Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blood pressure and other bits

Had my blood pressure taken today. It was 146 over 80. The nurse would have liked the top number a bit lower, but since the bottom one is down nicely she's not really worried. Besides, she's aware of the stress that I've had to deal with lately. Well, the medical and moving related bits anyway.

It's been a nice day today. Didn't take Kero out though. Kelly took him for me this morning because of my appointment, and I fell asleep this afternoon and slept half the afternoon and in to the evening. It's now cold and dark, so we wont be going. The darkness isn't an issue for me (never even was when I could still see) but Kero's scared of the dark, and Kelly doesn't like me going out when it's dark on my own. It's not that it makes a difference to what I can or can't see, it's that he doesn't like the idea of me being out in the dark on my own or with a dog who's scared even before we're out the gate. LOL!

Mam and Dad are coming to help with moving furniture out of the way for the carpet man tomorrow. And, they're going to stay and help us put it all back too. Dad's probably wishing it didn't have to be so early though, because he doesn't do mornings if he can help it. I'm with him on that one, but we need to get the carpets done, and the guy seems to prefer morning appointments. Never mind, after tomorrow it'll be sorted out and we can start unpacking the boxes. At least that bit we can do at a time of day that suits us, and at our own pace. LOL!

Well, I'm going to go find some food (since I was sleeping, I haven't had dinner yet) and make a cup of tea. Then, I think I'll check and see if anyone's posted anything on their blogs today. So, this will do for now.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


P.S. Happy 1st birthday to Kerry's little Westie, Mack.

Monday, April 28, 2008

This and that

This photo was taken some time last week.

Sorry I haven't posted a blog - or even checked anyone else's blogs - over the weekend. I had neither the time nor the inclination to do so. No offence, and I'm sure if you read the post I did before this one you will understand why I say that.


Some time last week (I think it was Thursday evening) I finished listening to "The Lost Years" by Evie Thompson, which was one of the audio books I borrowed from the library a little over a week ago. The story was about a man named "Peris" and what happened in his life during the first world war. It turned out to be a really good story. Very sad in places, but an enjoyable story over-all.

I didn't end up going in to town on Friday morning, because I was waiting for a phone call I couldn't afford to miss. As it turned out I would have been back in more than enough time to catch it, but I always think it's best to be safe than sorry in situations like that. I had considered going in later, but as the phone call never came until about 5:00 pm it was too late by that time.

And - talking of Friday - the rain I said would come because I had plans to do some washing DID come. It stayed nice long enough for me to get a load washed and on the line. The stuff was drying nicely too. And then... The rain came down so suddenly and heavily the stuff was soaked before I could get to it. Kero and I had just started out on a walk when it started to rain. That plan was quickly aborted however, since Kero does NOT go walkies in the rain. He loves to go for walks, but not enough to put up with getting wet. We barely got out of the gate before he turned tail and headed back for home. I can't say I wasn't eager to follow him either. LOL!

Saturday was lovely though, so Mam and I started to tidy up the garden. We cut the grass (though, because it had been left so long it needs to be done again so it's actually done properly) and that sort of thing. Still a ways to go, but it's a start. :)

We'd planned on watching "Alvin And The Chipmunks" after "I'd Do Anything" and "Britain's Got Talent" were finished, but we never got to it. I'd said if we didn't watch it then I'd watch it by myself today (Monday) but I didn't end up doing that either. *Shrugs* Oh, well. I'll just watch it some other time.

Tomorrow I'm having my blood pressure checked again, and Wednesday the carpets are coming, so we had to make a start on getting stuff out of the way for the carpets to be put down today. Between my appointment with the nurse and the fact Kelly needs to go in to town and get some shopping done our time for getting stuff out of the way is limited. And, the carpet man is coming at about 10:00 am Wednesday morning, so without getting up with the sun we don't have much time to do anything before he comes Wednesday.

OK, well... I think that's all I wanted to say.

Well, apart from wishing our friends Jackie and Denise belated happy birthdays. Jackie's was April 26th (Saturday) and Denise's was April 27th (Sunday). So, a belated but very happy birthday wish to both of you. :)


The cats' tale

For the first time in ages I really don't know what to say. But, I need to somehow write this post and tell you all - especially those of you interested in what happens with the furkids - what happened.

Those of you who have seen a fair few photos of mine will recognise the cats in the photos I've put in this post as our cats. The all black one is Sakura Avalon and the tortoise shell (otherwise known as "Calico") coloured one is Megan Zara Rose. You may even have read a bit about them on "our Pets' Page" at some point. The photos were taken about a week ago.


We've had both cats since they were young kittens. They are now around 3 years old (Sakura turns 4 in August, Megan turns 3 in June). But, since I lost the bit of sight I'd had we've had a few problems with having the cats around. I've lost count of the number of times I've stepped on them, fallen over them, etc. And yet, they seemed unable to grasp the idea that if they just moved out of the way they (and I) wouldn't have gotten hurt. It's OK with Kero. He'll move, plus if I'm doing something in the kitchen where I really need to not have anyone under my feet, I can shut the baby gate we have on the door to shut him out. Same rules would apply if it were a child. But the cats... You can't stop them with a gate, because they'll jump it. And everyone knows you can't tell a cat what to do. I know I was able to teach Megan (and Chance) to come and beg on command (and, in Megan's case, sit too) but I was lucky with that.

Well, anyway, I'm rambling, and want to get to the point before I change my mind about being ready to write this. So, here goes...

A couple of weeks ago we (Kelly and I) decided we couldn't let this go on any longer. We were - still are - concerned for the cats well-being (not to mention my safety). We love our cats, and always will. That's why we made the decision we did. We decided to rehome the cats.

They left early Saturday morning. They're spending a few days staying at the vet to be cared for and checked to make sure I never hurt them all those times I stepped on them (I mean, I'm not exactly light) and are meant to go to a new home some time this week.

When we discovered we weren't having any luck persuading friends (or friends of friends) to take them, we were going to take them to a rescue centre. But none would take them. We were informed that there were loads of kittens so no room for cats of their age (3 years old isn't much more than a kitten... Cats can live to be 20 or more sometimes) and that if we couldn't keep them we should put them to sleep. Needless to say we had no intension of doing so. The whole point of rehoming them was to keep them safe from harm, not because we just didn't want them. We did want them, but we wanted them to be safe. So, we refused to do that and called the vet to ask what we should do. The vet was relieved we weren't prepared to resort to that, and because of the circumstances was willing to allow the cats to use an unoccupied cage at the vet while they arranged a home for them. For which, we are very greatful.

We are appauled and shocked at the responses from so-called animal rescue centres. We appreciate that sometimes they don't have room to take in any more animals, but how can they tell you to put them to sleep? They're young. They're healthy. They're spayed (so no danger of them producing any unwanted kittens) and they are both very sociable (even Sakura, though she can sometimes have a bit of attitude). If they were old and sick, fair enough. But they aren't. And, as we told the rescue centres, we'd have prefered to keep them and hope for the best than give them that jab. Thankfully though, we were able to find them somewhere where they'll not have me stepping on them or falling over them, but will still be able to live a long and - I hope - happy life.

I really hope whoever they are going to can learn to love them as we do, and that - wherever they go - they will be as happy as they were here when I could still see them and avoid stepping on them every five minutes.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Laundry and all sorts of other stuff

Today was another lovely day, so I thought I'd take advantage of this and wash all Kero, Sakura and Megan's blankets. Who'd have thought you could get three loads of washing just from their blankets? I certainly didn't think I would. But, I did. I'd planned on washing all their blankets, washing the blanket that goes over the sofa to keep it clean (easier to wash a blanket than a sofa if Kero or one of the cats jump on it with muddy paws) then wash the bits that we'd gotten dirty since I last did some washing (Tuesday). Turned out though that because it was after noon when I started, I only got the pet blankets done before the sun set and I didn't see the point in putting more stuff out since it wouldn't dry. Besides, our washing machine is quite noisy, so I don't like to put it on after a certain point in the evening. I'm hoping tomorrow is nice too so I can finish the rest after I get home from town. Although, now I've said that it's probably going to rain. LOL! Well, Kelly says if it's dry when he gets up and I'm not home then he'll start the washing off for me. That'd be a nice thing to come home to... Washing on the line and a nice dent in the pile in the baskets...


I haven't done much other than sorting out the washing today. I was going to watch "Alvin And The Chipmunks" which I got on DVD a few days back, but I didn't get around to it. Maybe Mam will want to watch it with me over the weekend? If not, I'll watch it Monday... Maybe. LOL!

I can't wait until Wednesday when the carpets are down and we can start unpacking properly. I'm getting a bit fed up of one or the other of us asking where something is and the other replying, "It's still packed." Seriously, if I never hear that phrase again it'll be too soon!

I was reading other people's blogs and some people were saying about how much they've got that they'd like to achieve this year. It made me think of all the things I'd like to achieve this year myself. There are only a couple of things. LOL!

* Get the carpets in (at least that one will be done next week).
* Get everything unpacked and sorted out (in the 2 & 1/2 years we lived in the old place we NEVER unpacked properly, and I know there are some things we want to get rid of... Thinking of taking those to a charity shop or something).
* Buy a new tumble dryer (the one we have right now is an old one we had off Mam that we're surprised it's still working and know it wont for much longer, and we need a tumble dryer because of how much it rains here).
* Get a new cooker (simular issues as with the dryer, but it wasn't from my Mam, it was from a second hand shop or something like that).
* Clean up the garden so we can sort the fencing properly and plant some veggies and stuff out there. Not to mention the fact we'd be able to sit out there and enjoy the garden once it's cleaned up.
* Get a hold of a compost bin (wanted one for a while, but never got around to it... I think it's time I did).

There are a couple of other things, but they aren't important enough to need mentioning at the moment.


I was reading MarmiteToasty's blog, and it seems she's not getting over her op as quickly (or as smoothly) as she'd like to be. I was thinking she could probably do with a few possitive thoughts, or prayers, or whatever else sent her way. So, if you can see your way clear to doing that, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

I think that's just about everything for today. Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warm Wednesday walks

It's been a beautiful day today again, so Kero and I made the most of it. True, I did spend a fair chunk of the day either on the laptop trying out audio games (see post below for audio game reviews) or on the phone for various reasons. But, I also made the time to take Kero out on not one but TWO long walks. Well, long-ish walks anyway. LOL!

The first walk we went on was along the path by the river that I mentioned when I said about the first time I took him on my own.

The second was in a completely different direction. We walked to the post box that's about a third of the way between here and the main town. This second walk was a bit of an adventure for us, because not only did I have to try and walk Kero, use my cane and hold on to some letters I needed to post, I also had to find the damn post box. I knew roughly where it was, but hadn't stopped at it before. We found it without too much difficulty though. And, the walk home was that bit easier without the letters to try and hold on to as well. LOL!

Kero and I both enjoyed the walks, although, I have to say that the first was definately more relaxing. LOL!

I think Kero was a bit disappointed when we turned back after going to the post box, because he took a bit of persuading before he'd turn and head for home. He seemed to think (or, hope) we were going all the way in to the main town. It didn't take him long to get over his disappointment though. By the time we got home he was too tired to care and just crawled on to his bed and went to sleep. LOL!


Audio Games - my opinion

Well, I did find a couple of good games. There are a couple of others I'd like to play if I can persuade them to work too. LOL!

The ones I found and have been playing on and off all day are:

GMA Solitaire:
Solitaire (the card game) which speaks with the aid of Jaws (my speech programme) and some other types of speech programmes. I've always enjoyed playing that game, so when I found it I "had to" download it. :)

Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry:
Based on the Harry Potter stories, the basic idea is that you play "Sarah" and have to explore the castle finding things, fighting things, etc, etc. I'm not very good at it yet, but it seems like a pretty good game. Only thing is, it's a free trial, so if I decide I like it I'm going to have to pay out some money (not sure how much, but it shouldn't be too much) for the full version.

The games I found and liked that I haven't been able to persuade to work yet are:

Egg Hunt:
A game where you have to collect as many eggs as you can in 3 minutes. It's one Carl mentioned to me, and sounds fun, but I'm having trouble getting it to open properly. Will keep working on it.

A musical version of "Tetris." I've ALWAYS loved playing tetris, so I'm eager to try out Metris. Carl says it's a lot harder, but it would be, wouldn't it? Anyway, I'm having the same issue as I'm having with Egg Hunt, so - again - I'll have to keep working on it.

I also tried "Pac-Man Talks" which is an audio version of the classic "Pac-Man" game. Didn't think much of it though. Although they make a noise to warn of the ghost things being around, they don't make it plain where they are, so you still walk in to them easily. So, I've uninstalled that one and wont be reinstalling it.

I'd like to try a Harry Potter game I saw on the list, but I can't get the site to open for some reason. Will keep trying though, because it sounds fun. It was obviously written before the last book though, because it's based on the idea that Harry's graduated and you have to go through Hogwarts yourself learning things, getting points, etc, etc. Then, at the end, you "apparently" get to fight Voldemort. That's what the description leads me to believe anyway. Now, if I can persuade the link to the site to work, maybe I can give it a go? Will have to try again later.

There were a couple of others that seemed "OK" but a lot of them weren't my idea of fun (i.e. shooting games, and games where you have to drive tanks). Needless to say, I have no intention of trying those ones out. I might try one of the "Space Invaders" type games though. That was the first computer game I ever played, so it would be kinda nice to have an audio version and see if I still suck at it after all these years. LOL!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Audio games & Kero's outing

I spent most of yesterday (Monday) investigating some audio games that can be played online or downloaded for free from the net. There are a few that look fun. Haven't really picked out any to have a go of yet though, because by the time I'd found a good site that lists them (thanks to Carl) and had a little look at the site and the sites it links to it was getting late and I was getting tired.

Yesterday was wet and miserable (weatherwise) and today is the complete opposite. Today (Tuesday) the sun is shining, it's nice and warm, and I've got washing on the line.

I was going to take Kero out for a walk this afternoon, but I was saved the job, because my Mam and her friend Kelly came and picked him up and took him and Willow to the park. I'd have gone too, but it was a bit bright out there and light hurts. Besides, it's a good thing I stayed home because the "warden" who has to come about once a month to check on whether the "alert system" (which we don't need, but they insist on us having) is in good working order, and to ask if everything's OK came this afternoon while Kero was out.

Mam says both Kero and Willow were very well behaved. Although, Kero did make a bit of a fuss in the car. We think that might have been because he had to be in the front with Mam's friend Kelly though, because he's used to being in the back of a car, but had to be in the front, because Willow was in the back and we weren't sure if they'd behave if they were both in the back on their own. Kero is now fast asleep on the sofa. He seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his trip to the park, and now needs to rest from it. LOL!

I don't really have anything else to say, so I think I'm going to go take another look at those games.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Money-grabbing companies

I was reading other people's blogs a little while ago, and when I got to Kati's blog, I noticed she was talking about the rising costs of food. Some companies are intensionally keeping back food to sell at an even higher price later. Big surprise there... NOT! Once again it's all about the money. Once again companies are more concerned with making a profit than they are with the customers who buy the food. They don't care that if things continue to go on this way many people in many countries wont be able to afford to buy the food. Oh, no! All they care about is how much money will be in their pockets come pay day. Typical!

It's not just food though, is it? It's everything. It's petrol (or "gas" as they call it in some countries) and pretty much everything else too. Everyone's getting in on it. I mean, look at the quality of some products nowadays. Nothing's built to last any more. Why? Because if it lasts a long time you wont need to buy new things, therefore the companies wont be getting as much of your money. Money, money, money... That's all they care about!

And, how can you avoid becoming suckered by all these money-grabbing companies? Simple! Grow your own food - be it a tiny little tomato plant, or a full veggie garden - and re-use anything you can. Wear your clothes until you "need" new ones, not just once or twice then get rid of them because you're bored of them. If you're the kind of person who does get bored of things easily, why not customize them? Sew on some sequins. Get some of that fabric paint stuff and draw designs on them. That kind of thing. Not only will it save you some money, it'll also give you a new hobby, while at the same time giving you a unique wardrobe. Plus, re-using and recycling what you can will help the planet's ever decreasing resources to last just that little bit longer.

I'm not going to preach to you about saving the planet, because I'm sure you've heard that one a thousand times. I just wanted to make you stop and think about how much money is being "wasted" on replacing things that really shouldn't need to be replaced. And, I wanted to make you aware of the fact that many companies out there are doing it on purpose.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weddings, weather and whatever

The weather has been weird. It doesn't seem able to make it's mind up between being sunny and dry, or being wet and miserable. Still, I think that's how April is "meant to be" so I suppose I should be glad the weather's doing what it should for the time of year. LOL!

Yesterday (Friday) I went in to town and met my Nan. While we were in there I got myself registered with the library. I used to be registered with them when I was a kid, but I haven't bothered with the library for some time (apart from when I got some audio books out on Mam's card in October last year) and I don't even remember when I last saw my library card. LOL! So, I thought it was time to get a new library card so I can get audio books out when I want to.

I actually got a couple of audio books out yesterday while I was there. One is called "The Lost Years" (or something like that) but I don't remember the author. I've started listening to that one, and it seems pretty good. It's set during WWI. I don't remember what the other is called or who it's by. Will let you know more when I've finished listening to them.

We also went to the market and got some fresh veg and fruit. Didn't get much, just some carrots, a bit of broccoli, some apples and some oranges. I got Kero a treat from the pet stall at the market too.

Nan and I did take a look at the audio books in the stall that sells cassettes, etc, but nothing really jumped out and said "buy me" so we came away from there empty handed.

We had a nice bacon sandwich and cup of drink (tea in my case) in "Stardust" but since I hadn't had breakfast I was getting hungry again by the time I was heading home, so I stopped in "Crumbs" to grab myself a baguette. I also got a box of potato wedges to take home for Kelly, which were actually still warm when I got them home.

I was lucky enough to make it home before the rain started yesterday, but only just, so Kero didn't get a walk yesterday. I think he was too pleased that I came home to care though. He had obviously been watching for me coming home, because he started going nuts (barking, etc) as soon as I got near enough to our place that he'd have been able to see me. LOL!

When I got home I found out that our invitation to Carl (my brother) and Rachel's wedding had arrived. I already knew when the date was, but it's good to get an actual invite. It's hard to believe they're getting married in a little over four months time. Mind you, Kelly and I have been married almost five years now. Where has the time gone? Anyway, Carl and Rachel are getting married on August 2nd 2008. So, we're all off to Norwich from July 31st until August 4th 2008.

Anyway... For those who are interested, MarmiteToasty is out of hospital. She's still not feeling 100%, but that's to be expected. I'm just glad she's home where she can concentrate on getting better without nurses and doctors bugging her every five minutes. I really hope she's better and back on her feet properly soon. Get well soon, Toasty! *hugs* :)

I wasn't too happy with who got voted off "American Idol" this week. I wasn't going to mention her name, but you should have all seen the show (if you watch it) by now, so I've decided I will mention her name. Anyway, I didn't think that Kristy Lee Cook should have been voted off. OK, she's not been perfect through it, but neither has anyone else, in my opinion. Kristy is one of the ones I would have liked to see make it to at least one of the last couple there. I liked her, and - personally - if she brings out a CD I'd buy it. I liked her style, and thought she was a pretty good singer. Yeah, OK, there are a couple of better singers, but I thought Kristy was at least the best out of the girls. I really think America voted the wrong person off this week. Sorry, but I do. And, I don't care who agrees or disagrees with me. I like(d) Kristy and hope she brings out a CD despite not winning American Idol.

Anyway, I think that was everything I wanted to say, LOL! So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Tuesday

Haven't done much today. I was going to take Kero out for a walk by the river again, but just as I was about to it started to POUR with rain. And I do mean POUR! So I decided to skip that idea. If I'd known the afternoon and evening would be so wet and miserable I'd have made more of an effort to get my butt in gear to take him out in the morning when it was beautiful, warm and sunny. Oh, well, it's too late to worry about that now, isn't it?

I ended up cleaning up the stuff that had managed to get piled up on my desk instead. It's amazing how quickly the computer desks end up cluttered. I know on mine most of it is bits of mail that I tell myself I'll put away or sort out "later" and later takes a fair amount of time to arrive. The ones requiring payment, phone calls, etc aren't as bad, because I do at least sort them the same day (or a day or so later if I really can't sort them the same day) it's things that just need to be put away that get left to clutter up my desk.

For someone who didn't really do anything, I'm really tired today for some reason. So, I think I'm going to have an early night. I'm sure there was something else I was going to say, but I really can't think what it is (probably because I'm tired). Never mind.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally, a blog post!

It's not that I haven't had anything to blog about, it's that I've just not gotten around to doing it. I've got loads to say - so grab your cuppa now - but for some reason it took until this morning before I actually got around to even turning the laptop on, let alone writing a blog. Then, of course, I had to get caught up on e-mail and other people's blogs. Anyway, I'm here now. LOL!

So... Where to start. Well...

Went to see the nurse on Thursday to have my blood pressure checked again. It's still not great, but it has gone down a bit. It was 158 over 100 (or something like that) and it's now down to 140 over 90. They'd like it kept an eye on (and they're hoping it'll go down more too) so I've got to go back on April 29th to have it checked again.

They did a bit of fiddling with my asthma inhalers too. They seem to think I'm getting more of the steroid things that are in the inhalers in the evening than I should, but less in the morning than I should. So, the dosage has been split so I have the same in the morning as in the evening. Not sure if it's connected, but since it got changed, I haven't been able to sleep past 7:00 am (regardless of when I go to bed). LOL! Got to go see the nurse to see how that's working out (the inhaler thing, not the sleep thing) on June 5th.

Didn't go in to town on Friday, because it was very wet and I couldn't be bothered. I did have a prescription to pick up, but Kelly offered to do it for me (I've never been in the new chemist, so don't really want to go in by myself yet anyway). Besides, on Saturday Kelly, Kero and I walked in to town to meet my Mam. This was Mam's weekend visiting with me, and Kelly's visiting with my Dad, so Kelly caught the bus to my parents' place, and Mam, Kero and I went 'round town for a bit.

We didn't buy much, but I did get a couple of new t-shirts and a pair of trousers. Nothing special, just a pair of joggers and a couple of sports t-shirts (I think they're "Umbro" but I could be wrong).

Mam and I spent Saturday afternoon sorting a few things around the house (OK, it's a flat, but never mind). My parents got me some fairy stickers to put on my living room walls, so we put them up, and we started sorting out the garden a bit too. There was a fair bit of mess to clean up, but most of that's done now. Mam did a bit of painting out there too. The paint work out there is - apart from what Mam did on the weekend - a bit dull, not to mention in need of touching up, so we (OK, Mam) made a start on fixing it up. Over the next couple of months we're planning on doing some work out there (more painting, planting some more flowers and some herbs, etc).

Saturday evening (after "I'd Do Anything" of course) Mam and I watched Ratatouille, which - for those who don't know - is an animated movie about a rat who loves to cook. I really enjoyed it, though I do think the second half of the movie is more entertaining than the first half. Definately glad I got it though.

Saturday evening was the first show in the new series of "Britain's Got Talent" but it over-lapped "I'd Do Anything" (started 10 minutes after "I'd Do Anything" started) so I watched the repeat Sunday lunch time instead. Mam said she wasn't going to watch it, but she ended up watching all but the first few minutes with me. LOL!

I have one complaint about that show. it is a people's show, and I don't think a dog should be allowed to audition. Yes, OK, I admit it, the dog was good. But she's a DOG! There are plenty of pet shows where she can show off, why is she in a people talent show? I'm surprised Simon Cowell allowed her to be a possible candidate for moving on to the next round. I wouldn't have. Like I said, she IS talented. She can walk on her back legs... Backwards too! She even bowed at the end of her performance. But when it comes down to it, a dog should be in a pet contest, not a people contest. It'd be like a canary auditioning for "American Idol" just because it can sing.


We "finally" have a date for when we're having the carpets done. The guy is coming on April 30th. So, only a couple of weeks now. Then we can get started with unpacking properly. YAY!

I've got a load of tape stuff for my braille labeler thingy so that when we're unpacking the movies and CDs we can get them labelled for me. I figure that way we can just sort them once instead of putting them on the shelves just to take them down to label them later.

OK, what else... Oh, yeah...

I took Kero for a walk along by the river today. We - sometimes Kelly and I, other times Mam and I - have taken him along there before, but today was my first time taking him by myself. Not only that, but it was my first time walking him by myself since late September. It wasn't planned or anything, Kero and I were just out in the back garden, and I was thinking it was a shame to be cooped up on a lovely day like today (it's been one of those Spring days when it's beautiful and warm and sunny, but with a slight breeze to keep it from getting too warm). So, I just decided I "needed" to go for a walk, and figured Kero'd probably be up for one too, which it turned out I was right about, because Kero was more than happy to come for a walk with me. And what a lovely walk it turned out to be! Sakura came with us, and we all enjoyed our lovely, peaceful stroll beside the river.

I can't let Kero loose on the walk like I could where we lived before because there's nothing stopping him running off the path and in to people's gardens on this walk, and I don't think people would appreciate him doing who knows what on their lawns. Besides, I can't let him loose when I'm on my own anyway, because otherwise I can't keep track of him if he's not on the end of the lead. That doesn't matter in the house or in our own yard, but it does on a public walk.

Right, well, I think that covers just about everything. All I have left to say is... "Belated happy birthday to Corinne and Lucas." Corinne is a friend of mine, and her birthday was Thursday (April 10th) and Lucas is Kirstee's son, and he turned 2 yesterday (Sunday April 13th). I think those are the only birthdays I missed. Will check before I do my next blog and mention any others then.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday's random stuff

I haven't been on the blogs for a couple of days because, quite simply, I didn't feel like it. I think I'm caught up on blog posts (and e-mails) again now though. Not really done much the past couple of days, so haven't really had much to say anyway.

I did mean to mention on Sunday (April 6th) though that it was Kirstee (a family friend)'s birthday. So, a belated happy birthday to her.

MarmiteToasty has gone in to hospital for an operation on her knee today, so good luck to her for that, and I hope she's home and on the mend really quickly. Otherwise she'll end up going even madder than she already is. LOL!

While we're on the subject of people needing thoughts and such, I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone who is dealing with some kind of health issue, or possible health issue, know that they are in my thoughts. So, if that applies to you, then please remember that I'm thinking of you, and that I hope your health issue is resolved soon. Or, at least, made easier to deal with. *hugs*

I swear my TV schedule is getting fuller by the day. I don't usually like to plan things around TV shows, but lately I've found myself doing this more and more. "Britain's Got Talent" starts up again this weekend, so there's another show to add to the list. LOL! I never got back in to "Coronation Street" so at least that one never got added to the list of shows I want to watch. But, there's "Home And Away" "CSI" "Reaper" "I'd Do Anything" "American Idol" and - as from the weekend - "Britain's Got Talent". Not to mention, I like to watch "The Simpsons" "Friends" "Family Guy" "Joey" and - sometimes - "Casualty" if I'm not doing anything when they're on. Yeah, I know, I need to get a life. LOL! Ah, well, at least it's giving me something to keep me in something resembling a routine. It's even keeping me quiet, for the most part, LOL!

I think that's enough from me for now.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Sunday, April 06, 2008

We got some snow!

OK, so I had to wait until we were well in to Spring before I got my snow, but I FINALLY got my snow! Admitedly it wasn't very much of it, and it was gone by lunch time, but never mind. The pic above is what I woke up to find at about 7:00 am this morning. Sorry if it's not a particularly good photo, but I took it myself, and with my phone's camera (the batteries for the proper camera are dead, and I can't get to the charger right now). Didn't think Kelly would appreciate being woken up at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning just to take a photo of some snow for me, otherwise I'd have had him take the photo. LOL! Kelly says I did a pretty good job of taking the photo though, but he might just be saying it to make me feel good. LOL!
Kero seemed pretty pleased to see the snow. It was him going nuts and rolling around in it that made me check if there was snow on the ground. I'd thought it was snowing when I took him out for a pee before we went to bed, but wasn't sure. Guess I must have been right. All I know for sure is that I let him out, then he started playing in the snow and I wondered what he was doing, so I was going to investigate when I realised the ground felt different under my feet. That was when I discovered the snow.
By the way, the pic was taken in the back garden (the part that only we use). Not sure of all what you can see, but if you can see the building to the right then that's our sheds. LOL! Will see about getting some good pics taken when we've sorted out a bit more and I can get the batteries for the digital camera charged for either Mam or Kelly to take the pics.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Watches, TVs, Weather and things

Back in October I got a watch that talks, only it was a digital watch with a speech function, not an actual talking watch. Personally, I didn't think here was a difference, but it turned out there was. The difference being that an actual talking watch "usually" talks until the battery is completely dead, where as a watch with a speech function will only speak if there is a certain amount of life in the battery, and that certain amount quickly becomes unavailable if the speech function is used regularly. Needless to say, I've had to replace the batteries in that watch twice since October, and to make it talk to me now would need to replace them a third time. As you can imagine that was getting annoying (not to mention costly) so I invested in a "proper talking watch" from the R.N.I.B. (Royal National Institute for the Blind). The new watch arrived yesterday. It's an analog watch with gold around the edge of the face (probably not real gold, but still) and an imatation leather strap, so it looks just like any other ladies' wrist watch, the only difference is there are a couple of extra buttons on the sides, one of which makes it speak when I want it to. Let's hope this one isn't so hard on batteries, LOL!

I've spent most of this week unable to watch the shows I watch because when our electric was turned off it seemed like it had done something to the freeview box. Turned out the only problem was I had the VCR (it's plugged in through the VCR to allow recording from the freeview box if needed) on the wrong AV channel. Oops! LOL! So, it's working perfectly fine again now.

The weather's been really weird today. This morning it was raining. Then it was sunny for a while in the early afternoon. Late afternoon we had hail. Then we got some more sun. Now we have hail again. I wish it would make its mind up... LOL!

My Mam got Kero a new football (as in Soccer ball) today. The idea being that Kero and I can have a little kick around in the garden or something. It's easy for me to find the ball because Kero stands by it yapping when it's not actually being kicked. Anyway, we played with it a while after she dropped it off with us, but then I had to put it away for a while. I was going to leave it out to "hopefully" break him of the "yapping every time there's a football around" habit, but - even though it's a tough ball - you can already see where he's been grabbing it. So, I put it away so we'd have it to play with another day. LOL!

Do you know how long a "jiffy" is? Most people assume it just means "as soon as I can"... Like ASAP... But it's apparently an actual measurement of time. The apparent measurement is 100th of a second. So, if someone tells you they'll be there in a jiffy, they're already late by the time they've finished saying it. There's my useless bit of info for you for this weekend. LOL!

Right, well, I'm going to let this do and go check other people's blogs to see if anyone's done anything interesting today. Yeah, I know, I'm a nosy cow, aren't I? LOL!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Feeling pretty proud of myself

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today, and I'm sure most of you will understand why when I tell you what I did today.

I did the walk to town all by myself.

OK, so anyone new to my blog will be wondering what the big deal is with that. Well, for those people I will explain.

I've always had a bit of an eyesight problem, but until September 2007 I had enough sight so I could get around by myself and such. Well, when I lost the bit of sight I had, I stopped being able to do that. And, with us moving to an area I don't know quite as well, I thought it was going to be longer before I would be able to go anywhere without someone else. But, after walking with other people to town and back several times, I was sure I could do it by myself. So - after a bit of persuading - I managed to get Kelly and my Mam to agree to let me go in to town today to meet my Nan. I mean, if I had a problem I had my phone, so why shouldn't I give it a go, right? And that's what I did today.

I was waiting at the main bus stop in town for my Nan when she got there (my Nan and my parents are a bit too far from town to be walking in) and we had a lovely morning in town together.

We went to the market and got some fresh veg for Sunday (Kelly and I are having cauliflower and carrots) and went round a few other shops. I also brought my Nan a bacon sandwich and a drink (she had milk and water, I had tea) in a little cafe we like. Then I walked home by myself.

Actually, Nan came part of the way with me, because I wanted to drop a letter off at my doctor from the gynaecologist and wasn't entirely sure how helpful the receptionist would be to me. It turned out she was fantastic and even made sure I'd saved their number in my phone before leaving (as well as giving my Nan a written copy "just in case"). But the doctor isn't quite half way between town and our new place, so I walked just over half way home by myself, leaving Nan to get the bus back home.

The plan is to do this on a Friday every two weeks, because it gives me a nice trip out, and Nan can then help me pick out some nice veg for our dinner on the weekends we aren't having dinner with my parents.

The weather wasn't too bad for being out in, but it did keep picking with rain on and off. It wasn't too much rain though, and it wasn't really cold, so we didn't really notice it. Apparently the weather's meant to be quite cold and wet over the weekend though. They are saying there's "a chance of snow" even. I wont hold my breath though... *sigh*

Anyway, I'm going to go check for new posts on other blogs now, since I haven't had a chance to do that yet.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Computers, phones and gynaecologists

So, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, Kelly's PC has been playing up. We aren't too sure what the problem is, but my Dad is going to take a look at it. Since neither of us are particularly good at going without a PC though, I've given him mine, and I've got a new lap top. Well, it's "technically" new. My Mam got it a few months back, but doesn't really use it. So, we installed my speech programme on it, and I'm buying it off her. If my Dad can get Kelly's old PC fixed (which I see no reason why he wont be able to do) then we'll keep that as a spare PC for either when someone (usually one of my parents) is here, or if something happens to either my old PC (now Kelly's) or my new lap top. I've told Dad that if he gets that one up and running it will be considered his PC, though my Mam will be allowed access to it whenever she wants. But, if we ever decide to get rid of it then it will go to his place for him to do as he pleases with. This is in return for him paying for any replacement parts it needs, any upgrades he decides to give it, etc.

Got my phone back today. It's talking again now, but because they reset the phone to the factory settings before putting the programme back on, all my contacts are gone from the phone's phone book. Oh, well, I can easily get them all back either by asking the people for them again, or looking for them elsewhere (and, some of them I know by heart anyway). I'm just glad it's working again. LOL!

Went to the gynaecologist today. They did some blood tests and are going to do a scan to make sure things are still as they were when I last got checked. If they are, I'm being refered to an actual fertility clinic because there's nothing more a normal gynaecologist can do for me, it needs to be a fertility expert. So, now we just wait and see, and hope that the fertility experts can figure out why - even when on meds that made me ovulate - I'm not having any luck starting a family.


Today's been a lovely day again. Shame I ended up spending the bulk of it either in a car or in various parts of the hospital, isn't it? LOL!

We didn't end up having our lasagne and chips, because I ended up eating out and wasn't hungry when I got home. Getting a bit hungry now though. Got a cheese, onion and tomato roll in the fridge that my Mam got me when we were out though, so I think I'll eat that. Not sure what Kelly had, but he told me not to worry about it and made himself something. He's eaten something and that's all that matters.

Going to let this do for now, because I want to eat my roll, put away the laundry Kelly washed while I was out today, and get sorted for bed since I'm kinda tired. Will check blogs tomorrow or something.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A warm Wednesday afternoon

The weather's been lovely here today again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the furkids are enjoying having the door open.

Haven't really done much today because I'm tired, and because I can't be bothered to do much. There's not much I "have to" get done, so I figured I'd just relax and enjoy listening to the birds outside.

Well, I did also get some dishes done, and I've been working on getting laundry caught back up (apparently it's not possible to keep up with laundry, even when there are only two people living in the house) but that's about it.

Started doing a weekly menu again now the cooker's up and running again. I meant to post this week's yesterday, but I forgot. So, for anyone who's interested, here it is:

Tuesday: Shepherds’ Pie
Wednesday: Chicken, boiled potatoes and carrots
Thursday: Lasagne and chips
Friday: Lamb steaklets, mashed potatoes and veg
Saturday: Noodles and meatballs
Sunday: Roast dinner (Kelly got a nice joint of beef when he went shopping on Tuesday, so it'll be a beef dinner)
Monday: Chicken pie, potatoes and veg

The lasagne and chips we're having Thursday (tomorrow) is some of the microwave stuff we need to finish using up, and the noodles and meatballs are because I'm cooking on Saturday and it's something simple that I can do completely by myself. Eventually I should be able to cook most things completely by myself again, but that's going to take time. So, for now, I'm just doing simple meals.

Can't think of anything else to say. So, I'll let this do for today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Welcome to April!

Happy April Fool's Day... And welcome to April!

Can you believe it's April already? It seems like only yesterday we were seeing in the new year! Well, most days it does. Other days time seems to drag by so slowly you wonder if the clock has stopped or something. LOL!

I was wrong about yesterday (Monday). It did stay dry. It's been dry today (Tuesday) too. The temp's not been too bad either. Well, until the sun starts setting, at which point it gets quite cold.

Found out the other day that Connie Talbot has a new version of her CD coming out. They've removed a couple of songs and replaced them with a couple of others. I think the songs were "Any Dream Will Do" and "Three Little Birds" (or something like that). It's due for release in a few weeks (May 19th, according to Play) so I pre-ordered it. With it being due for release with them on May 19th, I should have it a couple of days before that (depending on postal strikes, of course, lol!)

My phone is apparently ready to be picked up, but we can't go get it until Thursday. In theory it's talking again now. We'll check before we leave the store so they can sort it if it isn't for some reason. It should be talking fine now though.

Dad got the bathroom cabinets up yesterday, but couldn't do the curtain pole. He ended up needing to help Kelly sort something with his PC (which was playing up) so he ran out of time.

I've probably got more I could say, but I can't think of anything in particular I want to add to this post right now, so I'll let this do for today.