for this year. Which is quite lucky really, since Christmas is quickly getting closer and closer.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

"Voldemort's power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore's work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for the Trio, and the rest of the Wizarding World, so everything they do must go as planned."

(Above taken from this page. WARNING: link may contain spoilers).

I thought this was the best of the movies. I previously prefered the first two, but as this movie stayed closest to the book, I think this is currently the best of the Harry Potter movies. Some parts were changed, left out, or ffiddled with. But the movie was - as I already mentioned - closer to the book than the others have been. Definately a fantastic movie!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I had for my birthday (FD)

OK, I'm finally going to tell you what I had for my birthday.

Well, for a start, I had a lot of cards from friends and family...

Also, I had two new pairs of slippers.

The pinky-purple coloured slippers have little dogs on them and the word "dog" under the picture. And the blue ones are basically the same, only with cats instead of dogs on them.

I also had the fireworks that were part of the display we had on November 6th, a big bar of chocolate, a couple of audiobooks that arrived in the mail a few days after my birthday, some money, and - technically - a watch. I say, "technically," because Kelly brought me a new talking watch for my birthday, since I badly damaged the speaker on my old one, and it wasn't talking properly any more, but the button for adjusting the time didn't work when it arrived, so we couldn't set the time. We phoned them up, and they told us we had to send it back to get a replacement. We're still waiting for the replacement to show up. If it doesn't come tomorrow, I'll phone them and ask where it is.

Also, Jane (Emma-Jane's grandmother) made me this birthday cake:

It was a very tasty birthday cake!

I know Jane doesn't read my blog, but I'm going to thank her again for the cake anyway. I'm also going to say, "thank you again," to everyone who sent me cards (e-cards or the ones you see in the photos above), presents, texts, and any other birthday wishes.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma-Jane aged eight months (FD)

I can't believe it! This adorable little baby is already eight months old! And she can do so many things... She's really growing up fast! She has been sitting up without support for a couple of months now, she can crawl - and fast too - and, if you offer her your hand to pull herself up on, she can get to her feet and take a couple of steps (then her legs go all wobbly, she falls to her knees, and gets cross about it). She can say, "yes" "Mam" "Nan" and "Gandad" plus, she shakes her head for no. And, if you offer her something she doesn't want, she'll push what you're offering her away while shaking her head for no, so she definately knows what it means. She also smiles when you ask her to, "smile," which makes getting adorable photos of her smiling really easy. Not that it was difficult before, since she's always been a happy, smiley little baby!

She has several of her teeth already (about eight of them, I think). And she absolutely LOVES her food. She eats just about anything you put in front of her. She even happily munches her way through things like garlic bread, spicey chicken, etc. I hope she keeps up her attitude towards food, because she even loves fruit and vegetables.

She also really, really loves her "dummy" (what we call a "binkie" over here).

Anyway, when she was here last Saturday I put her on the floor beside Kero in hopes of getting a nice photo of the two of them. I was pleased to find out when Iggy very kindly sorted my photos for me, that I had managed to get a photo of Emma-Jane and Kero together.

And I even got one of her petting Kero.

Kero stayed nearby while she played with the toys I have here for her.

She really seems to like that Dora doll.

She was playing on my living room floor in front of the fireplace and the TV.

With a children's channel on the TV... I think it's actually called "Baby Channel" or something like that. I just know it's a channel for babies, Mam said she likes watching it - and she definately seems to like it - so I put it on for her when she's here.

I had all these toys on the floor for her to play with...

... But, guess what? She decided it would be much more fun to crawl across the room and start playing with the changing mat. Of course... I mean, all those noise making, brightly coloured toys couldn't possibly be as interesting as a changing mat, could they? ;)

That's basically it for today's post. But, I do have one last photo of Emma-Jane for you all.

It's still hard to believe that she's eight months old already!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Furkid Friday: human pups and groomers

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

First of all, I have a couple of photos Mami took of me looking out of the window.

And here I am just laying on the sofa looking down.

Anyway, on Saturday morning that little human pup came for a visit, and I watched her play.

(There will be more photos from the human pup's visit tomorrow).

I really love that little human pup!

Then, on Monday, I had an appointment with the groomer. Mamgu came to fetch me to take me there, and Dadci brought me home. I know that my Mami loves to have a photo of me freshly groomed, so when I came home I jumped right up on the sofa to pose for my photo.

That's all that's happened so far, but Mami says that Mamgu is coming to get me soon so she can look after me while Mami and Dadi go see the new Harry Potter movie with uncle Wayne.

Gwydion is doing OK. Still a bit bad tempered about the fire works (though they aren't happening as much now as they were in the past couple of weeks). And I don't think he's liking this cold weather that much. Not that I blame him, really. I'm just really thankful that Mami and Mamgu agreed that I should just have a "tidy up" and bath from the groomer and not have my fur cut short. Also, I don't have to go again until March, because Mami thinks it will be better to wait until then in case we have a really nasty Winter like last Winter was, in which case I'll need to keep all the fur I can (not to mention it will be tricky getting me to the groomer... We only managed it last time because we were at the house with Willow, and we only had to walk a short distance).

OK, I better go before Mamgu arrives and I miss my ride!

Licks and sniffs,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!

"The film chronicles George's adventures as he befriends Kayla, a baby elephant, at a magic circus show and helps her travel across the country to be reunited with her family..."

(Click here to visit the IMDB page for this movie... WARNING: page contains spoilers).

Yeah, OK, I know, I'm just a big kid. LOL! It was a really cute movie though. ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Day - movie

"Roads closed. Schools shut. Rules were made to be frozen!"

"When a school in upstate New York is snowed in, a group of students hi-jack a plow to keep the school closed."

(Above from this page on IMDB).

This was a pretty good, pretty funny movie. Worth watching, I think (I've already seen it a couple of times just in the last month or so).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Year One

"Zed, a prehistoric would-be hunter, eats from a tree of forbidden fruit and is banished from his tribe, accompanied by Oh, a shy gatherer. On their travels, they meet Cain and Abel on a fateful day, stop Abraham from killing Isaac, become slaves, and reach the city of Sodom where their tribe is now enslaved. Zed and Oh are determined to rescue the women they love, Maya and Eema. Standing in their way is Sodom's high priest and the omnipresent Cain. Zed tries to form an alliance with Princess Innana, which may backfire. Can an inept hunter and a smart but slender and diffident gatherer become heroes and make a difference?"

(Above taken from this page).

I thought I would have enjoyed this movie, especially with my interest in stoneage history, and love of most books and movies I've seen on the subject (even those that definately aren't accurate... Like "The Flintstones" and such). However, this was one of those movies that sounded good, had a couple of good parts, but wasn't as good as it had seemed it would be. I couldn't get in to it, Kelly and I both thought it was a bit of a weird movie, and Mam - who had planned to watch it with us - got bored and decided it wasn't worth watching, so left the room. This definately doesn't fall in to the catagory of movies I would recommend you rush out to see. It's not a bad movie as such, but it's not really that good of a movie either. It's one of those, "it was OK, I guess," type of movies.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Twilight: New Moon

"After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family. However, a minor accident during the festivities results in Bella's blood being shed, a sight that proves too intense for the Cullens, who decide to leave the town of Forks, Washington for Bella and Edward's sake. Initially heartbroken, Bella finds a form of comfort in reckless living, as well as an even-closer friendship with Jacob Black. Danger in different forms awaits."

(Above taken from this page).

Fantastic movie... One of the few sequels that were actually as good as the first movie in the series! I hope the rest of the series is as good!

most recent medical news (PTMI)

I had a dentist appointment last week. Nothing needed to be done, although I did have the dentist file down a sharp tooth of mine. It's been bugging me for a while, because it keeps cutting the inside of my lip, but I kept just not bothering to mention it. Only this time when I went in I still had a sore spot from my latest cut, so I decided to mention it. Now it's not so sharp, so "hopefully" shouldn't cut my lip so easily from now on.

About two weeks before that I had an appointment with the gynaecologist. This is the "PTMI" part of the post. It seems the cause of my issues is a too thin womb lining. So I've got some tablets that are "meant to" fix that. It's too soon to know if they are doing they're job yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. At the moment I'm just pleased to have some answers... At least when you have an issue to work with you can try to fix it. All the time with no answers was much worse. At least now there's a chance of fixing things, because at least now we know what needs to be fixed, so we can try to fix it. I wasn't going to bother mentioning the gynaecologist information on my blog, but figured if anyone who has been reading my blog for a while remembered when I last went to the gynaecologist, then they might be wondering if I'd been back, and if so what was said. So, you can stop wondering now... If you were actually wondering, obviously.

And I've got an appointment for November 25th to go see Eirona (my artificial eye doctor).

3 appointments in 6 weeks... You wait several months for one, and 3 turn up at once... LOL!
Oh, and... I've been sneezing and sniffling all day. Yep, I've definately got a cold! :(

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How I spent my birthday (FD)

OK, I just thought I'd do a quick post today to tell anyone interested how I spent my birthday. I'll talk about what I had for my birthday another time. Today I'm just dealing with what I did for the day. So...

I had breakfast in bed made for me by Kelly (French toast and scrambled eggs). Then opened the cards and presents that were already here for me (like I said, more on that in another post).

Then Mam brought my favourite little girl to see me... Yes, Emma-Jane. And I got some one on one baby time while Mam went up town to run some errands. You can tell she's on the move now... She wasn't here more than an hour, but my living room already looked like the toy box had exploded all over it by the time she left. Still, at least it was only toys I had to clean up. Could have been worse. LOL! Anyway, I cleaned up while Mam took Emma-Jane on another visit, then Mam and Emma-Jane came back to get me to take me to McDonalds, where I had a veggie burger with some chips/fries (the only meal they seem to do for a Vegetarian), and a banana milkshake.

After McDonalds, Mam brought me home again, I had some birthday cake that Jane (Emma-Jane's "Nani") had made for me, then I spent some time catching up on posts, comments and e-mails. Then, later in the evening, Kelly and I had Chinese food for dinner, and I saved some of mine for today's dinner, which means I haven't had to cook today either. Not that I mind cooking, but still... It's nice to have a weekend off, right? Anyway, I had mushroom fried rice with sweet and sour sauce... My favourite meal from the Chinese place. I did consider having some banana fritters to follow it, but figured I had been eating more than enough junk food for one day, so I decided against it.

After dinner I watched TV for a couple of hours. Then, when I settled for sleep, I actually managed to get some decent sleep - and at night as well - so, YAY! It's just a shame that I woke up this morning with a sniffly, runny nose, headache and sore throat. At least I managed to avoid the cold being here for my birthday this year... Just! ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

6 weeks from today...

You probably don't want to hear this, but... 6 weeks from today is Christmas day. I know this without counting the weeks, because I know that Christmas day is exactly 6 weeks after my birthday. And since that's today... The only thing is... I'm so not ready for Christmas this year! Even my birthday snuck up on me a bit this year. All of a sudden it was almost Carl's birthday (4 weeks ago today) and then, all of a sudden, my birthday is here! I've hardly even scratched the surface on Christmas shopping... Usually by now I've at least got half of it done. I guess where so much has been going on this year the time got away from me? That must be it! Whether it is or not though, I really need to get my backside in gear with some Christmas shopping, before I end up being one of those people rushing around to do last minute shopping on Christmas Eve (which I'd rather not do, since if I go out Christmas Eve, I want it to be because I want to, not because I have no choice due to lack of presents for people). I've been seriously disorganized this year in general... I hope it's not a habit I'm forming, since I usually like to keep organized. No, we'll blame the rather eventful year I've had. Yes, that's it... Probably due to all the chaos from moving back home with my parents, then moving back, then the council work, then... Well, you get the idea! I'm sure that's it. But, anyway, guess what I'm doing next week? Yes, that's right... Christmas shopping! ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Furkid Friday: "fire works" and a "punk-kin"

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

Well, Kero told you last week about the really scary "fire work" things that have been happening almost all the time lately. So I don't have to. I will say one thing though... They're still happening, we're still both scared, but for some reason the humans - Mami especially - are loving them. Is that a common human thing? Or, do we just have weird humans? Us furbabies definately don't do those "fire work" things!


Almost two weeks ago Kero and I met this orange ball thing that the humans say is called a "ppunk-kin" (or something like that). The humans took photos of us with it for some reason (not that I blame them, since we're really cute, and everyone should want to take photos of us). And here are the photos. First me with the "punk-kin" then Kero...

There's not really anything else to say. So, I'll let this do for today.

Squeak soon,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A $10 Rememberance Day

I don't know the source of this, but it came to me in an e-mail, and I thought I would share it today, given that today is Rememberance Day, after all. So...

"If you look at the back right-hand side of a Canadian $10 bill, you will see an old veteran standing at attention near the Ottawa war memorial. His name is Robert Metcalfe and he died last month at the age of 90.

That he managed to live to that age is rather remarkable, given what happened in the Second World War. Born in England, he was one of the 400,000 members of the British Expeditionary Force sent to the mainland where they found themselves facing the new German warfare technique - the Blitzkrieg. He was treating a wounded comrade when he was hit in the legs by shrapnel.
En route to hospital, his ambulance came under fire from a German tank, which then miraculously ceased fire. Evacuated from Dunkirk on HMS Grenade, two of the sister ships with them were sunk.
Recovered, he was sent to allied campaigns in North Africa and Italy. En route his ship was chased by the German battleship Bismarck.

In North Africa he served under General Montgomery against the Desert Fox, Rommel. Sent into the Italian campaign, he met his future wife, a lieutenant and physiotherapist in a Canadian hospital. They were married in the morning by the mayor of the Italian town, and again in the afternoon by a British padre. After the war they settled in Chatham where he went into politics and became the warden (chairman) of the county and on his retirement he and his wife moved to Ottawa. At the age of 80 he wrote a book about his experiences.

One day out of the blue he received a call from a government official asking him to go downtown for a photo op. He wasn't told what the photo was for or why they chose him. 'He had no idea he would be on the bill,' his daughter said.....

And now you know the story of the old veteran on the $10 bill."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fireworks 2010 (FD)

Carl gave me some fireworks for my birthday, so we decided to have a private display. Then we decided that with it being Baby Emma-Jane's first year, we "had to" invite her. Next thing we knew we had Emma-Jane, Jane (Emma-Jane's grandmother), Chelsea (Jane's eldest grandaughter), Andy (Jane's youngest son and middle child), Caroline (Andy's partner), Erin and Alex (Andy and Caroline's children), another Andy (Jane's boyfriend), the other Andy's four children (not sure of all their names, but 2 girls and 2 boys), the little boy who lives next door to Jane, Mam, and I all there for a display. So, food had to be included too (Mam and Jane cooked up some bits and made some sandwiches). We had it in Jane's garden, because she has the biggest garden out of her, Mam and I. We couldn't have the display on the right night because it was raining heavily that night, so we had it on Saturday night instead. Here are the photos:

We had sparklers too... Here's Chelsea with one of hers...

I'm told these are the best of the firework photos, so, I decided to save the best photos until last, and end the post with the best shots of the bunch. So... Enjoy! :)

The older kids enjoyed the fireworks, but Alex (3) and Emma-Jane (7 and a half months) weren't so keen. They liked the quieter ones, but the loud "BANG" ones... They didn't like those. Caroline, Jane, Mam and I did try and persuade them that the bang noises weren't reasons to cry, but they weren't convinced. I don't think it helped that it was more or less Emma-Jane's bed time (she ended up going to bed when we stopped for a food break half way through the display). The other children (aged 6 to 12) liked them a lot more, but - with the exception of Chelsea and Erin - prefered to watch from indoors.