Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random things on my mind - July 15th 2014 (FD)

I have no idea where this year has gone. Did someone put the world on fast forward again? I wish people would stop doing that, LOL!


It's a beautiful day today. Probably one of the warmer ones we've had this year, which is bad when you consider the fact it's only somewhere around 20 degrees C (about 72 degrees F).


I've been dying for some kiwi fruit, but for some reason we've had trouble getting any. No idea why. We managed to get a couple of these tubs of prepared fruit with a few grapes, a couple of chunks of kiwi, and several chunks of pineapple in them. Those were nice, but not what I wanted. Finally found some kiwis today though, and it wasn't long after they were in the house before I was eating one.


The camera has some photos on it, but we haven't had a chance to sort them out. I admit this is partially because my computer is the one with the card reader so it has to be done through mine, and I've been engrossed in reading and writing. On the bright side, I'm more than half way through my 2014 reading challenge, ahead of schedule on the books I promised to read and review, and ahead of my own writing schedule when it comes to the writing and editing of my own stories.

Speaking of my stories... Don't forget that all my books are 50% off until the end of July 2014 on Smashwords. Just go to my Smashwords author page, pick your books, and put coupon code SSW50 in the boxes beside each book at checkout.


Kero's still all itchy. I think we're going to have to have tests done on him to see if more can be done to help him. Poor little guy! I don't think it helps that he's in need of grooming, but I haven't had him booked for a grooming session so far this year. We've been bathing him, but he's not had a haircut. I don't know how well she could manage with him covered in sores and being all grumpy, so I haven't had his groomer come cut his fur. Anyway, Kero hates the vet, but I think we're going to have to take him back pretty soon. He's not been his usual self in general to be honest. I'm hoping it's just where the itchyness is making him uncomfortable, but since he hasn't been quite right since when he got that doggy virus last October, and he is 10 years old after all... Well, you know what I mean, I'm sure.


OK, that's enough of the random things on my mind for now.


Intense Guy said...

It has been non-stop thunderstorms here - hot, humid, sticky and icky!! If I was a dog, I'd be itchy and grumpy too! Poor Kero... I hope he gets relief soon - fortunately it's not that hot there!!! I'd love some 72 degree days here!

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm happy with the temperature, but wouldn't mind a few less rainy days. If it was as hot and humid here as it is with you, I'd be pretty grumpy too; I'd rather be cold than hot.

Rita said...

So sorry about Kero! Even Karma has been scratching her ears a lot. She has no ear mites or anything I can see--ears are clean and pink inside. But the outside edge she scratches until they are red. I bought a spray for pets--anti-itch. I rub it on her ears, but it's only a temporary fix. Called Pramoxine Anti-Itch Spray. Seems to be helping some, but I have to put it on every day and with Kero it's his whole body it sounds like--poor guy! Sounds like he needs to go in to the vet. Maybe needs something special in his bath? Bummer. Poor guy! :(

Victoria Zigler said...

Poor Karma! Hope the spray keeps helping her!

Kero doesn't have any mites or fleas or anything either; we managed to get rid of the ones we ended up with when we had Cara, and neither we nor the vet have spotted any new passangers on him.

Yeah, it's his whole body. He even has sores in places he can't have done it himself with scratching because there's no way he could reach them (like the middle of his back and his chest between his front paws).