Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts on yesterday's snowfall

We had a fantastic snowfall yesterday!

Kero and I played in it on and off, coming in for warm drinks when we needed to.

Eventually it got so deep that Kero couldn't wade through it, so Kelly had to shovel it to the side so he could get outside when he needed to.

Funny thing is, then Kero promptly dove in to the pile and started rolling about in it, snuffling and snorting as he rolled about and ended up with snow in his fur and up his nose.

It was so funny to hear him!

Wish I could have seen him... I miss being able to watch him play like that.


Intense Guy said...

My last dog loved playing in the snow too - she would prance about then plunge her nose into the snow like she was rooting out mice or something. It was a hoot to watch!

Toriz said...

I bet it was!