Saturday, March 01, 2014

R.I.P. Luna

Last Sunday Luna seemed out of sorts, but everyone has off days, so we didn't think anything of it.

Monday morning we got up to find her sat at the top of her ramp to the top level of her cage and not moving. Her eyes were closed, and she felt quite cold. The first thing we did was get her warmed up, then we did things to try and keep her warm: gave her extra hay to snuggle in to, gave her the warmer hammock she has, and put a blanket over the top of her cage to trap heat in. We were worried though that she didn't seem to have eaten much (degus love food). But when I offered her a peanut after warming her up she took it and ate it, so we figured if we gave her a couple of days and kept her warm she'd be fine.

She doesn't travel well, and the stress of visiting a vet can cause more harm than the vet can do good with small animals, if you know what I mean, so we wanted to give a couple of days before taking her to a vet. We did make sure to get a recommendation from where we got the boys as to which vet was best for degus though, just in case.

Up until last night (Friday night), our plan seemed to be working; she wasn't eating and drinking as much as she should, and she wasn't as active as she should have been, but we saw her moving about and doing things in her cage a little, so we were hopeful.

But last night she was just laying there again.

Worried about dehydration, we got some water in her with a surringe. Most of it just dribbled back out of her mouth, but some of it seemed to make it in to her. We weren't sure what else to do, so I held her (so she could get the heat from my hands) while Kelly called the vet.

The vet told us to continue to do what we were doing: keeping her warm and trying to get water at least in to her, but also food too if possible. If she was no better by Monday morning we were to take her to see the vet.

Iggy had given me some goat's wool a while back, and I'd knitted some of it in to a strip to go in a blanket I'm going to be making myself one of these days. But, remembering how warm and snuggly it felt, I decided to grab it to snuggle Luna in to. I was sure Igggy wouldn't mind since he's a big animal lover himself, and I was sure he'd understand why it became a degu blanket.

So, Kelly snuggled Luna in to the goat's wool and I held her to try and warm her up. She's always been Kelly's degu, but my hands are usually quite warm, where as his are often quite cold, so I was holding her so she could get heat from my hands as well as her new blanket. It's the first time since she became Kelly's degu when we took her in that she's been happy to go to me rather than him; she always wanted him rather than me, and would actually push me away if I tried to pet and cuddle her like he did, yet she'd seek out his attention several times a day.

Neither the blanket nor the heat of my hands helped though; Luna died at 3:00am this morning, still wrapped in her goat's wool blanket in my hands.

At least she was comfy and had company at the end.

Rest in peace, Luna, and know you will be missed!

October 1st 2011 - March 1st 2014.


Kati said...

Tori, Kati here.... I'm so sorry for your loss. I glad y'all got to give Luna so much love and care before she passed. I'm sure she knows how she was loved. Sending hugs and wishes for comfort, my friend.

Intense Guy said...

Oh such a sad thing to happen. Hugs, and yes, the goat wool found a perfect use - I'm sorry it wasn't helpful but it must have been comforting.

I hope the others are okay and it wasn't anything contagious.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment, and for the hugs and positive thoughts!

Thanks! I'm sorry the warmth of the goat's wool didn't help her too, but at least I know she was comfortable and slipped away peacefully in comfort and with company.

The boys are fine at the moment; still active and all seeming healthy. Just in case it was something contagious we're not letting them have any of her old stuff though; we've thrown it all away. She did have some things they could have made use of, but we don't want to take the chance that it was something they could catch from having too close contact with anything she used. Like I said, they're fine right now though. They were a bit upset at first, but I gave them some paper and a cardboard tube to destroy and they're happy now.

Intense Guy said...

Still feeling sad. Poor Luna.

Victoria Zigler said...

We're still sad too; Kelly especially is missing her!