Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weight, projects, guinea pig, weather

Only lost quarter of a pound (4oz) this week. Not bothered though. It's a bit of weight off, and nothing gained, so... *Shrugs*... I've so far lost 15lbs 4oz.


I've almost finished knitting the scarf I've been working on. I only have a little bit to do, so I "should" have it finished in the next couple of days, and be started on the next knitting project before the weekend.


Still trying - and failing - to persuade Gwydion that moving about while on the floor is OK. I even tried tempting him with things he likes to coax him in to moving, but he's having none of it. He just stands there as if to say, "you can forget it... I don't want it that badly!" Well, at least that means I don't have to worry about him getting away from me and - while on the loose - attempting to eat things he shouldn't (like wires for electrical things).


Our weather's been all over the place. You don't know from one minute to the next what it will be like. One minute it's beautiful and sunny, the next minute it's pouring with rain (and vice-versa). Still, I should consider myself lucky that all I'm dealing with is weather that can't decide between being wet or dry, windy or calm, cold or hot. Plenty of people are dealing with much worse!

Speaking of which... To all my friends - and those people who read this who I don't really know - who are dealing with all those nasty storms and such: please remember that you are in my thoughts! Stay safe, and please, please, please check in from time to time (just whenever you can) so I know you're OK!

*Sending out hugs and positive thoughts to those in need of them*

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy birthday Phil and Bev

It's my uncle Phillip (Dad's brother)'s birthday today, and also - strange as it may seem - the birthday of his partner, Bev. So, I want to wish the two of them a very, very happy birthday!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tess of the d'Urbervilles

By Thomas Hardy

"The novel is set in impoverished rural Wessex during the Long Depression. Tess is the eldest child of John and Joan Durbeyfield, uneducated rural peasants. One day, Parson Tringham informs John that he has noble blood. Tringham, an amateur genealogist, has discovered that "Durbeyfield" is a corruption of "D'Urberville", the surname of a noble Norman family, now extinct. The news immediately goes to John's head."

"Tess's father, overjoyed with learning of his noble lineage, gets too drunk to drive to market that night, so Tess undertakes the journey herself. However, she falls asleep at the reins, and the family's only horse encounters a speeding wagon and is fatally wounded. Tess feels so guilty over the horse's death that she agrees, against her better judgement, to visit Mrs. d'Urberville, a wealthy widow who lives in the nearby town of Trantridge, and "claim kin." She is unaware that in reality, Mrs. d'Urberville's husband, Simon Stoke, purchased the baronial title and adopted the new surname, and so is not related to the d'Urbervilles."

(Above taken from this page... WARNING: Link contains spoilers!)

I'm sure I've read this before - at least once - but I don't seem to have a review for it on my blog. Anyway, I enjoyed the book very much.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

6WS - 28 May 2011

I decided to play along with the six word Saturday thing Cate does on her blog. I haven't done it in ages, but thought I would today. So, my six words for this week are:

"Worrying about friends in nasty storms"


Want to play too? Just describe your life - or something else (in theory to do with your week, your thoughts, etc) - in a phrase using just six words. For more information, check out Cate's blog. Also, feel free to just post your six words in the comments section of this post!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Kero's 7th birthday (FD)

Hi humans, this is Kero here.

I had a great birthday! I got the card and tuggy toy you see in the photo below this text...

...And I also had a whole sizzler treat (they're treats like bacon rashers, and Mami usually breaks them up and only allows me to have them in bits, but on my birthday she allowed me to have a whole one). I also had some other treats, and some bits from the human food that the humans call "take-away" that Mami brought home with her after she went out. Mami said we were going to have that stuff the day before, but had it on my birthday instead because the money for it only came in the bank on the Monday. I don't care when they have it, personally, as long as they share it with me!

It was a pretty good birthday!

Oh, yeah... Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Licks and sniffs,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I can't think of a title for this (FD)

When I was looking for fun ideas for different lunches and healthy snacks - in the past, and more recently - I came across something called, "ants on a log" (it's mentioned in a post about lunches for children, which I did back in August). Well, I decided I'd give it a go... Just because I could, and because it sounded quite tasty.

To save you looking up the post - since I can't be bothered to grab the link myself to link back to it - I'll tell you what it is: it's a stick of celery, filled with peanut butter, and topped with raisins. It was quite tasty. It wont make it in to my top ten favourite snacks or anything like that, since I'm not really much of a celery eater, but I wouldn't mind having it again.


Owen has another storytelling event tonight. I'm not going though. I would have, only it's the same one as I went to back in February, so I decided against it. I'm sure it will be just as good as Owen's storytelling events usually are though! I mean, he hasn't disappointed me yet! :)


Elizabeth has finally done another blog - after a few years of not posting - so you might want to check that out if you want an update on Michael.


Kero's birthday post will be going up tomorrow. So, if you enjoy my furkid posts, then you'll want to look out for that. I've set it to go up at 2:00 pm my time.


I did another post early this morning... If you missed it, scroll down.

To those who need it...

I meant to do this post a couple of days ago, but I'd already set up Monday and Tuesday's posts, and then I wanted to get the weight post done... Yeah, I know, not good enough excuses! Still, I'm getting to this post now... Sorry for the delay!

Anyway, this post is to let the world - well, the people who read my blog, anyway - know that I'm sending out thoughts to those in need of them. Be it those affected by the eruption of the Iceland volcano, Grimsvotn or those in the path of the Tornados in America, or anyone having to deal with other disasters (such as earthquakes, etc).

I hope that all of my friends - as well as those who are dear to them - are safe and well!

*Sending out positive thoughts and such to all in need of them*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight and a quote

Last week I forgot to post about my weight. So, I'm going to mention this week and last week in this post so as to get you caught up (if you're interested, that is).

Last week, I lost 2 and a half lbs (2lbs 8oz).
This week, I lost 2lbs.

That means I've taken off what I put back on in those couple of weeks after I lost such a large chunk from being unwell, plus I lost an extra little bit (an extra 1lb).

So, my total weight loss is 1 stone and 1lb (15lbs) since the start of March.

My goal is 1lb per week, and I worked out it's been 11 weeks, so that means - as it stands at the moment - I'm 4lbs ahead of my personal goal. I'm a bit behind the goal set for me by others, but I don't care about that, since I think it's my own goal that matters most. I'm definately making progress with getting the weight off, and that's all that matters. If it's not good enough for "them" then that's their problem!


I got this in an e-mail recently, and thought I'd share it. Among the main things people criticise is weight, so I figured this post would be a good oppertunity to do so.

"All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism." ~Author unknown~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Gwydion gets revenge

Hi humans, this is Gwydion again.

I wanted to tell you about what I did when the Mamgu human visited recently, but Mami has been so busy posting things - then I wanted to post my photos - that I'm only now getting a chance to do so. Anyway, here's what I wanted to tell you about:

Mamgu human isn't a big fan of rodents, and I am - if you don't know - a member of the rodent family. As a general rule I just ignore it... We have this unspoken agreement that we just avoid each other, and everyone is happy.

Anyway, Mamgu human was here helping Mami do some chores, and they were cleaning up the room I'm in. My cage had been cleaned that day, so it was smelling nice, and Mamgu decided to point that out, since the last time she'd been in my room I was in need of cleaning. I believe her actual words were, "you smell much better, little beastie."

Now, I appreciated the comment about smelling nice, but... Although I do answer to most things, I took offence when "beastie" was used. I didn't let on though, I just sat there watching them clean. Then, just as they finished, I ran around in my cage, kicking up the sawdust that's in the bottom of it enough so that it was able to get out through the bars of my cage and end up on the floor again. Then I gave the Mamgu human a, "that will teach you," look, and walked in to my bed part of my cage, leaving the humans to clean up the new mess that I'd just made for them.

Ah... Sweet revenge!

Squeak soon,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kero's 7th birthday

I can't believe it! My little puppy is 7 years old!

That means he's now considered a senior dog... Despite me still seeing him as the cute little puppy with the floppy ear who I brought home almost 7 years ago!

He's a good dog - well, most of the time, lol - who's helped me through some really tough times... I'm glad we decided to get him, and hope he's with us for a few more years yet!

Happy birthday Castellan Keroberous!

(Bet you're glad we just call him Kero and you don't have to remember how to spell that, LOL!)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

8th wedding anniversary

On this day, eight years ago, I was in Canada and getting married. Well, actually, at the time it is in Canada at this very moment, I was probably not even up yet, but let's not be picky. For those who know my age... Yes, that's right, I was barely legal when I got married. Everyone said it wouldn't last, and that we'd be divorcing within two years - if we made it that long - but here we are, eight years later, still married, and happy to be celebrating our anniversary together!

I still remember how he proposed, and I still remember how we came to set the date for our wedding, and I also still remember the events of the day itself. Today, I'm going to share some of the details with you.

For the benifit of anyone who doesn't know, I met Kelly online. After we'd been having an online relationship for a while - and talking on the phone quite a lot too - he obviously decided he wanted to be with me in a more permanent capacity, because he came online one day, and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Kelly: Will you marry me?
Me: Huh?
Kelly: Will you marry me?
Me: I haven't even met you in person yet!
Kelly: OK, but if you still feel the same about me when you do, will you?
Me: Sure, why not!

He then told me he had to ask my Dad's permission, so I got Dad's permission to give Kelly his e-mail address, Dad went on MSN (yeah, that's where the proposal took place, lol) and I went off to get a drink. Next thing I know Dad's calling me, so I go to him, and we have a conversation something like this:

Dad: He wants to marry you
Me: Apparently
Dad: He wants my permission
Me: Yeah, I know
Dad: Should I give it? Do you want to marry him?
Me: Might as well
Dad: Well, shall I give my permission, then you can decide when you meet him?
Me: Sure, why not!

Dad then told Kelly that as long as I wanted to, it was fine with him.

That Christmas I spent in Canada with him, and the following April I went there for what ended up being about six months (was meant to have been a permanent thing, but that's another story). I'd been there a few weeks when I decided that we might as well go ahead with the whole getting married thing (I had my reasons for doing it quickly, but I wont go in to them on here). So, Kelly comes home from work one day and...

Me: So, you still want to marry me?
Kelly: Yes
Me: OK, well we can start sorting it out later then
Kelly: OK, but I need a nap first!

(He worked nights, slept a couple of hours when he came home, spent the middle part of the day with me, had another short nap, then went back to work... So as to spend time in the day with me, but still not be too tired at work at night).

When he got up from his nap, we looked up what we needed to sort out, and figured we'd sort it right away, and it would depend how long things took to when it would happen.

As it turned out, the following day we went and got our marriage lisence and rings. It was a Friday. The following Wednesday we picked up Kelly's ring (mine we already had, since we could take it with us right away, but Kelly's had needed to be resized) and on the Thursday we got married. We had just two witnesses... Kelly's Mother, Jenifer, and her sister, Susan... And got married several stories up in the apartment/flat of someone who we'd found on the list given to us when we got our marriage lisence. We got married in our every day clothes - since neither of us are keen on "dressing up" (yep, even if it's our own wedding, lol) - and afterwards we went to a food court where Jen, Sue and I had McDonalds, and Kelly had tacos.

My parents couldn't get over to Canada quickly enough to attend, and Kelly's sister, Sherry, was meant to have been there with little Devin, but we weren't sure how long it would take, and we didn't want to pull Tamara out of school for the day, so Sherry didn't come in case she couldn't make it home in time for when Tamara came home (since she was too young to be home alone at that point, because she was only nine).

Definately not a traditional proposal and wedding, eh? ;)

I scared Kelly on the day. I didn't mean to, but I still did. Remember how I said the flat/apartment was several floors up? Well, there was a small balcony, and we were told we could go out on it and look at the view if we wanted. I did want to. Only, I guess I was leaning over the railings a bit too much for Kelly's liking, because he was convinced I was going to fall. I didn't though - obviously - although, I wish I'd taken my camera out there with me and taken a photo of that view!

Anyway, that was eight years ago... Hard to believe, but it was! Well, actually, the proposal part happened about 8 and a half years ago, but you get the point, I'm sure!

I don't know if he'll read this, since sometimes he reads my blog, other times he doesn't, but... Happy anniversary to my wonderful hubby. I hope we have many more years together!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Gwydion's photo session

Hi humans, this is Gwydion.

Well, I decided to agree to a photo session with my human, so here are the resulting photos:

First, here I am on the floor in the living room. Mami puts me down on the floor to try and persuade me to walk about a bit, but I almost never do. I do take a few steps from time to time, but that's about it. I hear some guinea pigs run all over the place - and Kero tried to show me how to do it by nudging me from behind - but that's not for me. I don't do exercise, and the world is too big for me to feel safe running around loose in it! But, Mami still puts me on the floor, and here are the photos of me taken while I was down on the floor (with Kero nearby trying to persuade me to run about and get some exercise... Though you can't see him in the photos).

Mami put me on the chair in the living room and asked me to pose for a photo, so I figured I might as well. Besides, there wasn't far I could go (especially with my reluctance to do anything even remotely like exercise). Anyway, here's the photo:

And here I am looking right at the camera:

Ah, now this is more my style... Cuddle time with Mami!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos. And, thank you Iggy human for sorting them out for me!

Squeak soon,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy birthday Deanna

It's Deanna's birthday today, so I wanted to take a moment to wish her a very happy birthday, and to say that I hope today is a wonderful day for her, filled with all the people and things she loves most! Happy birthday, Deanna... May today be filled with happy moments that will become happy memories!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Furkid thoughts: what I did on Monday (FD)

Hi there humans, this is Kero here!

On Monday morning Mami told me I was going for a car ride with Mamgu. I was confused, but happy... I like car rides! Anyway, Dadi got in the car too, but he got out in the town place, which really upset me, because I didn't like the idea of leaving him behind. So I howled, and howled, and howled!

When we got out of the car I was a bit confused about what was going on still, but then I figured out where we were and tried to get away. Mamgu was taking me to the groomer!

Don't get me wrong, I love the attention I get from the groomer, and I love the attention I get when I'm nice and clean and humans are admiring me. But I hate being at the groomer, because my humans leave me there, and I have to go in a cage! Eventually Mamgu came to get me - after I had been groomed - and I was so excited - and worried she'd go away again without me - that I set all the other dogs in the building off howling and barking. I didn't care though, because Mamgu had come back for me!

After I got home I had these photos taken:

(Thanks to my pal Iggy for sorting these so quickly for me).

Once my photos had been taken I had my dinner, then I settled down with a rawhide shoe for a good chewing session. Which I was just getting started with when Mami suggested she took me walkies... I expect you wont be surprised to hear that I just dropped the shoe and raced over to her - barking excitedly, of course - to make sure she went through with it. I figured the shoe could wait until after walkies!

OK, that's all I have to say for today. Well, except to let anyone interested know that there will be a post from Gwydion some time very soon... Perhaps in a couple of days?

Licks and sniffs,

Labeling project - complete

Yes, that's right... I've FINALLY finished labeling all those posts! I actually only finished doing it just a few minutes ago. Now, perhaps, I can concentrate on other projects? Thing is, I started getting obsessed with getting the labels on the posts, and then I wasn't doing much else. Actually, that's how come I haven't been reading people's blogs the past couple of days... Well, that and the fact that most of Tuesday and Wednesday I was out (more on that another day). As I said though, I'm done with the post labeling now - just got to label posts as I write them from now on - so I can catch up on blogs, and - hopefully - actually make some decent progress on the list of knitting projects that are waiting to be done. Starting with the scarf I still haven't finished...

Oh, guess what? The post I wrote last Thursday - the one Blogger swallowed up - showed up in draft today. But for some strange reason it showed up with Tuesday's date on it (but I know for a fact I definately published it last week, because I'd replied to a comment on it from Nikki before all the Blogger issues). I have no idea where it came from, it just showed up earlier - well, actually only about 10 minutes ago - with Tuesday's date as the date on it, in draft form, without any of the comments that I know for a fact were on it before it vanished. How strange!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy birthday Lainie

It's Lainie's birthday today. Lainie isn't around on the blogs much these days, but I want to wish her a very happy birthday anyway. So... Happy birthday, Lainie! Hope it's a wonderful one!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy birthday Eleri

It's Eleri's birthday today (Eleri who used to live upstairs). I don't think she reads my blog, though I know she knows it exists, but, anyway... I figured I'd take a few moments to wish her a, "happy birthday," either way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy birthday Rachel

Today is my sister-in-law, Rachel's birthday. Well, I guess she's technically my "ex" Sister-In-Law now that her and Carl are splitting up, but still... I still consider her my sister-in-law. Anyway, I don't know if she reads my blog these days - she doesn't even really post on her own blog - but... Happy birthday Rachel! Hope today is a wonderful one for you!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Babies, pets and projects (FD)

My Mam had Emma-Jane for the day yesterday, and she also had Jo (a family friend we've known for years) visiting with her 2 week old grandaughter, Tyler. So - knowing how much I love babies - she brought them all for a quick visit.

I had a long cuddle of baby Tyler, but Emma wasn't in a cuddling mood. I'm not sure if it was the fact she'd had her nap disturbed so was still tired, the fact Tyler was around and she was a bit jealous, or the fact that the last time my Mam brought her to my place Mam snuck out for a smoke when Emma was busy, and Emma was worried it would happen again. It could also have been the fact kelly was in the room, because she's developed a bit of an issue with getting upset when men are around. It could also have been a combination of all those things. Whatever the reason though, Emma-Jane wanted cuddles from nobody but "Nana Ka" yesterday.

They only came for a quick visit, but I did enjoy my baby cuddling time... Even though I was a bit disappointed that Emma wasn't interested in a cuddle. Mind you, Emma's getting older now, so she's going to start not wanting as much cuddle time anyway.

Many of the snacks I have are officially toddler snacks, so I told Mam she could grab one for Emma, and Emma cheered up a bit once she was sat in her carseat eating it. She loves her food that one. LOL! Actually, if Emma had her way she'd have had two snacks, since she took the snack off my Mam then held out her other hand as if to say, "and what about a snack for this hand?" LOL!

Anyway, after they left Kero got a bit cuddly. I think he was saying, "I'm your baby still, aren't I?" In other words, I think my little furbaby got a bit jealous seeing me making such a fuss over the human babies. So, I gave him some cuddles and ear rubs, and after that he was happy enough to curl up on the sofa for a nap.


Our weather wont make up its mind what it wants to be like - one minute it's lovely outside, the next it's raining or there's a hail storm - it's annoying. Actually, I wouldn't mind so much, only it means attempting to plan my walks with Kero between rain showers, which isn't the easiest thing to do, and rarely works as planned.


I had to re label several posts that I'd labeled on Thursday, because of what happened with Blogger, but I'm quickly getting through the stack of posts on my dashboard. I'd be done by now if I wasn't so picky... I think I mentioned that before? Well, - and I think I said this before too - if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right! No sense in doing something if you don't plan on doing it properly!

Once I'm done, maybe I'll actually be able to concentrate more on working on my knitting projects? I've hardly done anything with them since starting with the post labeling thing, so Louise's scarf is still waiting to be finished, Emma-Jane's doll blankets have yet to even be started, and the rest of the stuff on the list hasn't even had much thought directed at it. I will get the stuff done though... I will... Honest!

Hey, at least I can't say I'm bored! ;)

OK, so I better get back to doing the posts so I can get to doing the knitting projects.

I hope you're having a great weekend... Stay safe!

P.S. I'll come around and check blogs later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


"The Mystery Inc. gang have gone their separate ways and have been apart for two years, until they each receive an invitation to Spooky Island. Not knowing that the others have also been invited, they show up and discover an amusement park that affects young visitors in very strange ways. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby soon realize that they cannot solve this mystery without help from each other."

(Above taken from here).

Another excellent Scooby-Doo movie; really funny in parts too!

Doorstep debates

Another thing was mentioned in the post that vanished from Thursday. That thing was my various discussions with Jahovah's Witnesses (sorry, but I don't know if I spelled that right, and can't be bothered to look it up and check at the moment).

Now, I want to stress here that I have no issues wit people having their own different beliefs. I don't personally believe in God, but I have several friends who do, and that's fine. But, if you knock on my door and start challenging my beliefs and telling me I should believe what you believe, then I'm going to start challenging your beliefs too. It's nothing personal, but I'm going to do it. The best way to avoid this is to avoid getting me in a debate about religeon. Simple as that! However, Jahovah's Witnesses insist on knocking on my door and attempting to convert me.

Another thing you need to know here is that most of my friends are online, so I don't see many people. My main non-family visitors are the people who deliver my post. The thing is though - despite the fact I don't go in for all those big social gatherings and all that - I love to talk.

Can you see where I'm going with this? You got it! They knock on my door, I decide to talk to them - unless I'm busy when they call - and they start to challenge my beliefs, so I throw back challenges of my own. This leads to conversations like this:

JW: "So you believe in evolution, and the big bang theory?"
Me: "Yes, I do."
JW: "Then you believe there was some kind of energy that created the universe?"
Me: "Yes, some sort of energy - perhaps chemical, perhaps not, though I'm more enclined to accept the "it was a chemical reaction" theory for the creation of the universe."
JW: "Then where did this chemical energy come from?"
Me: "I'm not a scientist, how do I know?"
JW: "Do you accept it could possibly be God?"
Me: "OK, let's just say - for the sake of argument - that it is God. Then answer this... Where did God come from?"
JW:" Excuse me?"
Me: "Well, what you're saying is, nothing can just exist, it has to have a source, correct?"
JW: "Yes."
Me: "So, what source created God?"

They couldn't answer that question.

Another interesting - to me - conversation was this one:

JW: "Do you believe that someone tends the plants and flowers in nature?"
Me: "Humans tend to do things like that."
JW: "And what about the places people don't tend to?"
Me: "They look after themselves, that's why they're called "wild" areas."
JW: "But let's just say that someone has some kind of grand design and makes them that way on purpose..."
Me: "Oh, you mean fairies?"
JW: "Fairies aren't real."
Me: "How can you be sure?"
JW: "There's no proof they exist."
Me: "There's no proof God exists either, but you believe in him. If you can believe in God, why can't I believe in fairies?"
JW: "Because they aren't real."
Me: "They could be."
JW: "But the bible is proof of God existing, there's no evidence of fairies."
Me: "Actually, there are far more books with fairies in them than there are books about God."
JW: "But the bible is the word of God."
Me: "As dictated to man, right?"
JW: "Yes."
Me: "So how can you be sure fairies didn't show themselves to the people who first wrote the books about them? I mean the idea has to have come from somewhere, right?"

Anyway, when I get bored of them I just make an excuse to end our conversation. A common statement that works well is, "Did I mention I'm a Pagan?" They really don't like that one. I think it's because of the common false belief that Pagans are Satan worshipers. Sorry to disappoint you people, but since I don't believe Satan exists, how can I worship him?

Anyway, as I said, people are entitled to their own beliefs, but you come knocking on my door and challenging my beliefs, and this is what you get!

P.S. I saw a couple more of them today, Nikki, and I asked them about the windows thing... They said it's not all of their churches, it's just that some places do that because they've had a lot of issues with people breaking their windows, and are fed up of it. Apparently the church near here has plenty of windows (they offered to take me and show me).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Posting again about yesterday, with an update

I'm not sure what exactly was up with Blogger, but whatever the issue is it seems to have reset blogs - well, mine and Kelly's at least, I don't know about other blogs - back to how they were... I think yesterday (Thursday) morning. Including removing comments left after that time, and posts published after that time. The birthday post I wrote for my friend, Pam, was back in draft (where I'd had it for a couple of weeks) so I was able to put it back up again, but the post I did yesterday evening about my day... Poof! It's disappeared to wherever it is that posts and comments disappear to sometimes. *Sigh*

So, to recap...

Yesterday was a bad day for me. It started off OK, then I broke my watch strap, jammed my little finger in the parts of my cane while folding it after walking Kero, and after that my laptop wouldn't accept the power supply, so - since the battery was dead - wouldn't work. We downloaded a demo version of Jaws so I could use it on Kelly's PC, and I was thinking I'd put in my authorization disk if it worked OK, but - and this part wasn't in yesterday's post - I thought afterwards that probably wouldn't work anyway, since mine is Jaws 8.0, and the version it gave Kelly to use for his Windows 7 is Jaws 12.5 (or something like that). This meant I was stuck using Jaws in demo mode, meaning it only lasts 40 minutes before the entire PC has to be restarted if you want to use Jaws any more. Annoying, but better than no internet access.

I did discover how to make my phone talk online, but that's not an ideal option since it costs to go online on my phone, because it prefers to access the network internet rather than any local wireless connections (shame, since if it would access my home wireless connection it would be free to use it online that way). Plus, signal isn't always great around here for my mobile, and it seems to need a good signal to stay connected.

But, it all worked out well in the end, because...

Dad came for a visit today, and my greeting to him was, "my laptop's dead. Well, actually I think it's the power supply, since it worked until the battery died, only I didn't know the battery was in use until I got the message about it being low. I tried all the different sockets around, but it wont work." So, Dad had a look, and was pretty sure I was right. He told us where to go to look on a site for a computer parts shop he knows that's not too far away, and when we saw one that would work with my laptop was available, he offered to take me and fetch it. I agreed, and we went.

It worked. My laptop works again. I'm using it now! Yay! :)

It cost £30 ($60) for the new power cord (because it comes with several adaptors, since it's designed to work with almost any laptop, netbook or notebook) instead of what it would have cost for a new laptop, which could be anything from £200 for a new laptop, and - since it would have to have Windows 7 - £700 for Jaws too, so £900 (roughly $1800) or more to get set up with a new laptop. Yes, I think £30 was a much nicer price!

Plus, at least we could just about afford £30.

Fingers crossed that this new power cord keeps doing the trick, and it's some time before a new laptop is needed!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy birthday Pam

Today is my friend Pam's birthday. Sometimes she reads my blog, sometimes she doesn't. But whether she sees this or not doesn't really matter... Either way, I want to wish her a very happy birthday! So... Happy birthday, Pam!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Computers and dentists

I just wanted to say sorry for not being around the blogs over the past couple of days. I've been busy sorting out the labels/topics on my old posts so that they're just how I want them, and it's taking up a lot of time. Actually, it's sort of my own fault it's taking up so much time, since it's because I want them to be just how I want them - if you know what I mean - and it means a bit more fussing about with them than it would otherwise. Well, if I'm going to do it, I'm doing it right! ;)


I'm lucky my laptop is working, since I dropped it the other day (not the first time, and probably wont be the last). It landed on my big toe though. Yes. Whole weight of the laptop - corner first - on the one toe. It was quite painful, actually! Kelly said I had quite a bruise on the spot it landed, and we think I might have bruised right through to the bone. That was almost a week ago now though, and the laptop is still working, and the toe isn't hurting nearly as much any more. So, it all worked out OK in the end, I guess.

All of us - Mam, Kelly, Dad and I - had dentist appointments on Friday. Neither Mam or I need to go back, but Kelly and Dad do. They're going back on May 24th. Wayne had Kero for us when we all had to go, but when Kelly and Dad go back I'll be able to stay home with him. I almost never need anything done at the dentist, so I can't say it's a big shock to me that I don't have to go back. I've - so far - been quite lucky with my teeth. Let's just hope it stays that way, you think? I mean, I do have the slight issue of my wisdom teeth deciding to grow in further back than they should due to there not being much space for them, but the dentist says as long as they're not bugging me then it's not an issue. And they're not bugging me, so... *shrugs*

Anyway, I'll get to your blogs - and your comments on mine - soon... Honest!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Willy movies

I've seen "Free Willy," "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" and "Free Willy 3: The Rescue" before (a good couple of years back... When they were new out, I think). But what caused me to write this post was "Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove" which I watched recently. I'm not sure if you know, but the star of this one is the late Steve Irwin's little girl, Bindi.

Anyway, between the fact I had enjoyed the other three Free Willy movies, and the fact Bindi Irwin was in it (I always enjoyed watching her Father's shows) I knew I "had to" watch the movie. I'm glad I did... It was fantastic!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mine and Kero's weigh-ins (FD)

I weighed today, then I got off the scales, picked up Kero, and got back on them to get his weight by subtracting my weight from the new total (it's the easiest way to weigh him, since he wont sit on the scales by himself for me - no matter what I do to try and persuade him to do so). Anyway, you may - or may not - remember that when I weighed him about a month ago he weighed 2 stone 3lbs 12oz (31lbs 12oz) and today he weighed 2 stone 2lbs 8oz (30lbs 8oz). That means he's lost 1lb 4oz in about a month. So, yeah, I guess he is losing a bit of weight while I'm trying to lose some.

As for me? Well, I didn't do so well. I put on 2lbs 8oz this week. *Sigh*

I'm having a bad time with food at the moment. I'm trying to find an eating plan that works for me, but I'm not having much luck, then I'm eating all the wrong things. I was trying to find the posts from when I saw the dietitian before in hopes they'd offer some tips (that's what started me on labeling the posts). Well, I found them, but they didn't help. They did tell me that I'd been told small meals with small snacks in between are best (and apparently did that and lost some weight with it) but I was hoping for some example menus I could work with. I did find some dinner menus, but I'd hoped I'd done at least one full day menu to work from, if that makes sense. The thing is, it's not so much the foods I want - since I was eating meat at the time - it's the portions and meal spacing, if you know what I mean. The thing is, I know what I "should" be eating food wise, but I'm trying to find an eating routine where I'm not ending up over hungry before it's meal time, and therefore not so quick to grab anything that can be being eaten quickly rather than taking the extra bit of time needed for sorting out something healthier.

Yeah, I'm still stuck in the, "I know what I need to do, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it," phase of weight loss. I need to figure it out soon though, or I'll end up putting all that weight I lost back on, and I really, really don't want that!

As it is I felt bad while reading my old posts from when I was losing weight before, because... Well, let's just say I've got a bit to go to even get down to what I was when I started trying to lose weight last time, let alone getting down to where I'd managed to get my weight down to before. I tried not to let myself feel bad about it, and tried to tell myself I'll get back down there. Sometimes it's not so easy to just tell yourself those things and believe it though, is it? I will get there though.


Happy birthday Elizabeth

Today is Elizabeth's birthday, so I thought I would post a, "happy birthday," on here for her. I have no idea if she reads my blog, but I'll post it anyway. So... Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ammerican/Canadian Mothers' Day 2011

Happy Mothers' Day to every Mum, Mummy, Mam, Mami, Mammy, Mama, Mom, Mommy, Moma and Mother who is celebrating this day! I hope you were made to feel special by your child(ren)!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Furkid thoughts: I'm worth more than two dogs!

Hi humans, it's Kero here!

When we've been out for walkies lately, I've seen a lot of my friends who live around here. Like Cara the Labrador x Spaniel, Robbie the Jack Russel, and Bella the Long-Haired Chihuahua. Not to mention some local dogs I don't actually know the names of. Anyway, guess what? Bella has some little puppies staying with her right now. They're King Charles Spaniels, and they're only 14 weeks old. Jade and Jody - which is what they are called - are staying with Bella while they learn how to be good girls on the lead. Doesn't look like they'll be leaving any time soon if that's the case! Seriously... They were climbing over each other, pulling the human, chewing each other's ears, etc. Definately not good walkies behaviour! Actually, the ears thing isn't good behaviour in general! My Mami thought they were really cute though, and wanted to take them home with us. I wasn't so keen. They were nice to meet, but something tells me they'd be a lot of trouble to have around, and I bet they'd chew my toys! Yeah, I'm glad they're staying with Bella and not with us!

I was pleased to hear though that when the human offered Mami to swap me for them, Mami said, "no way," right away. Mami says the human was only joking, but it was still good to know that Mami loves me more than two dogs! Especially since humans usually go nuts for puppies. I knew I was special, but I didn't know I was so special Mami wouldn't even swap me for two dogs! I'm sure you wont be surprised to hear I had a bounce in my step and a wag in my tail all the rest of the day after that!

Will post again soon.

Licks and sniffs,

Friday, May 06, 2011

Emma, not Spongebob

I thought this was cute - and funny too - and wanted to share it, but forgot to post it when I was doing my posts about my time with Mam and Emma-Jane the other day. Anyway...

Mam, Emma-Jane and I were in the car, and Mam said something she didn't actually want Emma repeating, but - of course - the baby repeated it. So, Mam and I got to talking about how she was "picking things up like a sponge."

"We'll have to call her Spongebob Squarepants," said my Mam, jokingly.

No sooner had Mam said that than Emma defiantly announced, "I Memma!!"

OK, so she hasn't figured out the spacing in the words properly yet, but... She knows who she is, and it isn't Spongebob! LOL!

Spoons and bowls

After getting the penguin plate and bowl not long ago, I decided to look and see if there was a matching cup. No luck finding one as yet, but I did find some spoons to go with the set. So, of course, I had to get a couple... Especially since they only cost 60p (around $1.80) each. I put them the way they are so you could see the front and back of the spoon. Figured it was easier - since I had two - than needing to do a couple of photos for them. Anyway, here they are:

The penguin stuff is really cool, but I wanted some microwave safe plastic stuff too. Well, I found some Disney bowls, so I got one to see if it was any good. I've had it a couple of months now, and used it several times. It does the job well, so I decided to get a couple more to go with it. Especially since they are only £1 (about $2) each. Here are a few photos I got of all three bowls:

The blue Winnie The Pooh one is the one I've had for a couple of months, and used several times. The other Winnie The Pooh one, and the Lightning McQueen one are the new ones. I would have liked to get a couple more, but didn't want to over-do it with what I was spending. I mean, I could only justify getting them because plastic stuff is safer with me (I easily break other stuff, because I knock it against stuff a lot, knock it off stuff a lot, etc). It's quite annoying, actually, and I'm sick of buying new bowls. These ones arre made to be able to withstand toddlers though, so "hopefully" they should be able to cope with me knocking them against and off things.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Things I could have said yesterday (FD)

I took a couple more photos of Emma-Jane on Tuesday while I had her on my own. I didn't mention them yesterday because I wasn't sure if I'd managed to get her in any of them. Apparently I had though, so here they are:

First, here she is sat in her highchair enjoying a sausage roll:

And here she is sat on the floor playing:

The doll is one I got her Tuesday. It only cost £2 (about $4) and she seemed to really like it - I showed it to her in the shop, and we got quite a way around the shop before she let go of it, and then I think it was only because she noticed the Eeyore dangling from the bag I had round my waist - so I "had to" get it for her. I was pleased to see she was still interested enough in it to want to play with it when we got home (well, back to Mam's place). It was definately worth the £2 it cost!

Soon after I took that photo, she put the doll in the little pushchair she has there and was pushing it about. It was so cute! I didn't try to get a photo of that though... It's hard enough getting photos of her when she's staying still, so I didn't think I'd have much luck - if any - when she was on the move! ;)


We've had beautiful weather most days. The odd light shower (like late Monday, I think it was) and the odd bit of really cold wind (like yesterday's rather chilly wind). But mostly it's been quite nice here. Warm and sunny, but not too hot... That's how it's been most of the time. Nice enough to be outside, but not hot enough to make you feel uncomfortable or anything... Just how I like it! :)


For now at least I wont be doing the "Furkid Friday" posts every week. I'm finding that either I have nothing new to post for them - either because I already mentioned it when I did my own posts, or because nothing happened worth mentioning - or I forget to mention stuff because it happened earlier in the week and by Friday I don't remember to add itt to the post. Anyway, when either Kero or Gwydion have anything worth posting I'll do a post from them, otherwise it will be mentioned in my posts (depending on if it's just usual day to day things, or something interesting that's worth doing from their point of view). In the meantime, here's a photo that was taken of Kero a couple of weeks back, but which I never got around to posting:


I gained 1lb this past week. Can't say I'm surprised about that. Actually, I expected to have gained more than that. Thing is, it was only last week I was able to fully eat "normal" food again after my throat being so sore, plus the fact that most of what I ate last week was... Well, let's just say it wasn't healthy! Anyway, when I weighed on Monday I discovered I'd put 1lb back on. But, that's OK! I mean, this is the first gain of any sort I've had, and... Well, I did lose the last 7lbs quite quickly. Not to mention the fact that - as I said - with what I'd been eating (mostly involving pizza, chips/fries and chocolate) I actually deserved to have gained more than 1lb. I'd like to say I've been doing better so far this week, but... *Sigh*... I really haven't! We had take-away on Monday, because it was Kelly's birthday, then I had the McDonalds breakfast, a donut and a whole lot of chocolate on Tuesday, and there was more chocolate yesterday... The chocolate is all eaten now though, so at least that's out of the way. And now I need to get back on track with my eating, and get back to eating the things I know I should be eating.


I've gotten a lot of those posts labelled. I've only got about 450 posts left to label. Yeah, that might sound like a lot, but when you think about the number of posts I've published, and the pile - now complete with labels - waiting to be published... Well, suddenly 450 left to label sounds like a nice, small number! I'm hoping to get some more of them done in these next few days. I'm at a point where I really can't wait for them to be over and done with though! I got through about 1200 of them, then started wondering what made me think this was a good idea. I almost decided to forget it, but then I reminded myself of how many I'd done, and I thought about the fact that there would now be more to go through and remove labels from than there were left to label. I also thought about the fact that once I start something I like to finish it, and - despite the fact part of me is wishing I wasn't doing this (not least because reading some of the old posts is far from enjoyable) - I'm going to finish what I started, and I'm going to get labels on all my posts!


OK, this will do for today.

I hope that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and warm! If you aren't... Then consider positive thoughts sent in your direction! And a few hugs too!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

McDonalds, magazines and much mayhem (FD)

Sorry for not being around much lately. Between catching up on watching things that had been recorded on the Sky box for me, catching up on bits of knitting I couldn't get done while I was sick, etc, I've not had time to be online much, and when I have been I've mostly been sorting out labels for old posts. I'll get to your blogs soon though... Honest!


I seem to have gotten rid of that cough... For now! Hope it doesn't come back!


I've done a load more of Louise's scarf, and I'm now almost 2 thirds of the way through it. Not quite, but almost! Hoping to get it done soon so I can get on with the rest of the items on my ever growing "projects to complete" list.


Mam had Emma-Jane for the day on Friday, so she suggested she took Emma and I out to McDonalds for lunch. I agreed, so we went. While we were out, we took these photos of Emma in her carseat in the back of Mam's car:

If she doesn't look happy, it's because she isn't at the moment. Her back teeth are cutting, and it's giving her a cough, a runny nose, and a bit of an attitude. I can't say I blame her though. And she is finding a smile from time to time... Just not when these photos were being taken. I figured I'd share them anyway though, for those of you who enjoy baby photos. Besides, we took them, so I might as well post them! ;)

Also, it was a very sunny day, and the sun was on her, which she hates, so that wasn't helping.

I also spent yesterday (Tuesday) with Mam and Emma. I brought us a McDonalds breakfast. I had an egg McMuffin meal, and I was very impressed with the ones who worked at McDonalds, because I stressed that I didn't want meat "in, or near" my McMuffin, so they made a point of making sure they used clean tongs, and didn't even let my food be anywhere near Mam's on the tray. I was pleased, because they were making such a big effort of making sure there was no way any meat was touching my food, compared to some places where they have a "that's your problem" type of attitude to things. So, they get plenty of brownie points for that in my book! ;)

I got Emma the pancake and sausage meal, which they let us have a fruitshoot juice drink with because Emma can't yet manage an ordinary bottle or cup (she's only 13 months old, after all). She seemed to enjoy what made it to her mouth of it anyway. LOL!

And Mam seemed to enjoy her food too!

We did also get donuts, but we were full, so we ate those afterwards... Mine ended up being part of my lunch.

We dragged poor Emma around shops while we got food shopping done and ran some errands. She was pretty good. She did demolish the box of an Easter egg Mam got her and decided to let her hold (to keep her from grabbing the other things in the trolley) but we managed to stop her demolishing the other items we were buying, and managed to keep her from reaching the things on the shelves, so that's a good thing! LOL!

I spent some one on one time with Emma while Mam took the mower to Dad's for him to mow his lawn, and gave her some lunch. Mostly it was fine, except that right around when she was getting stressy and ready for a nap, I kind of lost her dummy (pacifier). She usually throws it, then wants it back, then sucks it frantically before settling to sleep. No problem, only... When she threw it I couldn't find it. It landed in the ball pool, among all the toys in it. So, there I was, frantically sorting through the toys to find the dummy, while Emma - wanting the dummy, and not understanding why she wasn't getting it - was having a total melt down. Seriously! I'm talking burying her face in the floor, fists clenched, kicking her legs, full on tantrum! Thing is, I was at Mam's place with her, and had no idea where to find spare dummies there, so I couldn't even give her a substitute dummy, and had no choice but to put up with the tantrum while trying desperately to locate the dummy (something that would have been much easier if having no sight didn't mean I had to literally check every object in the ball pool until I found the lost dummy). I "finally" located the dummy, shoved it in her mouth, and... Ah! Silence! Only, then my Mam got back, and Emma took it as her cue to make it clear she wasn't impressed at being left behind, and started to cry again! She only cried for a few seconds that time though, thankfully! Mam thought she'd been crying the whole time, so I explained what had happened. Mind you, I had to explain anyway, since my greeting to Mam was, "oh, yeah... Now you get back!" It wasn't that she had been crying so. I mean, the crying wouldn't have been so bad, if it wasn't for the fact I know - and knew at the time - that it could have been stopped before it got to tantrum stage just by presenting Emma with a dummy, and I was frustrated that it was because I couldn't find the dummy that I'd had to endure 10 minutes of a toddler tantrum!

I still want kids though... LOL!


The first issue of my Art Of Knitting magazine arrived a couple of weeks back, but there still hasn't been any sign of the other issues I should have had by now. So, I called them. Apparently, due to needing to reprint copies of issue 1 they put the subscription start date back a bit, so I have to wait the length of time I would have waited had I started the subscription later than I did (if that makes sense). So, I pointed out that I knew someone who had been caught up on them, and they asked if that person had subscribed by phone. I said they had, and was told that they'd delayed the start dates for those of us who subscribed online, but not those who subscribed by phone. Now, either that's the biggest load of rubbish I've heard recently, or that was very unfair. Why should it matter how you subscribe? You either subscribe, or you don't. It should go in order of subscription date, and since this person subscribed a week later than me, she should be a week behind me recieving her issues, not about 4 issues ahead of me! *Sigh* Anyway, "supposedly" I should get my next issues in the next couple of weeks. We'll see. If I don't, I'll be calling them again though, you can count on that!

At least my Baked And Delicious magazine is showing up when it's meant to... That's a start, I guess!


OK, this will do for today...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On this day in 2006...

Today is the anniversary of when I started my blog, and I wanted to write something meningful to thank my friends for being there for me through all the hard times; losing my sight, losing my Oriental cat, Myskanco "Chance" Silva flame, and all the other losses. And through all the happy times too. But I've been trying to do it for more than half an hour so far, and I just can't find the words. So, instead, I'll say this: On this day in 2006, I started this blog. In that time I've made a lot of friends. Some of them have turned out not to be who I thought they were; some have turned out to be wonderful friends.

To those who turned out not to be who I thought they were: lies and deception get you nowhere in life, and I can only hope you will some day learn the error of your ways, and in doing so that you will turn over a new leaf and - perhaps - find it in yourself to be the person I thought you were.

To those who turned out to be wonderful friends: Thank you! Thank you for being there for me when I needed a friend, and for... Well, for being you!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy birthday Kelly

You'll never guess who's birthday it is today? LOL! OK, the post title does kind of give it away, doesn't it? Yes... It's my hubby, Kelly's birthday today. I couldn't possiblyy let the day go by without doing a post to wish him a very happy birthday, so here's that post!

Happy birthday Kelly! I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful birthday, and that I get to celebrate many more of your birthdays with you in years to come!

Love, Tori xXxXx

Sunday, May 01, 2011

A May Day Carol (FD)

~~Author Unknown~~

Awake, awake, my pretty prithy maid,
Come out of your drowsy dream,
And step into your dairy hold,
And fetch me a bowl of cream
If not a bowl of cream, my dear,
A cup of meade to cheer,
For the Lord and Lady know we shall meet again,
To go Maying another year.
A branch of May I brought you here,
While at your keep I stand,
'Tis but a sprout all budded out,
By the power of our Lady's hand.
My song is done and I must be gone,
No longer may I stay,
Gods bless you all, the great and small,
And send you a joyous May.