Sunday, November 04, 2012

Toby's Outing

Toby’s Tales, Book 3: Toby's Outing

Genre: Social Issues/Special Needs

"Everyone is excited about the trip to the aquarium. But not Toby. Toby’s sure he won’t have fun, after all, aquariums can’t be fun for blind
people… Can they?"

The “Toby’s Tales” books are designed to show children - and adults too - the struggles and challenges faced by people who are blind, or who are adjusting
to sight loss, while also being useful tools to educate those close to someone who is blind or adjusting to sight loss.

Published: 4th November 2012

Available in all formats via Smashwords, and soon available via other retailers.


Intense Guy said...

I like the cover on this one - I enjoyed Toby's Outing!

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for doing the covers for the series! :)