Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Magical Storm

The Magical Chapters Trilogy, Book 3: A Magical Storm

Genre: Fairy Tales And Fables/Young Adult Fantasy

"There’s something about birthdays that make you think about the past, and now that she’s celebrating her 10th birthday, that’s just what
Paige is doing. But nothing could bring those memories so clearly to the surface better than an uninvited party guest from her past who wont even meet
her gaze. Now Paige’s anger and frustration are threatening to over-power the control she has over her magic; can she learn to control her temper before
it’s too late?"

Published: 7th April 2013.

Available in all formats via Smashwords, and soon via other retailers.


Intense Guy said...

Any family has an interesting "dynamic," but add some fairy magic and you get quite a story!

Toriz said...

Thanks Iggy; glad you enjoyed it!